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Cleaning The Lint Screen; Lintscreenmaintenance - Whirlpool LE5200XT Use & Care Manual

Large capacity automatic dryers
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Cadng For Your D ryer
Product lind Fabric Damage Hazard
Do not run the dryer with the lint icreen Iooee,
damaged, blocked or mlmdng. I_lng so can
_tme overheating and damage to both the
dryer end fabrics.
Cleaning Ihelint screen
The lintscreen islocatedundera lid
on top of the dryer.Clean It before
each load. A screenblockedby lint
can increasedryingtime.
1. Open the lidand pullthe lintscreen
straight out.
2. Roll lintoffthe screenwithyour
fingers.Do notrinseor wash the
screen to removelint. Wet lintis
hardto remove.
3. Pushthe lintscreenfirmlybackinto
place and closethe lid.
Laundry detergents and fabric
softeners can cause a residue build-up
on the lint screen. A clogged lint
screen can extend drying times. Clean
the lint screen every six months or
more frequently if it becomes clogged
due to a residue build-up. Use the
following method:
1. Wet both sides of lint screen with
hot water.
2. Wet a nylon brush with hot water
and liquid detergent.
3. Scrub lint screen with the brush
until all residue build-up is re-
4. Rinse with hot water.
5. Thoroughly dry lint screen with a
clean towel and replace in dryer.



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