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Theautomatic Cycles - Whirlpool LE5200XT Use & Care Manual

Large capacity automatic dryers
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Operating I nettuctlons
Theautomatic cycles
The automatic cycles allow you to
select the degree 04 dryness you
prefer for the clothes being dried.
The automatic DRY-MISERPcontrol
is a thermostat that senses the dryer
air temperature. The dryer automati-
(:ally shuts off when the selected
dryness is reached.
The Cycle Contn)l Knob will not
move until the load is aimost dry or the
cool-down portion 04 the cycle has
been roached. After the cool-down
portion is coml_ete, the Cycle Control
Knob automatically moves to an OFF
area and
tumbling Stol_.
REGULAR to dry
heavy or mediumweight
cotton items.
The bad tumbles without heat during
the last 5 minutes. This helps make
the bed easier to handle.
PRESS to dry permanent press, knits
and other synthetic items. The load
tumbles without heat during the last
10 minutes. This helps keep wrinkles
from setting in and makes the load
easier to handle.
For the first few loads, set the Cycle
Control Knob to point to the either
automatic cycle. When the dryer stops,
feel the dried items.
• If items are drier than you like, use a
seffing to the right of the _" the next
time you dry a similar load.
• If items are not as dry as you like,
use a setting to the left 04 the • the
next time you dry a similar load.
NOTE: Overdrying can cause shrink-
age, static cling and damage to some



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