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Whirlpool LE5200XT Use & Care Manual

Automatic dryers
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Electric Model
Gas Model
rs Clolhez Dryera, Freezers, Refrigerator-Fraezers, Ice Makers, Dishwasher,
Built-in Ovens and Sudace Units, Ranges, Microwave Ovens, Trash Compact!



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  Summary of Contents for Whirlpool LE5200XT

  • Page 1 AUTOMATIC DRYERS Electric Model LE5200XT Gas Model LG5201XT rs Clolhez Dryera, Freezers, Refrigerator-Fraezers, Ice Makers, Dishwasher, Built-in Ovens and Sudace Units, Ranges, Microwave Ovens, Trash Compact!
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Keep this book in the Laundry !nformafion Purchase Date Center with your "Dryer Guide" and sales slip. Thank you for purchasing a Whirlpool Service Company PhoneNumber product. Please complete and mail the Owner Registration Card fur- nished with this product.
  • Page 3 Additional Safety Instructions and Your Responsibilities NEVER operate the dryer if,., ALWAYS shut offthe gas valve before leav- ing on vacation. • it is not working right (i.e. noisy, too hot). •,.,_i _ damaged. ALWAYS unplug the power supply cord rts are missing (i.e.
  • Page 4 Operating instructions Selecting a Cycle and Starling Your Dryer Before starting your dryer, be sure laundry is sorted and loaded properly (see your "Dryer Guide"]. Be sure the door is tightly closed. SUGGESTED SUGGESTED CYCLE TEMPERATURE TYPE OF LOAD COTTONS - LINENS EXTRAHEAVY - Bedspreads, mattress pads, quilts ....
  • Page 5 TEMPERATURE SELECTOR . Select a CYCLE Turn the Control Knob either way to Turn the Temperature Selector to the point to the cycle and setting you needed drying temperature. want. See page 6 for information the cycles. To stop and restart Push the START Button the dryer The dryer will start tumbling...
  • Page 6 The automatic cycles The automatic cycles allow you to se- lect the degree of dryness you prefer for the clothes bein'g dried. The Control Knob will not move until the clothes load is almost dry, orthe COOL-DOWN portion of the cycle been reached.
  • Page 7 Automat,,. : !_ _-MISER _ rying tips Control The ther'_(,_-.!u _ _ ne air " tempera+ _r,_ .: :-_,II Jutomatically ..shuts c ::._,_ _ ,_._:_ "._. _÷.: _ ._led dryness is reac,_: _d The dryer does not heat when the Temperature Selector is set on FLUFF...
  • Page 8: Drying Times

    Drying times Mixed loads When drying a load with different Drying times will vary depending kinds and weights of fabrics, use the • amount of moisture in the c_othes. cycle suggested for the lightest fab- • type and weight of the fabric. rics.
  • Page 9: Lint Screen

    "int screen Clean the lint screen before each load. A screen blocked by lint can increase drying time and may be a FIREHAZARD. Open the lid and pull the lint screen ROLL the lint off the screen with straight out. your fingers.
  • Page 10: Caring For Your Dryer

    Caring for your dryer Some pretreatment products can Remove loose and sharp objects damage dials, consoles and finish. from pockets and cuffs before drying Do not use these products on or near pins, buckles, etc. Close metal your dryer. zippers. Cleaning dryer interior Wipe off all spills with a damp, soft...
  • Page 11: If You Need Service Or

    This information If you need service*... needed In order to beffer respond your request for assistance. work of franchised "_-li,rl_o Whirlpool has a TECH-CARE ® Serv- nationwide net- 7-E_,gP-_,4XTE Companies. service TECH-CARE FRANCHISED SERVICE technicians are trained to fulfill the prod-...
  • Page 12: Warranty

    From Date of Purchase Service must be provided by a franchised TECH-CARE" service company. WHIRLPOOL WILL NOT PAY FOR A. Service calls to: t. Correct the installation of the dryer. 2. Instruct you how to use the dryer.

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