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Whirlpool LE5200XT Use And Care Manual

Automatic dryer
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Electric Model
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  Summary of Contents for Whirlpool LE5200XT

  • Page 1 AUTOMATIC DRYERS Electric Model LE5200XT Gas Model LG5201XT...
  • Page 2 Selecting a Cycle Starting Your Dryer Automatic Cycles. Timed Drying DRYING TIPS FLUFF AIR Setting Automatic DRY-MISER” Control c 1988 WhIrlpool CENTER Remove Con- sumer Buy Guide label before using your dryer. It will be easier to remove. Wipe out the dryer...
  • Page 3 missing. FOR YOUR SAFETY If you smell gas: 1. Open windows. 2. Don’t touch electrical switches. 3. ;;tteguish open 4. Immediately call your gas supplier. FOR YOUR SAFETY Do not store or use gas- oline or other flammable vapors liquids in the vicinity of this or any other...
  • Page 4 TYPE OF LOAD COTTONS-LINENS EXTRA HEAVY - Bedspreads, mattress pads, quills HEAVYWEIGHT FABRICS-Towels, jeans, corduroys, work clothes MEDIUMWEIGHT COTTONS - Sheets, pillowcases, cotton underwear, diapers LIGHTWEIGHT COTTONS - Batistes, organdies, lingerie PERMANENT PRESS, SYNTHETICS AND BLENDS HEAVYWEIGHT FABRICS-Work clothes, jackets, raincoats MEDIUMWEIGHT FABRICS-Shirts, play clothessheets,...
  • Page 5 . Select a CYCLE Turn the Control Knob either way to point to the cycle and setting you want. See page 6 for information the cycles. 3. Push the START Button The dryer will start tumbling when you push the START Button. The Cycle Control Knob should...
  • Page 6 The automatic cycles The automatic cycles allow you to se- lect the degree of dryness you prefer for the clothes being dried. The Control Knob will not move until the clothes load is almost dry, or the COOL-DOWN portion of the cycle been reached.
  • Page 7 @hying tips The dryer does not heat when the Temperature Selector is set on FLUFF AIR. This setting can be used to fluff bedding, plastic tablecloths, foam rubber pillows, stuffed toys, sneakers, etc. 1. Turn the Temperature Selector to FLUFF AIR.
  • Page 8 Drying times Drying times will vary depending amount of moisture in the clothes. type and weight of the fabric. size of the load. room temperature around the dryer. temperature of the wash rinse water. amount of lint in the lint screen. dryer temperature selection.
  • Page 9 ?nt screen Clean the lint screen before each load. A screen blocked increase drying time and may be a FIRE HAZARD. Open the lid and pull the lint screen straight out. Lint removal Lint can gather inside the dryer and create should be removed at least every 2 to 3 years, or more often, depending...
  • Page 10 Caring for your dryer Remove loose and sharp objects from pockets and cuffs before drying pins, buckles, etc. Close metal zippers. Wipe off all spills with a damp, soft cloth. Spills allowed to remain may dull or damage the finish. Never leave wet or damp laundry in vour drver.
  • Page 11 If you need service?.. Whirlpool has a nationwide net- work of franchised TECH-CARE@ Serv- 7iEC#-CARE Companles. FRANCHISED SERVICE TECH-CARE service...
  • Page 12 Outside the United States, a different contact your franchised Whirlpool Part No 3390215 c 1988 Whirlpool Corporation liken Dlshwathen, Bull-In Ovens and Suriace Unllr, Ranger. M~crorave DRYER WHIRLPOOL WILL PAY FOR...

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