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Sharp BD-HP70U Operation Manual

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  • Page 1 SHARR BD-HP70U OPERATION MANUAL BLU=RAY DISC/DVD PLAYER AQUOS LINK _VETM 41g_ COMPATIBLE _/J-_'f_*_i_C DiGiTAL AUDIO Master Audio I Essential DIGITAL PLUS TRU_ Im,,mTM l..l_m| z,_vcHo, x.v.Color ""_"!!) HIGH-DEFINmON M ULTIM_I_ m_Er_FAC_...
  • Page 2 For future reference, record the model and serial number (located on the rear of the product) in the space provided. Model No.: Serial No.: WARNING: TO REDUCE THE RiSK OF FiRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS APPLIANCE TO RAIN OR MOISTURE. This symbol warns the user of uninsulated voltage...
  • Page 3 Language Setting ............Displaying the Audio Information ......... Changing the on screen display language ....23 Switching Subtitles ............Operating a SHARP TV Using the Remote Control ..23 Switching the Angle ............ TV function control ..........Displaying the Angle Mark ...........
  • Page 4 Contents Settings SETTINGS ............48-62 Common operations ........... Basic Operation for Playback Setting ......48 Refer to i Getting Started" (p. 11) to prepare Audio Video Settings ..........49 50 f0r Using ihis plaYer. Smart Settings ............AQUOS LINK .............. Playback Setting ...........
  • Page 5 DEAR SHARP CUSTOMER Thank you for your purchase of the SHARP Biu-ray Disc/DVD Player. To ensure safety and many years of trouble-free operation of your product, please read the important Safety instructions carefully before using this product. iMPORTANT SAFETY iNSTRUCTiONS Electricity is used to perform many useful functions, but it can also cause personal injuries and property damage if improperly handled.
  • Page 6 iMPORTANT SAFETY iNSTRUCTiONS ,, Water and Moisture Do not use this product near water for example, near a bath tub, wash bowl, kitchen sink, or laundry tub; in a wet basement; or near a swimming pool; and the like. • Stand Do not place tile product on an unstable cart, stand, tripod or table.
  • Page 7: Contents

    What would you like to do with this Player? Watch high quality movies on Blu-ray _ Enjoy BD-LIVE functions through discs Internet This Player offers full high-definition Blu-ray disc This Player is compatible with BD-LIVE. You can playback. enjoy bonus content such as movie trailers through the Internet...
  • Page 8: About Media Types

    About Media Types - BD/DVD video players and discs have region codes, which dictate the regions in which a disc can be played. This Player's region code is A for BD and 1 for DVD. (Discs Blu-ray Disc is the ultimate next generation optical marked ALL wiil play in any player.) media format,...
  • Page 9 About Media Types The following CD-RW/R discs cannot be played. The following files cannot be played on this • Discs on which data has not been recorded cannot be player. played back. • When both Audio CD [CD DA] format and JPEG/MP3 file •...
  • Page 10 About Media Types DTS is a digital sound system developed by DTS, klc. for use in cinemas. Linear POM Linear PCM is a signal recording format used for Audio Enjoy BD-specific functions including BONUSVIEW (BD ROM CDs and on some DVD and Blu ray discs. The sound Profile 1 Version 1.1), such as picture in picture, and BD LIVE on Audio CDs is recorded at 44.1 kHz with 16 bits.
  • Page 11 Cleaning the Pick Up Lens " Never use commercially available cleaning discs. The use of these discs cars damage the lens. - Request the nearest service center approved by SHARP to clears the lens. ENERGY STAR ® Program Information...
  • Page 12 Getting Started Page 21 Page 21 Page 13 and 21 Page 17 and 18 Page 20 Step 3: Playing back video/picture/music content Play back video, picture or music content from the desired media source such as Blu-ray and DVD discs, or via the Internet.
  • Page 13: Major Components

    Major Components =""""""""- NOTE _ Wtqen you irlsert or remove a USB memory device be sure to turn the main power off Also sure to set "Qu,ck Start" to "No" (See page 51) before inserting or removing the device. If you insert or remove the device with the player or 5 6 7 8 | 10...
  • Page 14 Major Components POWER (p. 22) === OPEN/CLOSE (p. 27) POWER POWER TOP MENU/TITLE LIST (pp. 28, 30) DISPLAY (pp. 27, 43) Cursor buttons (,L/T/4/I_), ENTER (pp. 23, 48) EXIT (pp. 22, 48) F" Aq0O_ _i A (Red), B (Green), C (Blue), D (Yellow) °_!_!_ J /....
  • Page 15 Connection introduction to Connections This Player is equipped with the terminals/jacks listed below. Find the corresponding terminal/jack on your video equipment. Using the supplied cable or commercially available cables, connect the video first. Then connect audio. HDMI OUT terminal Higher Quality COMPONENT VIDEO OUT jacks...
  • Page 16: Video Connections

    (See page 49.) HDMI cable NOTE (commercially available) - Wherl you connect the player to a SHARP TV with an HDMI cable only and tile TV is turned on, the video output switches to HDMI automatically. (The above setting is unnecessary.)
  • Page 17 Video Connections You c an enjoy accurate color reproduction and high q uality images through the component jacks. _! CAUTION (Red) - You rleed to select the priority video output in "Settings" - "Audio Video Settings ..Video Out Select". (See page 49.) - When the priority video output is set to "HDMI"...
  • Page 18 Video Connections You c an enjoy the images through the video jack. (Yellow) Blu-ray Disc LCD TV Player NOTE " Corlrlect the Blu ray disc player to LCD TV AV cable (supplied) directly. If you play back the image via VCR, the image may deteriorate due to the copy guard function.
  • Page 19 Audio Connections ® You can connect audio equipment or the TV to the DIGITAL AUDIO OUT terminal or 2CH AUDIO output jacks. ® See page 62 for information on the output of next generation audio formats. Be sure to turn off this Player and the equipment before making any connections.
  • Page 20: Broadband Internet Connection

    (commercially available) differ depending on your Internet environment. NOTE " Use a LAN cable/router supporting 10BASE-T/100BASE- - SHARP cannot guarantee that all brands' hubs will operate with this player. Internet Modem Hub or broadband router ®...
  • Page 21 - Set the wireless router/access point to Infrastructure mode. Ad hoc mode is not supported. Wireless r - SHARP cannot guarantee that wireless LAN adapters other than the supplied adapter will operate with this player. access point - SHARP cannot guarantee that all brands' wireless routers will operate with this player.
  • Page 22 Playback Before Starting Playback Remote corltro[ sensor Hold in the tab on the battery cover and pull the cover towards the direction of the arrow. dd. ¢Y Approx. 22 feet (7 m) 4 Remote control unit Load the two "AAA" size batteries (R-03 size, UM/SUM-4).
  • Page 23: Before Starting Playback

    AQUOS PURE MODE indicator Green on Output in AQUOS PURE BD/DVD/CD mode indicator MODE (See page 24.) BD/DVD/CD mode indicator SHARp Blue on Playing back Blue blinks Loading a disc AIQuos PURE MODE indicator POWER (ON/STANDBY) indicator Press POWER on the remote...
  • Page 24 , ilsis The Universal Remote Control may operate the basic functions of the SHARP Press HOME to display the menu screen. Tile same operation carl be performed by pressing ENTER after sebcting the HOME icon on the Wall Paper screen.
  • Page 25 What is AQUOS LINK? Using the HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control), with AQUOS LINK you can interactively operate this player with your SHARP AQUOS T_ What do with AQUOS LiNK When you connect this player to the LCD TV compatible with AQUOS LINK using an HDMI cable, you can perform the functions listed below.
  • Page 26 - When loading a disc, this function sometimes cannot be displayed. - Please note that SHARP does not take any responsibility for tile contents displayed with this function. Press HOME to display the menu screen.
  • Page 27 Before Starting Playback Major functions of each button icon This function allows you to operate this player using Display the pop up menu screen the 71/remote control by displaying the control panel for BD video and tile menu screen on the TV screen. for DVD video.
  • Page 28 Video/Picture/Music Playback To stop playback Press _ STOP. Resume playback function " If you press I_ PLAY next, playback will resume from tile point where the Player was previously stopped. To playback from tile beginning, cancel resume mode by pressing m STOP, then press I_ PLAY. (This may not work depending on the type of disc.
  • Page 29 Video/Picture/Music Playback ® This section explains how to play back a BD/DVD video disc with a top menu, disc menu or pop-up menu. Example: Select "SUBTITLE LANGUAGE". ® The titles listed in the top menu and a disc guide (for Press TOP MENU/TITLE LIST.
  • Page 30 Video/Picture/Music Playback NOTE - SHARP cannot guararltee that all brarlds' USB memory devices will operate with this player. - Only USB memory devices formatted with FAT 32/16 are compatible. This Player is compatible with additional functions When formatting a USB memory device using a PC,...
  • Page 31 Video/Picture/Music Playback NOTE " "Finalize" refers to a recorder processing a recorded disc so that it will play in other DVD players/recorders as well In this Player, a variety of contents with interactive as this player. Only finalized DVD discs will play back in functions are available through BD-LIVE compatible...
  • Page 32 Video/Picture/Music Playback About Title List - The Title List carl be displayed irl two types, Thumbnail and ..........................Title Name. - Each time you press A (Red), the screen charlges between Each time you press B (Green) while the Title Name Thumbnail and Title Name, screen is displayed, the Title Name display...
  • Page 33 Video/Picture/Music Playback Press to select the track, then press This Player can play back audio CDs. ENTER during playback or when playback • For a description of other playback functions, refer to stopped. "Playback Functions" on pages 42-43. - Playback of the selected track will begin. Track 03 5:23 ...
  • Page 34 Video/Picture/Music Playback " Press to select a folder or file. - When you select a folder, press ENTER to open it, and then press _,/_' to select a file in tile folder. This Player can play back audio data (MP3 files) recorded on CD-R/RW discs,...
  • Page 35 Video/Picture/Music Playback , 0 ..Press ,&/Y to select a folder or file. - Wtqen you select a folder, press ENTER to open it, and therl press &/_' to select a file in tile folder. This Player can display still images (JPEG files) recorded on CD-R/RW...
  • Page 36 Video/Picture/Music Playback To play back Slide Show, in Step 6 of the "Displaying Still images (JPEG files)", press I_ PLAY (Slide Show). - Tile still images inside tile selected folder are played as a slide show. To pause the playback at any time, press i | PAUSE.
  • Page 37: Video/Picture/Music Playback

    " Netfiix is not available wherl a proxy server is used for arl Internet connection. (See pages 53 55.) F2_ Subscribe by visiting - As the registration process takes time, we recommend from your PC. setting "Auto Power Off" to "No" before starting the registration.
  • Page 38 Video/Picture/Music Playback You will see the following window. The title you selected is displayed. - Tile activation code is displayed. - To return to the step 9, press A. The screen of this player shown on the TV Press A/Y to select "play", then press...
  • Page 39 Video/Picture/Music Playback Press to select the desired video content on the video list. - To move between the YouTube menu and the video This player can play back YouTube video content list, press _/1_. streaming through the Internet. - To enjoy this function, make a broadband Intemet connection (See pages 19-20), and then set the communication settings (See pages 53-56).
  • Page 40 Video/Picture/Music Playback Sign In (Sign Out}: If you have a YouTube account, specific options for YouTube members can be used. It is necessary ® enter your username and password using the screen for inputting characters. (For details, see page 41 .) When signed in, some additional...
  • Page 41 Video/Picture/Music Playback To use the playback controls, press A/_'/_I/I_ to select the playback screen, then press POP- UP MENU. " Tile playback controls appear on the screen. Press 4/1_ to select the desired operation the playback controls, then press ENTER. - For playback from a desired point, press _' to select the progress bar, press 41/I_ to determine tile point, and then press ENTER.
  • Page 42 Video/Picture/Music Playback When you perform the following operations, press A/T/_I/I_ to select the desired operation item on the screen, then press ENTER. To use the options on the YouTube menu exclusive YouTube members, you need to sign in. - For details on tile available options only for YouTube Fix tile input characters/numbers, and then members, refer to pages 39 and 40.
  • Page 43: Playback Functions

    Playback Functions DISPLAY The Pause function is enabled when | | PAUSE pressed during playback. (If you are playing back an audio CD, audio data [MP3 files] or still images [JPEG files], these will also pause.) The Frame Advance Playback function is enabled when _1_]!_,_ SKiP/I_ is pressed during pause.
  • Page 44 Playback Functions Press REPEAT during playback. Press to select "Scene Selection", then Play back the title or chapter you want to repeat. press ENTER. Press REPEAT. - "Set Start Point" displays. Press to select the type of Repeat Playback. - Playback Title: Repeats the title currently being played back.
  • Page 45 Playback Functions If subtitles are provided in multiple languages, you can switch between them. AUDIO SU£TITLE ANGLE Press SUBTITLE during playback. - The display indicates the subtitle number currently being played back, and the subtitles appear. N OTE Each time SUBTITLE is pressed, the subtitles change.
  • Page 46 Playback Functions If multiple angles are recorded, yet] can switch You can change settings so that Angle Mark appears between them. in the right bottom part of the screen when multiple angles are recorded. The settings can be changed Press ANGLE during playback.
  • Page 47: Settings During Playback

    Settings During Playback This allows you to adjust various settings at once, like subtitles, angle settings and the title selection for Direct Playback. You can adjust the video and audio to suit your preferences. The operations are the same for BD Press FUNCTION during playback.
  • Page 48 Settings During Playback Shows the title number being played back (or track rlumber wherl playirlg back an audio CD). You can skip to the start of the title (or track). To skip to the start of a selected title (or track), press tile Number buttons to enter the Title/Track Number...
  • Page 49 Settings SETTINGS The "menu" enables various audio/visual settings and adjustments on the functions using the remote control unit. You need to call up the On Screen Display to perform settings for this player. The following is the explanation the basic operations of the "menu".
  • Page 50 SETTINGS Dual video output is possible simultaneously from the COMPONENT VIDEO OUT jacks and the HDMI OUT terminal with the following settings. Select the video You can set the screen aspect ratio of the connected output which you want to have priority according T_, and adjust the video output.
  • Page 51 SETTINGS This sets the audio output mode for DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (OPTICAL terminal) when selecting "Digital Output". This toggles the clicking sound on the menu and audio with secondary video in picture in picture mode for Item BD-Video. Bitstream: * Select this when conrlecting to * Sebct "Off"...
  • Page 52: Basic Operation For Playback Setting

    SETTINGS This turns the Quick Start function on and off. This lets you set the Parental Control depending on the When the Quick Start function is on: disc content. The available Parental Control Levels are shown below. - The startup time of the Player is reduced. ,, However, power consumption will increase.
  • Page 53: Version

    SETTINGS This sets the password for setting or changing Parental Control Level. s: Enter tile 4-digit number. ,_,. Yeltem NOTE " When you forget the password, you can reset the current password using "System Reset" under "Settings". (See this page.) - You carl also set tile new password if desired.
  • Page 54 SETTINGS Press A/Y to select "Communication Setup", then press _ or ENTER. Press to select "Ethernet Setup (Cable)", This allows you to perform and/or change then press _ or ENTER. communication settings and select the type of Internet connection from Cable or Wireless. This setting Press A/Y to select...
  • Page 55 SETTINGS 1 0 For setting the proxy server, press 4/b- select "Yes" or "No", then press ENTER. CAUTION - We recommend writing down the MAC address of the connected wireless LAN adapter in this operation manual (page 55) and keeping it in a safe place. The MAC address is labeled on the adapter or displayed or] the "Current Ethernet setup info."...
  • Page 56 SETTINGS Press A./T to select "desired access point" Select "Next", then press ENTER. "Other Network", then press ENTER. 1 3 For testing after confirming the settings, select For access points which are set to hide the SSD "Test", then press ENTER. using the wireless router, select "Other Network"...
  • Page 57 SETTINGS Press _1/1_ to select a number/character, then press ENTER. Repeat the step 3 to display all of the desired characters/numbers in the input field. NOTE • Numeric characters such as IP address carl be entered on Example: Tile screen for inputting numeric characters the input screen either by selecting each of the characters in the "Numeric"...
  • Page 58: Usb Memory Management

    Format: Be aware that all data including BD VIDE(} data NOTE: and software update data will be deleted. " SHARP carlrlot guararltee that all brands' USB memory devices will operate with this player. • If you want to delete only the unneeded software •...
  • Page 59: Auto Update From Network

    SETTINGS Update process When this player is turned on, the Internet connection starts automatically. In this player, the software version can be updated • "Accessing..." blinks on tile screen. using either one of the following methods. - Auto Update from Network - Manual Update from Network - Manual Update from USB memory device - Tile current version of this unit software and ttne latest...
  • Page 60 SETTINGS During access to the network and checking latest version of firmware, "Accessing" blinks. - Tile current version of this unit software and the latest This function allows you to perform the update version of the update file on the network are displayed operation by accessing an Internet connection...
  • Page 61 1-800=BE- SHARP (800-237=4277). NOTE - When software update data is released, copy tile data onto - A USB memory device can be used with either the USB1 a USB memory device after downloading it to a PC.
  • Page 62 SETTINGS 1 1 When the software is successfully updated, During the data checking, "Checking" blinks. screen is displayed indicating that the update process is completed. • If the update has failed, check the file in the USB device and try Software Update again. Press POWER to turn off the player.
  • Page 63 SETTINGS Country Code List DENMARK / FINLAND / BELGIUM / HONG KONG / SINGAPORE / THAILAND / MALAYSIA / INDONESIA / TAIWAN / I USA / CANADA / JAPAN / GERMANY / FRANCE / UK / ITALY/ SPAIN / SWISS / SWEDEN / HOLLAND / NORWAY / PHILIPPINE / AUSTRALIA / RUSSIA / CHINA Language List I English / Francais / Deutsch / Italiano / Espa_lol / Japarlese / Sverlska / Nededands...
  • Page 64 Appendix RS=2320 port specifications Parameter Input the parameter values, aligning left, and fill with blank(s) for the remainder. (Be sure that four values are input for the Using Custom Control Devices with this parameter.) Player When the input parameter is not within an adjustable range, "ERR"...
  • Page 65: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting The following problems do not always suggest a defect or malfunction of this Player. Refer to the problems and lists of possible solutions below before calling for service, Power The Player power cannot be turned - is the power cord firmly plugged into the AC outlet? (Page 21) - When the power cord is plugged into an AC outlet, press and hold POWER oil the Player until "_ _ 5 _ _"...
  • Page 66 Troubleshooting Picture No picture. - Make sure that the cables are conrlected correctly. (Pages 15-17) - Make sure that the connected TV or the AV receiver is set to the correct input. (Pages 15-17) - Take out tile disc and clean it. (Page 10) - Make sure that region code on the disc matches that of this Player.
  • Page 67: To Reset This Player

    Troubleshooting Network Cannot connect to the Internet. When the wired Internet connection is made ,, Is the LAN cable connected properly? ,, Is the wrong cable such as a modular cable used? Connect a LAN cable to the ETHERNET terminal. (Page 19) ,, Is the power for the connected equipment, such as a broadband router or modem turned on? ,, Is the broadband router and/or modem properly connected?
  • Page 68: On-Screen Error Messages

    On-screen Error Messages The following messages appear on the TV screen in case of an error during operation. Possible Error Error message Suggested Solution Cannot play. The disc cannot be played back with - Check the disc, arid load it correctly. ®...
  • Page 69: Specifications

    Specifications General Power supply AC 120V, 60Hz Power consumption (Normal) 18 W Power consumption (Standby) 0.4 W (When "Quick Start" is set to "No") Dimensions Approx. 17 V8 x 2 7/8 x 8 7/8 inch (W x H x D) Approx.
  • Page 70: Glossary

    Glossary Chapter number (pages 46, 47) Ad-hoc mode (page Ad-hoc mode is a wireless LAN communication Sections of a movie or a music feature that are smaller format. This performs direct communication between than titles. A title is composed of several chapters. equipment without an access point.
  • Page 71 Glossary DVD upscaling (page 27) Letter Box (LB 4:3) (page 49} Upscaling (upconverting) refers to a function of various A screen size with black bars on the top and bottom players and devices that enlarge the image size to fit the of the image to allow viewing of wide-screen (16:9)
  • Page 72 Glossary Progressive format Compared to the Interlace format that alternately shows every other line of an image (field) to create one frame, the Progressive format shows the entire image at once as a single frame. This means that while the Interlace format can show 30 frames/60 fields in one second,...
  • Page 73 Sharp shall not be liable to you or any third party for your failure to abide by such authorization or terms of use. Unless otherwise specifically...
  • Page 74 SHARP are owned by SHARP and are protected by tile Copyright Act, international treaties, and other relevant laws. This product also makes use of freely distributed software and software components whose copyrights are held by third parties.
  • Page 75: Limited Warranty

    Sharp does not warrant nor shall Sharp be liable, or in any way responsible, for Products which have been subject to abuse (including, but not limited to, improper voltage), accident, misuse, negligence,...
  • Page 76 Should this Sharp product fail to operate during the warranty period, warranty service may be obtained upon delivery of the Sharp product together with proof of purchase and a copy of this LIMmTED WARRANTY statement...
  • Page 77 Guia R pida en EspaSol (Spanish Quick Guide) Pila tama_lo "AAA" (x 2) Cable de ca Unidad de mando a distancia Cable AV Adaptador LAN inalambnco Presione en la pesta6a en la tapa de las pilas Introduzca la pesta_a mas peque6a de la y tire de la tapa en el sentido indicado...
  • Page 78 Guia Rapida en EspaSol (Spanish Quick Guide) (Amarillo) (Blanco)(Rojo) Algunos televisores no son completamente compatibles 4!- 4!- 4!" con todas las resoluciones de un reproductor de disco Bh-ray, Io cual puede causar distorsi6n de la imagen. En este caso, pulse VIDEO OUTPUT RESET en el...
  • Page 79 Guia Rapida en EspaSol (Spanish Quick Guide) El menu ConfiguraciOn est4t compuesto por varios menus en los cuales pueden hacerse diversos ajustes relacionados con idioma, funciones de audio, im4tgenes, etc. El siguiente ajuste es el proceso bb.sico. Preparaci6n: " Erlcienda su televisor , cambie a la erltrada AV apropiada (Consulte el manual de manejo de su televisor). - Siesta reproduciendo un BD / DVD, pulse el botOn STOP.
  • Page 80 Guia Rapida en EspaSol (Spanish Quick Guide) SKIP * Las siguientes operaciones pudieran no estar disponibles dependiendo del disco/ contenido. | | PAUSE Pausa en la reproducci6n. - Durante la pausa, pulse _ PLAY o | | PAUSE rluevamente para reiniciar la reproducci6n. J_- FWD / _ Avarice / retroceso rapido (BLisqueda) Durante la reproducci6n...
  • Page 81 ® SHARP ELECTRONICS CORPORATION Sharp Plaza, Mahwah, New Jersey 07495-1163 SHARP CORPORATION Printed in China TINSEA548WJQZ 10P03-CH-NG <DRC1392-A>...