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    ging Entertainment,...

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    WARNIING This symbol indicatesthat this product incorporates double To reduce the risk of fire or shock hazard,do not expose ins@adonbetween hazardousmainsvoltage and user this DVD Recorder to rain or moisture, accessibleparts. This symbol indicates"dangerous CAUTION voltage" inside the product that important instructions This symbol indicates THIS PRODUCT UTILIZESA LASER,USEOF...

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    Table of Contents PlayHods Icon ..........Chapter I: Connections and Setup IntroScan (Audio CD only) ........Types of Discs ............PieyBeck Control (PBC)_Video CD only ......Thin_s to consider before yoe connoct ......... Pleyin_ r ap3end/orJPBG B_es ........UnpasB tho Box .............

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    Types of D_scs RECORDING; TYPES OF DISCS YOU CAN USE FOR RECORDING 2,4×_4×_ or 8x ONLY; DVD+RW DVD+R 2Ax and 4× ONLY. NOTES: ItisNOT possible to record on CD-R orCD_RW discs. IF_PORTANT: ItisNOT possible t orecord contentthatiscopy-protected.This isusually t rueformost premecordedDVD discs and most pre-recorded VHS tapes.

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    Choose Your Connection There are several ways to connect your DVD/VCR, Please use the following chart to determine which connection is best for you,Turn to the appropriate page for specific instructions, Cables Heeded OeOe • Coaxial • Audio/video • S-Video Coaxial p01e Audio/video...

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    This section describes the jacks arid cablesyou can use tomake connections (only a coaxial cableand a set of audio/video cables are packedwith your DVD/VCR--you can purchase other cables by calling 1-800-338-0376,order onfne at s_*w.rca,com, or go to your local electronics store),There are several 'waysto connect your DVD/VCR to your TV dependingupon the cables you haveand the jacks that are on the back of your TV.

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    Back of the DVDiVCR The back of your recorder might look a little overwhelming at first, This section explainswhat goes where and why.There are two sets of jacks on the back of your DVD/ VCR--INPUT jacks and OUTPUT jacks, Eachjack is explained individually below',but the basicidea is about sendingand receiving information to be playedon or through your DVD/VCR and displayingthat information on your TV screen, iNPUT The cablesconnected to INPUT jacks bring the signal that carries the content INTO the DVD/VCR, such as the cable signal (programming) from the cable company...

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    OUTPUT: These jacksseed the content (audio and video) flora your DVD/VCR OUT to the TV so you can see it on the TV screen and hear it through the TV's speakers. VIDEO: Color coded yellow, the video cableyou use with this jack provides better quality than an RFCoaxial cable but isn't asgood as S-Video. AUB|O L (_ef_): Color coded white, connect corresponding audio cable to TV'sAudio Left Input Jack, AUDIO...

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    6 6 6 6 o :Sc: 6 6 6 6 Front of the DVDiVCR COPY - Shortcut to transfer tapes (VCR) to disc (DVD), which is great for converting your camcorder recordings that are on videocassette tape to a DVD disc,When you have a recordable DVD+R or DVD+RW disc in the DVD disc tray and a videocassette tape in theVCR, press COPY (theVCR starts playing and the DVD/VCR starts recording automatically).

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    mnfro_ cable OI = antenna ® DVD/VC_ CABLE!ANTENNA The back of yo_ TV might look diffe_'_ than _:be one pic_:ured here. Deeaib; _bo_l_ the diffe_e_ kinds of ¢ab_e_ _ed 1_oco_e¢_: your DV_/V¢_ _e on page 4_ 3=0wa_:¢h one prog_a_ while Tune theTV to its Input I channelorVid I channel yo_ record another:...

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    Connection: DVD/VCR ÷ TV I. Connect the signaJ(cabJeor antenna): Note: Depending upon how you currently have your TV connected,you'll have to disconnect the came from your TV'sAntenna Input iack (sometimes tabe_edCABLE/ANTENNA) or your VCR's Input iad_ before you connect the cable as explained below. Cable service."...

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    Notesabout came boxes: [f you have questions a boutusing a cable box withtie DVDIVCI, consult yourcame company. IDA canonlyprovide general instructions becausecame services and cable boxesdiffer invarious areas.This connection o _[yshows a basic IF Coaxial CaMe co_ectio_, },our cab{e box may haveAudioVideoor S-Video iacks. If you connect your components as described,you must accessdifferentVideo Input Channels on your TV to see programming.

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    Connection: DVDiVCR + TV + Basic Cable I+ Connect the cable box signal Note: tefore you connect the DVD/VCl, you'! need to tisconnect some of the cables first in order to reconnectthem. i b. Connect the RFCoaxial cable that is connected to the cable box's Output jack (sometimes labeledCABLE OUT) to the CABLE/ANTENNA INPUT jack on the back of the DVD/VCR, the DVD/VCR to the TV...

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    The back of your satellite r_¢eiver might look diffe_=en¢ than one pid:ured here, DVDIVCR back of your TV _i_ht differ_mt _he o_e pict_r_ he_, Details abo_ _he differem_ kimds of c_bles _sed to c_mmect your DVD/VCR are om page To w_:¢h TV (s;_eHi_;e TunetheTV to its Input I channel orVid I channeJ Tunethe DVD/VCR _o the INPUT I channel(press the iNPUT bu[ton on _heremote).

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    Connection: DVDiVCR + TV + Satellite Receiver The foJJowinginstructions enable you to record the programs from your satellite receiver. Becausethe _ _uration and labels var4I on different satellite receivers and televisions,the steps provided are _ guidelines.ConsuJtyour SateJJJte Receiver and/or Television User's Guides for additional information.

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    Advanced A_dio Connection Info_'mation Both Dolby Digital® and DTS® are audio formats used to record 5. I=channelaudio signalsonto the digital track of film (while the film is being made). Both of these formats provide up to six separate channels:left, right, center,left rear,right rear,and common subwoofer,The discwill play 5, !ochannelsound only if you've connected a DTS or Dolby Digital receiver or decoder, and if the disc is encoded in the Dolby Digital or DTS format.

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    Is Turn on the DVD/VCg--press the DVDNCR button on the remote. 2. Turn on the TV and tune it to the correctVideo Input Channel--if you have an RCA, GE, or ProscanTV, press the TV button on the remote (if the TV doesn't turn on, press the ON.OFF button) and then press the INPUT button on the remote until you get to theVideo Input Channel that matches how the DVD/VCR is connected to...

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    2) Semect the Signal that's connected _o _he CABLE/ANTENNA _NPUT jack Completing this information lets the DVD/VCR know what program signalsare being sent to it. Choose the type of signalthat is connected to the CABLE/ANTENNA INPUT jack.Press the right arrow button to accessthe choices: Here: If you've connected a cable box or satellite receiver to the CABLEfAHTE_A I_PUT ]ack, torn on the came box or satellite receiver before completingthis step, Co_le-An_enn_ (cable service)

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    .._ ___ ....%_ 7) Time and Date Your DVD/VCR has an automatic clock, but it may take awhile for the DVD/VCR to find the correct channel for the dock.Therefore, you might want to set up the clock manually here. Use the number buttons on the remote to enter Yeor, Date, and Time.Tochangethe AM/PM setting when you're entering theTime, press the right arrow button, Notes:...

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    P,CA_ GE_ and Proscan If ),our brand of TV is RCA, GE,or Proscan,the remote control packedwith your DVD/VCR will most likely accesstheTWsVideo Input Channel--with the DVD/VCR turned on, press the TV button, and then press INPUT until you see the DVD/VCR's menu on your TV screen.

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    ® ® Graphics contained within this User_ Guide are for representationoniy_Some of the menu screens, buttons, and display messagesmight be different in your product than they appear in this book. [he on-screen help text provides the most current operational information_...

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    Accessesthe list of Timer Recordings(the Timer List screen), Pu_sthe remo_e inTV mode in order for it ro operate your TV.This remote is already programmed to operate RCA, GE,and Proscanbrand TVs.This remote is capableof being programmed to operate many brands of TVs.

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    TV ON,OFFbutton This remote control is designedto operate most RCA, GE, and ProscanTVs, T',/button 1. Pressthe TV button (if the TV turns on, this remote will operate your TV; if it doesn't turn on, go to step 2 below), 2.

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    Programming the remote to operate other components This remote is already programmed to operate most RCA, GE, and Proscancomponents--just pressthe applicablecomponent button to operate the component (for a satellite receive_press the SATbutton', for an audio component, pressAUD!O, etc.), There are two ways to program this remote control to operate other brandsof sare/ite receivers,cable boxes,and/or other compatible components: Direct Entry and...

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    Code List for TV button Phiko 106t) Admiram Crown 1!31 m nflnity 1050 Sansui 1002 1026 1!38 1030 1006 1004 liT! ll09 1097 1010 Envision janeim Loewe blitsubishi 1005 Radio Shack Ill0 Curtis Hathes 1005 1091/ 10711 I00S 100_ 1029 Sawo Aiko 1001...

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    Code List for TV button TV(continued) 2006 Kenwood 2041 Philips 206! So_de_ig_ Toshiba 1005 1029 2010 2002 2006 2042 2018 2064 1007 1043 AUX button 20!3 2010 2007 2060 2030 2067 1000 I044 2013 2010 2008 2065 2040 207! Admiram I026 I045 2069...

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    List Code VCR (continued) AU× button Sears 20 0 PVR 0080 DVD Paoasoni< I)Vl)/VCll Cable B ox Philips 2008 2023 0090 3006 5012 l)Vl) CABLE b utton 2011 2052 AIJXbutton 009! DYDbutton 3021 5013 button 5014 2010 Toshiba Tivo 0092 Aiwa 3050 0003...

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    Marantz Sherwood 4084 Phono _ome CDPlayer4050 4098 4044 Theatre AUDIO AUDIO button button AUDIO button so.y Receiver Sherwood A Box 4001 4062 4022 4080 AUDIO 4005 4066 HitsubisN 4072 TUn_F Sony button 4oo4 AUDmO 4014 4067 4002 4094 4005 4018 &...

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    ® Watching TV DVD Recording (DVD+R and DVD + RW) Disc Library ® DVD Playback VCR Recording VCR Playback Graphics contained within this User_ Guideare for representation oniy_Some of the menu screens, buttons, and disp/ay messagesmight be different in your product than they appear in this book.

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    Watchin t TV Turn on the DVD/VCR to Watch 1. Turn on the T_,_ arid tune the TV to the correctVideo Input Channel (this channel corresponds to the input jacks on your TV that you used to connect the DVD/VCR to the TV), 2.

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    /C8 F_M,h'_AUSE outto_ OlD RFCORD outto_ Watching a videocassette tape while record to disc Start recording on the disc (tune the DVD/VCR to the channelyou want to record) and press RECORD), 2, Insert the videocassette tape you want to play after you've started recording on your DVD disc. 3, Hake sure the TV is tuned to the channel that matches the jacks you used to connect the DVD/ VCR to the TV (the TV's video input channel).

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    Timer lecortings Setting up timer recordings to record programs automatically 1, From the DVD/VCR's main menu,use the remote's arrow buttons to highfght Timers, a nd press the OK burton. Tip:Y0u can also accessthe Timers menu by pressir_gthe TIMEI*GLII)E button on the remote coatroL 2.

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    Disc Library You can find a show you recorded to disc more quickly by using the DVD/VCR's Disc Library. Everytime you use your DVD/VCR to record a program, the DVD/VCR assignsthe disc a numbe_and keeps track of whacyou've recorded andwhen you recorded it,The disc's library stores the following information about each disc: Disc Name and Number The number of titles (recordings) on a disc...

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    DVD Playback To play recordings, do the following: I. Turn on theTV and the DVD/VCR. 2. Hake sure theTV is tuned to the correct Video input Channel (for help,go to p. 18). 3, Insert the DVD+R or DVD+RW disc you want to play. 4.

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    i _ Disc name The top menu bar is the nameof the disc.With the disc name highlighted,press OK and the options described below appear: Note:You cannot select the disc name for a finalized DVD+R disc, Rename DIsc: Press OK, on=screenkeyboard appears so you can changethe name of the disc ([ on illustration above left), Erase Disc: DVD+RW discs only.Erasesa DVD+RW disc so you can record new programming onto it (not availablefor DVD+R disc).

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    Editing Titles with Hide Chapter Feature As with most editing features on recorded discs,Hide Chapter is only availablewith DVD+RVVdiscs. Some people use it to hide comme_ cials or introductions to programs.You have to Insert a Chapter P1arkerat the beginningand the end of the part of the recording you want to"hide." Note;...

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    Advanced VCR Features TheVCR portion of your DVD/VCR combo works like mostVCRs, but has some additional features for playbackand copying tapes to disc.Most importantly, you need to understand the difference between digital and analog asit applies to theVCR portion of your DVD/VCR combo. The analog setting provides standard playbackthat the majority of VCRs provide--play;...

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    VCR Recording After you put a videocasse_e tape in theVCR deck,there are severalw_s to record programming,The quickest wv to start recording is to press the RECORD button (on the front of the DVD/VCR next to the STANDBY/ON button) while you're watching a show, Y ou don't even need to remember to press the stop button if you use the Express Recording feature in the recording barmen Note:The DVD/VC!supports Macrovbion and won't record copy-protected material.

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    ® ® Graphics contained within this User_ Guide are for representation on/y_Some of the menu screens, buttons_ and display messagesmight be di[ferent in your product than they appear in this book. The on-screen help text provides the most current operational information. page 37...

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    Regional Coding Both the DVD/VCR and the discs are coded by region,These regional codes must match in order for a pre-recorded DVD to play.This pJayetscode is region h However, discs you use for recording (DVD+R and DVD+RW) aren't assignedregion numbers. Types of discs you can play DVD+R and DVD+RW discs - used to record programming.

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    Using Different Menus Eachdisc is programmed with different features.There are three separate types of menus that you can use to access features: The Disc menu - The Disc menu is part of each discand is separate from the DVD/VDWs menu. The contents of each Disc menu vary according to how the disc was authored and what features are included.

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    Using the On°Screen |nfo Display The on=screenInfo Dispby con_ins many playbackfeatures,To see the Info DispJ3_press the INFO button on the remote while a disc is playing (the Info Display appears acrossthe top of the screen). Eachfeature is illustrated with an icon, Usethe left and right arrow buttons to move through the different icons in the Info Display.When an icon is highlighted,use the up and down arrow buttons on the remote to scrol! through the choices.

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    Time Display (DVD_ Video CD_ and Audio This feature displaysthe drne that has elapsedduring playback,For DVD discs,the time displayedrefers to the current title and acts asa Time Searchfeature. For example,if you like a particular scene in a movie,you can enter the elapsedtime the scene playsand skip right to it.

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    Repeat Icon (DVD_ Video and Audio By default,the Repeatfeature is Off.There are three Repeat eptions: Title - repeatsthe title that is playing Disc - repeatsthe disc that is playing A-B - repeats a segmentof the discthat you select, For DVD discs andVCDs, play modes are also availab{efrom the Repeat Icon: DVD andVCDs: Playmode standard playsthe discs chapters in the order they were placedon the disc.

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    Camera Angle icon (DVD) Some discs contain multiple anglesof a particular scene or sequence,if the disc only hasone angle,this feature won't work. Currently, very few discs havethis feature. I. While a disc is playing,pressANGLE on the remote, if the disc wasn't created with multiple angJes, the invalid symbol appears.If the disc contains multiple angles, t heAngle icon appearswith the current angle number and the number of anglesavailable.For example, I of 4 indicatesthat Angle I is displayedand there are 4 different anglesavailable.

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    @ _ _y A¸ mntroScan icon (Audio CD) Use the IntroScan feature to preview each track on the CD, 1. While the CD is playing, press INFO (the Info Display appears). 2,. Use the arrow buttons to highlight the IntroScan icon, 3.

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    4. Select a file usingthe A and _'_ buttons, press OK (the playbackoptions appear). Usethe A and V buttons to scroll through the options and press OK when desired option appears. rap3 file: if you press play when a file is highlighted (and you selected Play AII),the player begins by playingthe selected file, then al! the files and subfoJderscontained in the samefolde_:The player then playsthe contents of the folders at the same levelas the folder containing the file selected at the start.

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    Overview of the DVD/VCPJs Menu System ® Watch YV Menu Disc Menu Tape Henu ® Disc Library Henu Timer Menu Setup Menu Graphics c ontained w ithin this User's G uidearefor representation on/y. S ome ofthemenu screens, buttons, and disp/a}/ messages mightbe different in}!our product thanthe}/appear in this b ook.Theon-screen he/ptext provides the...

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    Overview of the DVDiVCR's Menu System Sincethis product has many features, it has a wealth of menus and options.To accessthe main menu during playback,pressthe STOP button on the remote.To accessthe main menu when you're not playinga disc or tape, pressthe MENU burton. te navigate threugh on-screen...

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    Watch The WutchTV menu shows the current channel or input,To watch TV, press OK when the WatchTV menu is highlighted (the channel banner appears to show you availableprogram information, such as channel,name,and time). For more information, go to page28. Disc Play Disc You can only accessthe disc menu when you've inserted a compatible disc into the DVD/VCR,The submenus follow:...

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    Disc Op_fons AutoPlay: When you select On, a pre=recorded DVD disc immediately starts playing after you insert it into the player (there's no need to press the PLAY button).With AutoPlay On, recordable discs (DVD+R or DVD+RW) with content recorded on them will automatically display contents.

  • Page 52

    Disc Library The disc library accessesinformation about whatyou've recorded onto discs.Details of this feature and the submenus are described on page3 I, Timers Timer You can add timers and view or edit existing timers flora this menu for automatic recording.Timer recordings are especiallyuseful when you have a favorite program that you want to record every week and/or every day.If you use a cable box, the cable box must be On and tuned to the channelyou want to record, during the timer recording;...

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    To set Ratings: Parental Control From the DVD/VCR's main menu,select Setupand press OK (the Setupmenu items appear), 2+ SincePorentdlControlis already highlighted,just press OK (the Parental C ontrolmenu items appear). 3. Highlight RatingLimitsand press OK (the 8-level rating list appears). 4. Usethe up and down arrow buttons to move the bar to the rating level you find acceptable. Ratingsthat don't require a password (free access)appear under the bar.

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    Recording Options: Record Destination: Choose whether you want to record to a disc (DVD) or a tape (VCR), Recording Quality: The better the quality, the more memory (space) the recording will use Recording Options on the DVD+R or DVD+RW disc or tape,The choices for a disc are: Best I hour recording time on an empty 4.7 GB disc High...

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    Inste/e_ien: The submenus contained in the Inseallationmenu pertain to the type of signal that is connected to your DVD/VCR (cable or off-air antenna). If you move, or changeany of the information you entered when you first set up your DVD/VCR, you need to changethe information in the following menus. lnterQctive Setup: The first time you turned on your DVD/VCR, you had to camp{ere an interactive setup so your DVD/VCR could have the information it needsto function properly.

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    Troubleshooting ® Handling Cautions Maintenance of Cabinet Limited Warranty ® Accessory information Graphics c ontained w ithin this User's G uidearefor representation on/y. S ome ofthemenu screens, buttons, and disp/a}/ messages mightbe different in}!our product thanthe}/appear in this b ook.Theon-screen he[ptext provides the most current o perationa[ information.

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    TroubHeshoeting Genet'al ProMems Player won'_ work (locks up) Try unplugging theAC power cord and plugging it back in. Reset the DVD/VCR: on the front of the unit, press and hold the STANDBY/ON button while you press and hold the STOP button--wait at least 3 seconds before you release both of the buttonsXou'll need to set up your menu preferences because this Reset Procedure returns the DVD/VCR's menus to the factory default settings and also erases the contents of the Disc Library,...

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    Play star_s_ bu_ then stops immediately The disc is dirty. Clean it. Condensation has formed in the DVD/VCR,AJiow it to dry out. The picture is di$_orted ond/or fuzzy; or _j_*mps _ during disc pIwbocR The disc might be damaged.Try another disc. It is normal for some distortion to appear during forward or reverse scan The disc might be dirty, Clean it (go to page 58 for instructions).

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    rap3 files The following recommendations can't be taken as a guarantee that the DVD/VCRwill playrap3 recordings, or as an assurance of sound quality.Certain technologies and methods for rap3 file recording on CD-R discs prevent optimal playbackof these flies on your product. Hake sure the file is a true rap3 file.Youcan only playtrue HP3 files inthe DVD/VCR--some products use software to compress rap3 flies and convert them to other formats such as HPX.Your DVD/VCRwon't recognize or play HPX files or other types of converted rap3 files.

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    You might be in the wrong mode.To operate your DVD/VCR, press the DVD/VCR button on the remote before you press any other buttons. If you're operating the T_] press the TV button first, etc. (this remote operates most RCA, GE, and Proscan TVs and satellite receivers, and you can program it to operate other brands of televisions).

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    Registration: Pleasecomplete the online Product Registration on RCA,com or complete and rnaiJthe Product R%istradon Card packedwith your unit, It will make it easier to contact you should it ever be necessary.Thereturn of the card is not required for 'warranty coverage, Limita1:Jon of Warranty;...

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    A shipping and handlingfee will be charged upon ordering, and we are required by law to collect the appropriate salestax for each individual state, country, and locality to which the merchandise is being sent, For more information about ac¢essories_ go on-line to w_w,rca,cem Optical Plug to Optical P_ug for Optical Audio cermet€ion...

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    Visit w÷bsit÷ at w_w°rca°¢o_ Please do not send any products to the indianapolis address listed in this manual or on the carton. This will only add delays in service for your product. Thomson |nc° m0330 North Meridian Street IndianapoHs_ 46:Z90...

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