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RCA DRC6100N User Manual

RCA DRC6100N User Manual

Rca drc6100n: user manual
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User's Guide
Changing Entertainment. Again.


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for RCA DRC6100N

  • Page 1 DVD/VCR User’s Guide Changing Entertainment. Again.
  • Page 2: Important Information

    Product Registration Please fill out the product registration card (packed separately) and return it immediately. For U.S. customers: You RCA Consumer Electronics product may also be registered at Registering this product allows us to contact you if needed. Product Information Keep your sales receipt to obtain warranty parts and service and for proof of purchase.
  • Page 4 This page intentionally left blank.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Chapter 1: Connections and Setup Things to Consider Before You Connect ... 5 Protect Against Power Surges ... 5 Protect Components from Overheating ... 5 Position Cables Properly to Avoid Audio Interference ... 5 Connection Pictures ... 5 Compatible Discs ... 6 Cables Needed to Connect Components to Your DVD/VCR ...
  • Page 6 Table of Contents Search Options ... 18 Picture Scan ... 18 Freeze Frame and Frame Advance ... 18 Slow Motion (in Freeze Frame Mode) ... 19 Playback Options ... 19 Chapter Advance ... 19 Zoom ... 19 Using the On-Screen Info Display ... 20 How to Navigate the Info Display ...
  • Page 7 Recording Features ... 30 Instant Timer Recording (ITR) ... 30 Timer Recording ... 31 Time Counter ... 32 Info Display ... 33 Index Search ... 34 Explanation of the VCR Menu System ... 35 Clock Menu ... 35 Program Menu ... 35 Tuning Menu ...
  • Page 8 Table of Contents Progressive Scan ... 44 Sound Menu... 44 Sound Logic ... 44 Digital Output ... 45 Languages Menu ... 45 Child Lock ... 46 Chapter 6: Additional Information Troubleshooting ... 47 Handling Cautions ... 54 Maintenance of Cabinet ... 54 Formation of Condensation ...
  • Page 9: Chapter 1: Connections And Setup

    Things to Consider Before You Connect Protect Against Power Surges • Connect all components before you plug any of their power cords into the wall outlet. • Turn off the TV and/or components before you connect or disconnect any cables. •...
  • Page 10: Compatible Discs

    Connections and Setup DVD+Rewritable Cables Needed to Connect Components to Your DVD/VCR The pictures below show the cables needed for the connections represented in this book. Note: Audio/Video cables (A/V cables for short) are usually sold as a bundled set, but the connection pictures in this book show each cable separately for better visibility.
  • Page 11: Dvd/Vcr + Tv

    CABLE OR OFF-AIR SIGNAL DVD/VCR + TV 1. Connect a coaxial cable to the Cable/Antenna jack on your TV (sometimes labeled ANT IN) and to the TV jack on your DVD/VCR player. 2. Connect the coaxial cable from your cable outlet, cable box, or antenna to the ANT IN jack on your DVD/VCR.
  • Page 12: Dvd/Vcr + Tv + Audio Receiver

    Connections and Setup DVD/VCR + TV + Audio Receiver Both Dolby Digital® and DTS® are audio formats used to record 5.1-channel audio signals onto the digital track of film (while the film is being made). Both of these formats provide up to six separate channels: left, right, center, left rear, right rear, and common subwoofer.
  • Page 13: Install Batteries In The Remote

    Install Batteries in the Remote 1. Remove the battery compartment cover on the back of the remote. 2. Insert new batteries. Match the polarities (+ and –) on the batteries with the diagram on the remote. 3. Put the battery compartment cover back on the remote. Important Battery Information •...
  • Page 14: Using The Remote Control To Choose On-Screen Menu Items

    Connections and Setup Using the Remote Control to Choose On-screen Menu Items Press the MENU button to bring up the Main Menu. To select an on-screen item, press the number button on the remote control that matches the on-screen number. Selecting a menu item can take you to another menu, activate a choice, or activate a data entry field (such as the hour field in the CLOCK menu).
  • Page 15: Auto Channel Search

    AUTO CHANNEL SET TUNING BAND:     CH.   ADD/DEL: CH. 2 ADD SOURCE  SELECT: TUNER SELECT ADJUST TO  EXIT  PRESS MONTH : JANUARY DAY :   1   WED YEAR : 2003 TIME : 12 : 00  AM AUTO CLOCK SET : DAYLIGHT SAVING: AUTO TIME ZONE: AUTO SELECT ADJUST TO  EXIT PRESS Note: If Auto Clock Set receives the wrong time or date information, you may need to set the clock manually.
  • Page 16: Connections And Setup

    Connections and Setup • If you choose AUTO, the VCR sets the time zone using information from the broadcast signal. 6. When finished, press MENU to exit. 7. Turn off the VCR to automatically set the clock. MONTH : JULY 5 SAT YEAR : 2003...
  • Page 17: Next Steps

    Connections and Setup Next Steps This chapter is dedicated to connecting your DVD/VCR player. Before you start playing discs, you might want to get familiar with the remote control — Chapter 2 has details. If you want to skip straight to playing discs, go to Chapter 3 (page 17). It explains playback features of DVDs, Audio CDs, Video CDs, discs that contain MP3 files.
  • Page 18: Button Descriptions For Dvd And Vcr Modes

    Proscan TVs. However, this section only describes the buttons on the remote that you will use with your DVD/VCR. For descriptions of remote control buttons to be used with your TV (RCA, GE, and Proscan only), go to the next page.
  • Page 19: Button Description For Tv Function Buttons

    Button description for TV function buttons This remote operates most TVs that carry the RCA, GE, or Proscan brand. The following list (in alphabetical order) provides basic information about how these buttons will operate when in TV mode.
  • Page 20: Using The Input Button

    MUTE Lowers the volume to minimum level. Press again to restore volume. ON•OFF Turns off a compatible RCA, GE, or Proscan TV. TV Turns on a compatible RCA, GE, or Proscan TV and puts the remote in TV mode. VOL +/- Decreases and increases volume level.
  • Page 21: Chapter 3: Playing Discs

    DVD+Rewritable This DVD player is capable of playing the following types of discs: DVDs, audio CDs, Video CDs, CDs with mp3 files, WMA files (Windows Media Audio), and CDs with JPEG files on them. Before you put a disc in the player, make sure it is compatible. You can’t play the following types of discs: Laserdiscs, CD-I, CD-ROM (computer-only discs), DVD-ROM, discs...
  • Page 22: To Load And Play A Dvd Disc

    Playing Discs This is an example of a one-sided disc. This is an example of a two-sided disc – the title is usually in the center of the disc. Search Options To search a disc, you can use the FORWARD button or the REVERSE button. You can also utilize the following search features: Picture Scan When you’re playing a disc, each time you press FORWARD or REVERSE, your DVD/VCR scans the disc...
  • Page 23: Slow Motion (In Freeze Frame Mode)

    Slow Motion (in Freeze Frame Mode) While a disc is playing, press PAUSE. Press REVERSE or FORWARD (each time you press REVERSE or FORWARD the slow motion will get even slower until you reach the slowest speed). To resume normal playback, press PLAY.
  • Page 24: Using The On-Screen Info Display

    Playing Discs Using the On-Screen Info Display The Info Display appears across the top of the screen when you press the INFO button on the remote while you’re playing a disc. Use the left and right arrow buttons to highlight different icons. Once an icon is highlighted, follow the on-screen instructions, and use the up and down buttons on the remote to scroll through the options.
  • Page 25: How To Navigate The Info Display

    button Hour Seconds Minutes Shortcut While you’re playing a disc, you can use the CH +/- buttons to go to the next chapter/ previous chapter. Chapter 3 How to Navigate the Info Display To access the Info Display, press the INFO button on the remote while you’re playing a disc.
  • Page 26: Subtitles Icon (Dvd Info Display)

    Playing Discs Shortcut Press the AUDIO button, while the disc is playing (the Info Display appears with the Audio icon already highlighted). Subtitles Icon (DVD Info Display) By default, subtitles are off. To turn subtitles on: Highlight the Subtitle icon, and press the up or down arrow buttons to scroll through the available subtitle languages (the subtitle language options appear in the box at the bottom of the Info Display), then press OK.
  • Page 27: Play Mode Icon (Dvd, Cd Info Displays)

    Chapter 3 Play Mode Icon (DVD, CD Info Displays) The Play Mode options available depend upon the type of disc you’re playing. The default play mode (standard play) plays the disc’s contents in the order in which the disc was created (i.e., track 1 plays first, followed by track 2, etc.).
  • Page 28: Ab Repeat

    Playing Discs AB Repeat AB Repeat lets you define a specific segment on the disc that you want to repeat. For example, you might want to watch the dogfight in the movie Top Gun. To watch this scene over and over: 1.
  • Page 29: Bookmark Icon (Dvd Info Display)

    Creating a Bookmark 1. Highlight the Bookmark icon on the Info Display. Press OK (the Bookmark Banner appears). 2. Highlight an unused bookmark. When the disc reaches the scene you want to mark, press the OK button on the remote (the bookmark icon changes to two icons side-by-side: an arrow and a trash can).
  • Page 30: Clearing A Bookmark

    Playing Discs Unused Trashcan bookmark icon icon Clearing a Bookmark The bookmarks are erased each time you remove a disc from the player and/or when the power is turned off. 1. While you’re playing a disc, press the INFO button on the remote (the Info Display appears).
  • Page 31: Playing Mp3 And Wma Music Files And Displaying Jpeg Files

    Playing mp3 and WMA music files and displaying JPEG files mp3 is an audio file format which compresses recorded music. It was developed by Fraunhofer Gesellschaft in collaboration with Thomson Inc. The main advantage of the mp3 format is that it means CD-quality music tracks can be stored on a personal computer in user-friendly, compressed files.
  • Page 32: Playing Jpeg And Mp3 Music Files At The Same Time

    Playing Discs 6. Press the INFO button to display the Info menu during playback. • mp3 file: press the AUDIO or PLAY MODE button several times to select a playback mode (standard, program, random, repeat). • JPEG file: press the down arrow button to select a projection speed. 7.
  • Page 33: Chapter 4: Vcr Features

    VCR Basics Once your initial settings are complete, you can begin using your DVD/VCR. In order to begin, you must first understand some basic concepts. Playing a tape 1. Tune the TV to your DVD/VCR viewing channel (03, 04, or the Video Input Channel). 2.
  • Page 34: Recording Features

    VCR Features Recording Features Your DVD/VCR provides many ways to record programming. Basic recording is explained in detail on page 29. The following recording techniques are also available. • Recording – lets you press one button to record a program. •...
  • Page 35: Timer Recording

    Timer Recording You can set up to 8 different TV programs to be recorded. Before a Timer Recording will work, the VCR needs to be set up correctly. • DVD/VCR’s clock must be set correctly. • The timer indicator appears in the display when you turn off the DVD/VCR and a timer recording has been set.
  • Page 36: Time Counter

    VCR Features CLOCK PROGRAM TUNING SETUP SELECT ENTER PROGRAM 1 TO  EXIT PRESS MONTH : JULY 6 FRI START 6:00 PM STOP 7:30 PM CHANNEL : 4 TV SPEED : SP REPEAT : ONCE TO ERASE PRESS TO EXIT PRESS Time Counter The time counter shows the actual time used when recording or playing a tape.
  • Page 37: Info Display

    STOP May 20, TUE 6:14PM On-screen display (times out) 0:30:00 Time counter only (does not time out) No displays will appear (useful for dubbing) Chapter 4 Info Display To find out the status of the DVD/VCR, press the INFO button on the remote control. Each time you press INFO, different information appears on the screen.
  • Page 38: Index Search

    VCR Features Index Search The VCR has a VHS Index Search System that automatically records index marks on the tape every time you start a recording. During playback you can locate the program you want to play by the number of index marks or by scanning. The VCR will search forward or reverse from the location you are at on the tape.
  • Page 39: Explanation Of The Vcr Menu System

  • Page 40: Tuning Menu

  • Page 41: Broadcast Type

    Broadcast Type You can select the type of audio signal the DVD/VCR receives and records. Choose from STEREO, SAP, and MONO. Press the right arrow button to choose the desired setting. STEREO is used for normal or stereo broadcast recording. MONO is used if the signal is weak or the sound is too noisy.
  • Page 42: Chapter 5: Dvd Menu System

    Chapter 5: DVD Menu System The DVD Player Menu System The DVD player menu system is not the same as the disc menu or the Info Display. The DVD player menu comes up when there is no disc playing. If you are playing a disc, press STOP on the remote control to stop playback and bring up the DVD player menu.
  • Page 43: Autoplay

    Note: When a track is selected for more than two seconds, the first few seconds of the track plays. 1c. mp3 CD: select a folder using the and buttons, then press the button to access the list of files, then select a file using the and buttons. Note: When an mp3 file is selected for more than two seconds, the first few seconds of the track plays.
  • Page 44: Unlocking Your Dvd/Vcr

    DVD Menu System Resetting Your Password If you forget your password, you can reset it by following the steps below. 1. If a disc is playing, press STOP (the main menu appears). 2. Enter 321 and press OK (the unit resets to the factory defaults and Factory Reset...Done appears. 3.
  • Page 45: Explanation Of Rating Limits

    Chapter 5 DVD Menu System Explanation of Rating Limits The Rating Limits feature lets you determine what types of discs can be played in the player, and what types of discs will require a password to override the rating limit that you’ve set.
  • Page 46: To Set Ratings For Unrated Titles

    DVD Menu System To Set Ratings for Unrated Titles: Some discs contain titles that don’t have a rating assigned to them. Sometimes, movies you might find the most explicit are unrated. You can restrict access by requiring a password for unrated titles. 1.
  • Page 47: Display Menu

    Display Menu The Display menu contains the settings that affect how a disc’s content looks on your TV and the brightness of the display that’s on the front of the DVD/VCR. The Display menu. Chapter 5 DVD Menu System TV Image The TV Image menu adjusts the way a movie appears on your TV.
  • Page 48: Progressive Scan

    DVD Menu System Progressive Scan You can change how the video signal is output to your TV as either progressive scan or interlaced. 1. With the player on (no disc playing), press MENU (the main menu appears). If a disc is playing, press STOP.
  • Page 49: Digital Output

    Digital Output If you connected your DVD/VCR to a receiver via the Digital Audio Out jacks (COAXIAL or OPTICAL) on the back of the player, choose both Dolby Digital and DTS settings. 1. If the main menu isn’t on the screen, press the STOP button (the main menu appears). 2.
  • Page 50: Child Lock

    DVD Menu System Notes: Discs are created differently. The DVD player can’t override some language preferences. If a disc’s software was created to play the movie (title) in a preferred language, the preference you set might be ignored. Also, if the language isn’t available on the movie you’re playing, the disc’s default language will be chosen. You must turn on the Subtitle feature in order for them to appear when you’re playing a disc.
  • Page 51: Chapter 6: Additional Information

    Note: If you prefer, we can provide you with the name of an Authorized Service Representative who will visit your home for a fee to install your electronic entertainment system and to instruct you in its operation. For details about this service, call 1-888-206-3359. For additional assistance while using your RCA product, please visit customersupport.
  • Page 52: Additional Information

    • You might be in the wrong mode. To operate the DVD functions of your DVD/VCR, press DVD on the remote before you press any other buttons. To operate the VCR, press the VCR button first. If you’re operating the TV, press the TV button first, etc. (this remote operates most RCA, GE, and Proscan TVs).
  • Page 53 The picture is distorted • The disc might be damaged. Try another disc. Picture is distorted during forward and reverse scan • It is normal for some distortion to appear while scanning. A screen saver appears on the TV • Your player is equipped with a screen saver that appears on the TV after your player has been idle for several minutes.
  • Page 54 Additional Information General VCR Problems No power • Make sure the DVD/VCR is plugged into a working outlet. • Make sure connections between devices are correct and snug. There’s poor quality or no picture for normal TV viewing • If using RF coaxial cables to connect the DVD/VCR to the TV, make sure the VCR indicator is not displayed on the DVD/VCR’s front panel (press the remote control’s TV/VCR button to toggle between VCR and TV-viewing modes).
  • Page 55: Recording Problems

    The DVD/VCR makes noise when it is stopped • This is normal. The DVD/VCR removes the tape from the playheads when stopping. The cylinders inside the unit will continue to rotate for a few minutes after stopping. The DVD/VCR won’t find active channels correctly using the Auto Channel Search feature •...
  • Page 56 Additional Information • If you are using A/V cables, make sure the TV is set to the Video Input Channel. Go to page 62 for instructions. • If you are not using A/V cables, make sure the DVD/VCR is not in Video Input Channel mode. Press INPUT on the remote control to return to normal viewing.
  • Page 57 • You must connect the DVD/VCR to the TV using A/V cables (not provided) to hear true stereo sound during playback. Go to page 7 for instructions. The stereo Audio is too noisy • The stereo signal is weak. Set the BROADCAST TYPE: to MONO. •...
  • Page 58: Handling Cautions

    Additional Information Handling Cautions • Before connecting other components to this player, be sure to turn all components off. • Don’t move the player while a disc is being played. The disc may get scratched or broken, and the player’s internal parts may be damaged. •...
  • Page 59: Back Of The Dvd/Vcr

    DVD signal. For the VCR signal, you must also connect the standard video cable. VCR IN (AUDIO/VIDEO) – If you are using color-coded red, yellow and white RCA cables, connect these jacks to a video input component, such as a video game system or camcorder.
  • Page 60: Front Of The Dvd/Vcr

    OPTICAL - connect an optical cable (SPDIF) to the OPTICAL jack on the DVD/VCR and Digital Audio Optical Input jack on your receiver. COAXIAL - connect digital cable to this jack and to the Digital Audio Coaxial Input jack on your receiver. The cable is not a black coaxial cable, but an RCA-type cable. ON/STANDBY PLAY/PAUSE...
  • Page 61: Front Panel Display

    Front Panel Display 1. DVD — The DVD mode is selected. 2. Disc icon — A disc is loaded. Flashes when no disc is loaded. 3. Number display — The current time, counter, remaining time on a video tape, time expired on a disc, or the current DVD/VCR status (PLAY, REC, etc.). 4.
  • Page 62: Explanation Of Input Jacks And Cables

    DVD/VCR — you can purchase cables by calling 1-800-338-0376, details are on page 63, or order online at, or go to your local electronics store). There are several ways to connect your DVD/VCR to your TV depending upon the cables you have and the jacks that are on the back of your TV.
  • Page 63: Fcc Declaration Of Conformity And Industry Canada Information

    This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Trade Name: Model: DRC6100N Equipment Classification: TV Interface Device Responsible Party: Thomson Inc.
  • Page 64: Limited Warranty

    Additional Information Limited Warranty What your warranty covers: • Defect in materials or workmanship. For how long after your purchase: • 90 days from date of purchase - Unit exchange, which includes parts and labor. • 91 days to 1 year from date of purchase - Unit exchange, which includes parts only; you pay the labor.
  • Page 65 • Shipping damage if the unit was not packed and shipped in the manner prescribed by Thomson. Product Registration: Please complete the online Product Registration on or complete and mail the Product Registration Card packed with your unit. It will make it easier to contact you should it ever be necessary.
  • Page 66: How To Find Your Tv's Video Input Channel

    Additional Information How to find your TV’s Video Input Channel In order to see what’s playing on your DVD/VCR, you need to tune the TV to the Video Input Channel that corresponds to the jacks you used to hook up the unit to the TV. The Video Input Channel(s) varies for different brands and different models of TVs.
  • Page 67: Accessories

    VH913 (12-ft) HOW TO ORDER ON-LINE: Accessories may also be purchased at (subject to availability). BY PHONE: To place your order by phone, have your Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card ready and call 1-800-338-0376. Use this number only to place an order for accessory items listed on this page.
  • Page 68 Visit the RCA website at Please do not send any products to the Indianapolis address listed in this manual or on the carton. This will only add delays in service for your product. Thomson Inc. 10330 North Meridian Street Indianapolis, IN 46290 ©2003 Thomson Inc.

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