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Cutting Burrs; Cleaning - KitchenAid Pro Line KPCG100 Use & Care Manual

Pro line series burr coffee mill
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Cleaning the Cutting Burrs
If themillis used frequently, the
cuttingburrsneed to becleaned
every fewweeks f or bestperformance.
Cleaning enables the burrs to achieve
the finest, most consistent grinds
possible - which is especially important
when grinding coffee for espresso.
Foreign objects - like pebbles or twigs
- sometimes find their way into whole
bean coffee. These objects may cause
the mill to jam. If this happens, follow
the burr-cleaning procedure to remove
the foreign material.
Make sure the mill is switched off
and unplugged. Remove the coffee
bin and bean hopper from the mill.
2 Using a flat-head screwdriver, turn
the two faceplate screws counter-
clockwise until the faceplate
assembly is free. (The faceplate
screws have retaining clips that
prevent them from being removed
from the faceplate assembly.)

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