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Additional disk enclosure
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Preparation before Phone Call

When you have any question or desire to contact us on the occurrence of a fault or error
on the unit, do the following preparations before calling us:
• Write down the failure or fault status and questions.
• Write down the configuration of the peripherals connected to the host unit and the
software products used in the additional disk enclosure.
• Keep this manual, the manuals on the peripherals connected to the host unit, and the
manuals of used software products.

Service and Support

If you have any question on this product or attached software, contact your service

Unit Life/Repair Service Period

The service life of the additional disk enclosure and the repair service period after
stopping of the production are as shown below.
• Service life of the additional disk enclosure: 5 years (*1)
• Extended life after overhaul: 2 years (*2)
• Repair service period: 5 years after stopping of the production
Note that the following additional disk enclosure may not be repaired:
• Unit damaged due to dropping, incorrect handling, etc.
• Unit modified by the customer
• Unit which has reached the end of its useful life
• Unit damaged by a natural disaster (e.g., earthquake, lightning, or fire) or by an
external factor (e.g., incident)
The repair service is not available for the additional disk enclosure that has reached
its service life.
Be sure to make a hardware maintenance contract, and get the additional disk
enclosure to be overhauled (at a cost).
Even if the additional disk enclosure is overhauled when it is 5 years old, the repair
service is no longer available when it becomes 7 years old.

8.10 Disposal of Additional Disk Enclosure

Dispose of the additional disk enclosure according to local ordinance. Contact your local
government for details.
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