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Assistance Or Service; In Canada - KitchenAid KICU540BSS Use & Care Manual

Touch-activated electronic induction cooktop
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Is the display flashing "Er" and numbers? If an "Er" and a
series of numbers appear in the display panel, turn power off
at the circuit breaker. Turn on again. If problem continues, call
customer service. See "Assistance
or Service" section.
Is the display flashing
"F" or "C" and numbers?
If "F" or
"C" and a number are alternately flashing on the display, refer
to the following table for possible solutions.
Error Code
An object, liquids
Thoroughly wipe or
turned off and
or soils are
remove any object on
is beeping
putting pressure
touch keys.
on the control
10 seconds,
F42, F43
The power
voltage is too low
or too high.
Turn off the cooktop.
Wait 5 seconds, then
turn it back on. If this
continues, contact a
qualified electrician.
C81, C82, C83
The surface
cooking area has
The surface cooking
area automatic shutoff
was activated. Wait
5 minutes, for it to cool
down, then turn it back
on. Turn off oven if it is
running a self cleaning
Error Code
F12, F21, F25,
F36, F37, F40,
F47, F56, F58,
560, F61, F62,
F63, F64
Call customer service.
See the "Assistance or
Service" section.
Is there a low humming? This occurs when cooking at high
power. The cause of this is the amount of energy that is
from the appliance to the cookware. This sound
will quiet or go away when the power is turned down.
Is there a crackling? This sound occurs when cookware is
used that consists of different materials. The noise is caused
by vibrations in the joint faces between the different layers. It
may change depending on the amount and type of food
being cooked.
Is there a fan noise? The electronics require a controlled
in order to function reliably. The cooktop is fitted
with a fan that runs at various speeds according to the
temperature detected. The fan may also continue to run even
after the cooktop has been switched off, if the temperature
detects is too high.
Before calling for assistance or service, please check
It may save you the cost of a service call. If
you still need help, follow the instructions
When calling, please know the purchase date and the complete
model and serial number of your appliance. This information will
help us to better respond to your request.
If you need replacement
If you need to order replacement
parts, we recommend
that you
use only factory specified parts. These factory specified parts will
fit right and work right because they are made with the same
precision used to build every new KITCHENAID
To locate factory specified parts in your area, call us or your
nearest KitchenAid designated service center.
Call the KitchenAid Canada Customer eXperience Centre
toll free: 1-800-807-6777
or visit our website at:
Our consultants provide assistance with:
Features and specifications
on our full line of appliances.
Use and maintenance procedures.
Accessory and repair parts sales.
Referrals to local dealers, repair parts distributors
and service
KitchenAid Canada designated service
technicians are trained to fulfill the product warranty and
provide after-warranty
service, anywhere in Canada.
For further assistance
If you need further assistance, you can write to KitchenAid
Canada with any questions or concerns at:
Customer eXperience Centre
KitchenAid Canada
200 - 6750 Century Ave.
Ontario L5N 0B7
Please include a daytime phone number in your correspondence.


Table of Contents

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