Kenmore Power-Mate 1162395490 Owner's Manual

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Vacuum C_eaner
READ THIS MANUAL for important safety,
end operefing
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  Summary of Contents for Kenmore Power-Mate 1162395490

  • Page 1 t. i_ ¸. Vacuum C_eaner READ THIS MANUAL for important safety, "r "° assembly end operefing ns_ u¢t_ons.
  • Page 2: Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner

    The cleaner should be stored in a dry, indoor area. Read this Owner's Manual carefully for important use and safety information, KENMORE VACUUM CLEANER If you need service or parts, visit your local Sears service or FULLONE-YEAR WARRAN...
  • Page 3 TANT To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, injury to persons or damage when using your vacuum cleaner, fotlow basic safety precautions including the following: Read this manual before assembling or using hose, The hose contains electrical wires, your vacuum cleaner.
  • Page 4 It is important to know your vacuum cleaner paffs and features to assureits proper and safe use_ Cord And Review these before using your cleaner, Plug Holder Hand Quick COPY YOUR MODEL AND SERIAL Release NUMBERSHERE. (Optional) Copy this information from the bottom of each unit into these spaces.
  • Page 5 ATTAC 3-Way On!Off Switch (Off!Bare Floor/Carpet) Crevice TooJ (OptionaJ) Dusting Brush Speed Handle Control (OptionaD Fabric Brush Ftoor Brush Hose Swivel Cover Canister Performance Indicator Light (On Some Models) Attachment Storage Cord Rewind Bar Canister Hood Hood Release Power Cord Motor Safety Filter (Behind Dust Bag) Performance...
  • Page 6 Handle Before assembling your vacuum cleaner, be sure you have all parts shown on pages 3 and 4. Eiec#fical _ock Hazard Do not plug into elec#ical supply un#il assembly compie#e. Failure to do so could resu# in elec_cal shock or injury. Button 1.
  • Page 7 HOOD 2, Insert handle • It is normal for the canister hood to come off when into wand until opened further than needed. Line up the hinges, lock buffon snaps insert them, and close the hood to replace in place. Be sure hose is not twisted, HOSE...
  • Page 8 Personal injury and Product Damage Hazard . DO NOTplug in if switch is in ON position. Select a switch position Personal injury or damage could result. on the handle, * The cord moves rapidly when rewinding. Keep children away and provide a clear path when...
  • Page 9 Suggested sweeping pattern° For best cleaning action, the POWER-MATETMshould be pushed straight away from you and pulled straight back. At the end of each pull stroke, the Personal tnjury Hazard direction of the POWER-MATETMshould be changed to point into the next section to be cleaned. This Use care if canister...
  • Page 10 ATTACH NTSON WANDS t. To remove wands DO NOT attach or remove handle or wands wh#e from POWER-MATETM, cleaner is ON. _is could cause sparking lock wands in straight- damage the electrical contacts. up position, ATTACHMENTSON HANDLE NOTE: ff the POWER° M,KFE TMis attached, turn cleaner OFF 2.
  • Page 11: Overload Protector

    CGnister Edge Cleaner Indicator Active brush edge On Some Models cleaners are on both sides of the POWER- MATEI _ MGuide either The light comes Canister side of the POWER° Pedormance whenever the airflow _ndicator Light MATETMaiong base- becomes blocked; boards or next to fur-.
  • Page 12: Hose Swivel

    The vacuum cleaner creates suction that Hose Swivel picks up dirt, Rapidly moving air carries 11 the diff to the dust bag thro[_gh the The hose swive! allows airflow passages. The dust bag lets the hose to turn the air pass tt_rough, while it traps _f_*j without moving the...
  • Page 13 TORSAFETY Check motor safety filter occasionally and clean when dirty. 3. Wash filter in warm soapy water, rinse, then dry. Do not ctean in Electrical Shock Hazard dishwasher. Do not operate the cleaner without the motor safe_ 4. Snap filter back fi#er.
  • Page 14: To Remove Belt

    2. Push in and turn ], Remove light bulb counterctock cover by pressing in wise to remove, and lifting both sides as shown. 3° Replace with bulb, Bulb must not be higher than 15 watts, Close light cover until it snaps in place. Disconnect cleaner from electrical outlet.
  • Page 15: To Replace Belt

    TO REPLACE BELT: 4. Line up front of cover and base, Rest cover on front edge of base as shown. Base 1. Slide washers and brush supports onto brush assembly. 5. Tilt cover back, Press cover firmly until side tabs snap into place, 2.
  • Page 16 3, Push out worn brushes, If the beater bar is chipped Electdcal Shock Or Personal l_ury Hazard gouged, Disconnect electrical suppty before servicing replace cteaning the unit. Failure to do so can resu# in 4° Slide new electrical shock _ or personat injury from cleaner beater bar and suddenly...
  • Page 17 Review thischa# to find do°#oyourseJf solutionsfor minor pe#ormance probJemso Disconnect electrical suppty before servicing or cleaning the unit. Failure to do so could result in electrical shock or personal injury from cleaner suddenly starting. PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE POSSIBLE $OLUTnON aeaner won't sfa#.
  • Page 18 Q_':: 5_;{! SEARS,ROEBUCK AND CO., HOFFMAN _$TAT_8,_L60195 U.S.A. PART NO. C_ IZSTag}u_-4369078C Printed in U.S.A.

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