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Kenmore 116.27514 Owner's Manual

Kenmore 116.27514 Owner's Manual

Kenmore vacuum cleaner user manual


Owner's Manual
Vacuum Cleaner
Before returning this product-
Sears Parts and Repair Center
Anytime, day or night
(UoS,A, only)
For a_p_y_oiber issue
Vacuum Cleaner Help Line
(US.A_ and Canada)
Read and follow all
safety and operating
before first
use of this product.
Sears, Roebuck
and Co., Hoffman
IL 60179 U.S.A.
Printed in Mexico



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Summary of Contents for Kenmore 116.27514

  • Page 1 116.27515 IMPORTANT Before returning this product- Sears Parts and Repair Center (1-800-488-1222) Anytime, day or night (UoS,A, only) For a_p_y_oiber issue Vacuum Cleaner Help Line (1=877-531-7321) 8:00am-5:00pm EST, M-F (US.A_ and Canada) CAUTION: Read and follow all safety and operating...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Model and Serial Number Plate Use the space below to record the model number and serial number of your new Kenmore vacuum cleaner Model No...
  • Page 3 Whenassembled,operatedand maintainedaccordingto all instructionssuppliedwith the product,if this vacuumcleanerfails dueto a defectin materialor workmanshipwithin one year fromthe dateof purchase,returnit to any Searsstore,SearsParts& Repair Centeror other Kenmore outletfor free repair. if this vacuumcleaneris usedfor otherthan privatefamilypurposes,this warranty appliesfor only 90 daysfromthe date of purchase...
  • Page 4 Failure to change bag could cause permanent damage to the vacuum cleaner. Do not use the vacuum cleaner to pick up sharp hard objects, small toys pins paper dips, etc, They may damage the vacuum cleaner or dust bag_...
  • Page 5 It is important to know your vacuum cleaner's parts and features to ensure its proper and safe use. Review these before using your vacuum cleaner° Object Style Noo Readiight Bulb Belt CB-3 POWERMATE Hotder._..._ Upper Wand Wand Swivel ,. Cord Holder...
  • Page 6 HOSE 3-Way On/Off Switch Off/Floor/Carpet Hose Swivel CANISTER Object Style No. Dust Bag Exhaust Filter EF-I CF-I Motor Safety Filter Tool Storage Cover (Attachment Storage inside) Canister Hood Release Bag Holder ATTACHMENTS Crevice Tool _ (L_._..__J Brush Flo or Dusting Combination Brush Brush...
  • Page 7 PACKING LIST on the cover of the separate REPAIR PARTS LIST_ Use this list to verify that you have received all the components of your new Kenmore vacuum cleaner. WANDS Button Slide wands together until wand button...
  • Page 8 CANISTER 1, Open the canister hood, 2. Check to see that the dust bag is proper- ly installed, See BAG CHANGING instructions,, 3, Check to see that the motor safety filter is properly installed See MOTOR SAFETY FILTER CHANGING for instructions. HOOD AND TOOL STORAGE COVER tt is normal for the canister...
  • Page 9 Do not change the plug in any 2, Plug the polarized power cord into a 120 Volt outlet located near the floor° To rewind: Unplug the vacuum cleaner Hold the plug while rewinding to prevent damage or }niury from the moving cord..
  • Page 10: Performance Features

    Be sure the canister is resting securely on the stairs and the caster is in a locked position before using. Damage For best cleaning passage open, in HOWYOUR VACUUM CLEANER WORKS occasionally from outlet before Carpeted stairs need to be vacuumed regularly.
  • Page 11 ,, i ATTACHMENTS ON HANDLE NOTE: If the PowerMate attached, turn vacuum cleaner off before removing handle Handle Quick from wands, Release._ Io Press handle quick release button and pull up on handle...
  • Page 12 ATTACHMENT Ft, r .lt.,_ 1 c..,io..I Drape. I Dusting Combination brush brush Fabric _rt_ brush Crevice tool Floor brush PowerMate Handi-Mate Jr. _ 2 Pet PowerMate 3,4 I,, Always clean attachments before using on fabrics_ 2. 3-position switch should be in FLOOR position. 3.
  • Page 13 NOTE: The light may come on when using certain attachments, due to reduced airflow through attachment.. THERMAL PROTECTOR This vacuum cleaner has a thermal protector which automatically trips to protect the vacuum cleaner from overheating. clog prevents the normal flow of air to the...
  • Page 14 Thevacuumcleanercreatessuctionthat picksupdirt°Rapidlymovingair carriesthe dirt to the dust bag through the airflow pas- sages. The dust bag lets the air pass through, while it traps the dirt For best cleaning results, keep the air- flow passage open Check the starred ..,_.*J areas occasionally for clogs Unplug/_ from outlet before che...
  • Page 15: Bag Changing

    1, Unplugcordfromwalloutlet,DONOT drip water on vacuum cleaner. 2, Cleanexteriorusinga clean,soft cloth that hasbeendippedin a solutionof mild liquiddetergent a ndwater,thenwrungdry Wipedry aftercleaning. 3oToreducestaticefectricity anddustbuild- up,wipeoutersurfaceof vacuumcleaner and attachments Ak WARN IN G Electrical Shock Hazard Unplug power cord from electrical outlet.
  • Page 16 WARNING Fire andlor Electrical Shock Hazard Do not operate with a clogged filter or without the exhaust filter or exhaust filter cover installed. EXHAUST FILTER HEPA The exhaust filter cartridge must be replaced when dirty Replace the filter when the entire surface area is covered evenly, The filter CANNOT be washed lose its dust trapping...
  • Page 17 TO CLEAN AGITATOR: NOTE: In order to keep cleaning ciency high and to prevent damage to your vacuum cleaner, the ggjtator mu be.._!eaned eyer_ time the belt is The agitator must also be cleaned accord- ing to the following schedule:...
  • Page 18: Belt Changing And Agitator Cleaning

    TO REPLACE BELT 1, Instaft new belt over motor drive, then over belt path, \ A;XY "- .o1, NOTE: See PARTS AND Agitator End Cap FEATURES for Belt number. 2. Place agitator assembly PowerMate 1. Remove PowerMate cover as shown in BELT CHANGING AND AGITATOR CLEANING...
  • Page 19 Failure to do so could result in electrical shock or personal injury from vacuum cleaner suddenly starting° TO CHECKTHE BRUSHES -_:_z'_'--'_--'---(C'_ When brushes level of the base are worn to the replace the ur__ support bars,...
  • Page 20 Suction conlrol Isopen Hole in hose, Were PewerMata Worn or broken bell Didy adulator or and caps Canister hood open, Vacuum cleaner start_ bat Hose Or hood electrical cula off Tripped overload protector in PowerMate Tripped thermal protector in canister...
  • Page 21: Master Protection Agreements

    Protection Agreements Congratulations on making a smart purchase Your new Kenmore® product is designed and manu- factured for years of dependable operation- But like all products, it may require preventive mainte- nance or repair from time to time That's when having a Master Protection Agreement can save you...
  • Page 23 For repair - in your home - of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, no matter made it, no matter For the replacement owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself, For Sears professional and items like garage door openers and water heaters, 1-800-4-MY-HOME Call anyUma, day or night (USIA and Canada) www, sears,com...