JVC AV-27050 User Manual

Color television
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For Models:
/fiustfatiot} ot A¼32050 and RM C341
n tre spsces
DeBOW enter the model
and serial number
for your televlslor
on the rear of the television
Stab e your sa_es receipt
or _nvo_ce to the inside
cover of this cuide
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in a convenient
olace fc _ future reference
Keeo the carton
and orig_na_ packaging
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Summary of Contents for JVC AV-27050

  • Page 1 For Models: AV-36050 AV-36020 AV-32050 Color Television AV-32020 gserrs Guide AV-32015 AV-27050 /fiustfatiot} ot A¼32050 and RM C341 IMPORTANT NOTE TO THE CUSTOMER: n tre spsces DeBOW enter the model and serial number for your televlslor uocated on the rear of the television cabinet, Stab e your sa_es receipt or _nvo_ce to the inside...
  • Page 2: Important Safety Precautions

    Changes or rnodifications not approved by JVC Do not allow anything to rest on or roll over the power could void the warranty. cord, and do not place the TV set where power cord is...
  • Page 3 6 Ifanoutside a ntenna isconnected totheTV set, b esure the For added protection of the TV set during a lightning storrn or antenna system isgrounded soastoprovide sorne p rotection when the TV set is to be left unattended for an extended period against voltage surges a ndbuilt-up static c harges.
  • Page 4 WELCOME! Congratulations on your new television ourcnase! We thanK you for cnoos_no JVC We Know yOU are anxious to start watching your new telev_s_or out before you operate please read tr" s guide and then keeo it hancy for future reference...
  • Page 5 6) The AV Compu Link Cable is supplied with the JVC device which you want to connect. If you do not have one, but you do have a JVC C'ompu Link capable VCR or HiFi, contact your local .JVC dealer. FRONT...
  • Page 6: Rear Panel Diagrams

    CONNECTIONS REAR PANEL DIAGRAMS INPUT AUDIO VIDEO S:_JIDEO INPUT i®® OLrr REAR PANEL DIAGRAM REAR PANEL DIAGRAM AV-36050 • AV-32050 • AV-27050 AV-32015 AV-36020 • AV-32020 (The rear panels for the above modes are nearly identical, The only clifference between them is a small difference in the size of RF panels,) CABLE &...
  • Page 7: Vcr Connections

    CONNECTIONS CABLE & VCR CONNECTIONS CONTINUED 1) Connect the cable RF wire outfrom the wall, into the cable box input, 2) Connect RF wire Outfrom the cable box RF output, in to the VCR RF input, 3) Connect RF wire Outfrom the VCR RF output, in to the TV VHF/UHF input, 4) Connect yellow video cable out from the VCR Video output, in to the TV Video input jack, 5) Connect white audio cable out from the VCR Left audio output, in to the TV Left Audio input jack, 6) Connect red audio cable outfrom the VCR Right Audio output, into the TV Right Audio input jack,...
  • Page 8 CONNECTIONS CONNECTING TO A CAMCORDER Pfay your home movies back through your TV by connecting your camcorder to the TV3 A!V Inputs, CAMCORDER 1) White audio cable out from camcorder, in to TV Left Audio input jack, 2) Yellow video cable from camcorder, in to TV Video input jack, 3) If you have a stereo model...
  • Page 9 NO TES: A) The AV Compu Link cable has a male 3.5 mm (mono) mini plug on each end. B) If your JVC brand VCR has A Code/B Code Remote Control Switching (see your VCR instructions), using VCR A Code will switch the TV to Video Input 1. If you use Input 1 for Video out from the cable box, use Input 2 here.
  • Page 10 GETTING STARTED REMOTE CONTROLS RM-C341 RM-C345 RM-C241 AV-36050 • AV-32050 AV-3201 5 AV-36020 • AV-32020 AV-27050 CHANGING THE BATTERIES Be sure to use only size AA batteries, Push down or raise the latch on the remote's back cover to remove Insert the two supplied AA batteries, carefully...
  • Page 11 GETTING STARTED POWER Make sure that the TV/CATV switch is set to T_ Switch to CAW only to operate a cable box, Press the POWER button on the remote control or the TV front panel, The On Timer lamp will glow red, The first time you turn on the TV, the "Plug In Menu"...
  • Page 12 GETTING STARTED SETTING CA TV & VCR CODES Many CATy If,he in,he Ilsi not o,he Codes listed, It your CATV box or your VOR do not respond to any ot the c'odes listed tbr the manutacturer and search code function, use the remote contro! for that accessory to operate it. CABLE BOX OR SATELLITE SETUP FOR RM-C341...
  • Page 13: Vcr Setup

    GETTING STARTED VCR SETUP FOR RM-C341 AND RM-C345 The remote is pre-progmmmed with the VCR codes tot power on and power otf, play, stop, fast-torward, rewind, and channel up and down, 1) Determine the correct code from the "VCR Codes" chart (below).
  • Page 14 ONSCREEN MENUS THE SYMBOLS USED IN THIS GUIDE PICTURE A DJUST Whenever you see up and down arrows is this PREVI OUS book, press the MENUUP OFMENUDOWNbutton to: COLOR • Move vertically in the main menu, PICTURE • Move through a submenu, BRIGHT •...
  • Page 15 Functions will work, with the regular menu, START LANGUAGE To choose CABLE or AIR Your JVC television allows you to To move to START choose from Engfish, French, or Spanish on-screen menus and displays, To start programming...
  • Page 16 To exit • • To operate Note: You can reset the preferences that you set here in the Plug In Menu via the regular .JVC Menu system, START CLOCK • • To set the hour (AM/PM) • To move to minutes _1•...
  • Page 17 INITIAL SETUP CHANNEL GUARD - LOCK CHANNEL SUMMARY NOTES: You can add or delete channels from To CHANNEL SUMMARY channel scanning, You can also lock !nltial Seiup Menu out an}/ "unauthorized" viewers from _1• To operate one or up to at 125 channels, ,Auto Tuner Press the MENU Button ,Language...
  • Page 18 INITIAL SETUP V.CHIP U.S. PARENTAL RATING SYSTEMS Programs with the following Ratings Your TV is equipped with V-Chip are appropriate for Children. Technology which enables TV Parental V-Chip is availabl_ on the followinc Guideline and Movie (MPAA) Guideline [] TVY is Appropriate for All Children.
  • Page 19 INITIAL SETUP To set Directions to Block Viewing: up Movie Ratings... Line up the cursor in the column (TV Press the MENU button PG, TV G, etc,) with the content row (V/FV, S, etc,) and press the AorV To V-CHIP move the cursor to the correct location, To operate (Lock icon...
  • Page 20 INITIAL SETUP [] R Restricted. signal will be in the "Unrated These films contain material that is Programming" category, explicit in nature and is not Examples of Unrated programs: recommended For unsupervised children under the age of 17, Emergency Bulletins NC-17 No One Under 17.
  • Page 21 INITIAL SETUP Note: Accessing V-Chip Information: For Childrens programming you can To access Rating information about a block TV-Y and Y programs certain program, press the V-CHIP button Pressing "0" when Y is displayed while viewing that program, this appears: during a program, Programming...
  • Page 22 PICTURE ADJUST TINT NOISE MUTING Inserts a blue screen and efiminates Adjust the levels of red and green, noise from channels that are not To exit the Picture _[:_ Press the MENU Button broadcasting or are too weak, Adjust menu at ar 7 time press the To TINT EXITbutton.
  • Page 23 SOUND ADJUST BASS (Multi-Channel The Bass level adystment feature Television Sound) allows you to raise or lower the level of MTS has no effect MTS technology gives you a choice on normal sound lower frequencies in the TV_ sound, among stereo, mono, and Second broadcasts,...
  • Page 24 CLOCK/TIMERS ON/OFF TIMER Note: A Timer Preview window YOU tell the TV to turn on and off, series only) will appear in the PIP, lower right corner of }/our screen, Use it as an alarm to wake up, as a seconds before the Timer changes program...
  • Page 25 INITIAL SETUP TV SPEAKER CLOSED CAPTION You can listen to the TV speakers, If they are incluoeo /n a program, if your set is connected to a stereo, can view ClOSecl caoHons or Fex[ Regarding the turn them off to listen to the stereo_ information operation of the speakers,...
  • Page 26 BUTTON UNCTIONS MENU VIDEO STATUS The MENU button allows you to access The VInEOSTATUS button lets you select the onscreen menu system, Another the "Choice" settings of the Set Video complete discussion of these buttons Status menu, or reset to factory settings, the menu system is located page...
  • Page 27: Number Buttons

    10 KEY PAD Note: This remote is preset with the Change channels with the 70 key pad, code 000 to control a JVC VCR, For any other brand, you must set up the For example, to move to Channel manufacturer's code...
  • Page 28 BUTTON FUNCTIONS FREEZE ON/MOVE (Picture Picture) NOTES: PiP a/lows you to view two pictures You can freeze the picture in the main screen into the PIP window simultaneously Picture in Picture is available On the FREEZE (PIP) ON/MOVE following models only.: Note: When the PIP is off, pressing...
  • Page 29: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING "itll"tl • See if the power cord became unplugged, No power • Perhaps you have experienced a blown circuit breaker or fuse or a power outage, • The antenna could be disconnected, No picture or sound • The Input mode (TV or video) could not be set properly, refer to page 27, •...
  • Page 30: Warranty

    JVC Authorized Service Centers in Canadal .JVC COMPANY OF AMERICA warrants this product and all parts thereof, except as set forth below TO THE ORIGINAL PURCHASER AT RETAIL to be FREE FROM DEFECTIVE MATERIALS AND WORKMANSHIP from the date of original purchase for the period as shown below (the "Warranty Period").
  • Page 31 ,Just as quality is- a keyword in the engineering production of the wide array of ,JVC products-, service is key to maintaining the high level of perfnrmance for which JVC is world famous, The JVC service and engineering organizatinn...
  • Page 32: Specifications

    1 ° batteries Specifications suL}ject to change without notice, JVC ° JVC COMPANY OF AMERICA JVC CANADA, INC. DIVISION OF JVC AMERICAS CORP, 21 Finchdene Square 1700 Valley Road Scarborough, Ontario Canada M1X1A7 Wayne, New .Jersey 07470 LCTO307 COlA A...

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