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JVC AV-36260 User Manual

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In the spa ce be low, e nte r the serial num ber of your television (located at the rear
of the te le vision ca bine t). S taple your sales receipt or invoice to the inside cover
of this guide . Ke e p this user's guide in a convenient place for
future re fe re nce . Ke e p the carton and original packaging for future use.
Serial Number
Illustration of AV-32260 and RM-C305
F or mod e l s :
Model Number
LC T 0 9 5 1 -0 0 1 B-A
0 3 0 1 -T N -JII-JIM


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for JVC AV-36260

  • Page 1 F or mod e l s : AV-36260 AV-36230 AV-32260 COLOR TELEVISION AV-32230 USER'S GUIDE AV-27260 Illustration of AV-32260 and RM-C305 IMPORTANT NOTE TO THE CUSTOMER In the spa ce be low, e nte r the serial num ber of your television (located at the rear of the te le vision ca bine t).
  • Page 2 Do not attempt to repair it yourself or remove the rear cover. Changes or modifications not approved by JVC could void the warr a n t y. * When you don’t use this TV set for a long period of time, be sure to disconnect both the power plug from the A C outlet and antenna for your safety.
  • Page 3 IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS CAUTION: Please read and retain for your safety. Electrical energy can perform many useful functions. This TV set has been engineered and manufactured to assure your personal safety. But improper use can result in poten - tial electrical shock or fire hazards. In order not to defeat the safeguards incorporated in this TV set, observe the following basic rules for its installation, use and servicing.
  • Page 4 7 An outside antenna system should not be located in the vicinity of overhead power lines or other electric light or power circuits, or where it can fall into such power lines or circuits. When installing an outside antenna system, extreme care should be taken to keep from touching such power lines or circuits as contact with them might be fatal.
  • Page 5 13 For added protection of the TV set during a lightning storm or when the TV set is to be left unattended for an extended period of time, unplug it from the wall outlet and disconnect the antenna. This will prevent damage to product due to lightning storms or power line s u rg e s .
  • Page 6: Quick Setup Guide

    AV Compu Link Cable U se d to m a ke vide o conne ctions with Used to connect JVC AV som e V C R s, D V D s, Compu Link capable C a m corde rs, e tc.
  • Page 7 Quick Setup 1 Getting Started T he se quick se tup pa ge s will provide you, in thre e e a sy ste ps, with the ba sic inform a tion you ne e d to be gin using your ne w te le vision right a wa y. T his inform a tion include s ba sic instructions on ope ra ting your re m ote control, m a king a sim ple ca ble /a nte nna a nd optiona l V C R conne ction a nd, fina lly, inform a tion on progra m m ing your te le vision's Auto T une r.
  • Page 8: Connections

    Quick Setup 2 Step Two - Making Basic Connections N e xt you will ne e d to conne ct your te le vision to a n a nte nna or ca ble syste m . T he m ost ba sic a nte nna /ca ble conne ction is shown be low.
  • Page 9 Quick Setup 3 Step Three - The Plug In Menu W he n you turn your te le vision on for the first tim e the P lug In M e nu will a ppe a r. T his m e nu se ts som e of the ba sic se ttings for your te le vision.
  • Page 10: Table Of Contents

    Hyper Surround ... . . 41 Connecting to JVC AV Compu Link . . . 16 Muting ....4 1 100+ .
  • Page 11: Cable And Vcr Connections

    Connections Cable and VCR Connections T he re a re thre e ba sic type s of antenna or cable connections: • If you ha ve a n a nte nna or ha ve a ca ble syste m tha t doe s not re quire you use a ca ble box to se le ct cha nne ls, ple a se re fe r to D ia gra m # 1 .
  • Page 12 Connections Cable and VCR Connections - Continued D ia gra m # 2 1 ) C onnect the antenna or cable TV wire from the wall outlet, in to the R FInput of the cable box. 2 ) C onne ct a n R F ca ble from the R F O utput of the ca ble box, in to the R F Input on the ba ck of the V C R .
  • Page 13 Connections Cable and VCR Connections - Continued D ia gra m # 3 1) C onnect the antenna or cable T V wire from the wall outlet, in to the R F Input of the two-way splitter. 2) C onnect an R F cable from the one of the R F O utputs on the splitter, in to the cable box R F I n p u t . 3) C onnect an R F cable from the C able Box O utput, in to the V C R R F I n p u t .
  • Page 14: Connecting To A Dvd Player

    Connections Connecting to a DVD player 1) C onnect G reen cable out from D V D player “Y ”C omponent O utput, in to T V “ Y ” C omponent Input. 2) C onnect Blue cable out from D V D player “P ”C omponent O utput, in to T V “...
  • Page 15: Connecting To An External Amplifier

    Connections Connecting to an External Amplifier 1) Connect the white audio cable from the T V ’s Left Audio Output jack to the A m p l i f i e r’s Left Audio Input jack. 2) Connect the red audio cable from the T V ’s Right Audio O utput jack to the A m p l i f i e r’s Right Audio Input jack. •...
  • Page 16: Connecting To Jvc Av Compu Link

    • The AV Compu Link cable has a male 3.5 mm (mono) plug on each end. • If your JVC-brand V C R has “ A Code/B Code Remote Control Switching” (see your V C R ’s user’s guide), using V C R A Code will switch the T V to input 1.
  • Page 17: Remote Control

    Remote Control RM-C305 Remote Control Basics • Before you can operate the remote control, you must first install the batteries (included). S ee “C hanging the Batteries” at the bottom of this page for instructions. (For an illustration, please see pa ge 7 .) •...
  • Page 18: Remote Programming

    Remote Programming Setting the CATV, VCR and DVD Codes You ca n progra m your re m ote to ope ra te your ca ble box, sa te llite re ce ive r, V C R or D V D pla ye r by using the instructions a nd code s liste d be low.
  • Page 19 Remote Programming VCR setup T he re m ote control is progra m m e d with V C R code s for powe r on, powe r off, pla y, stop, fa st-forwa rd, re wind, pa use , re cord, cha nne l up, a nd cha nne l down ope ra tion. 1 ) F ind the V C R bra nd from the list of code s shown be low.
  • Page 20 Remote Programming DVD setup T he re m ote control is progra m m e d with D V D code s for powe r on, powe r off, pla y, stop, fa st-forwa rd, re wind, pre vious cha pte r, ne xt cha pte r, tra y ope n/close , a nd still/pa use ope ra tion. 1 ) F ind the D V D pla ye r bra nd from the list of code s shown be low.
  • Page 21: Using The Guide

    Onscreen Menus Using the Guide C e rta in sym bols a re use d throughout this guide to he lp you le a rn a bout the fe a ture s of your ne w te le vision. T he one s you will se e m ost fre que ntly a re : U p a nd D own a rrows m e a n pre ss the C + or C - buttons.
  • Page 22: Plug In Menu

    Plug In Menu Introduction T he P lug In M e nu com e s up a utom a tica lly whe n you first turn on the T V a fte r plugging it in. T he P lug In M e nu he lps you to ge t your T V re a dy to use by le tting you se t your pre fe re nce s for: •...
  • Page 23: Auto Clock Set

    Plug In Menu Auto Clock Set Be fore you use a ny of your T V ’s tim e r functions, you m ust first se t the clock. You m a y pre cise ly se t your clock using the X D S tim e signa l broa dca st by m ost P ublic Broa dca sting sta tions. To se t the clock using the X D S signa l: Enter the channel number of your local PBS station P re ss M...
  • Page 24: Manual Clock Set

    Plug In Menu Manual Clock Set To se t your clock m a nua lly (without using the X D S signa l), choose M AN U ALfrom the S e t C lock m e nu a nd follow the ste ps be low. To S E T C LO C K To ope ra te To M AN U AL...
  • Page 25: Channel Summary

    Channel Summary Channel Summary C ha nne l S um m a ry a llows you to custom ize the line -up of cha nne ls re ce ive d by your T V. You ca n a dd or de le te cha nne ls from the line -up or pre ve nt a ny una uthorize d vie we rs from wa tching a ny or a ll 1 8 1 cha nne ls.
  • Page 26: V- C H I

    V-Chip Your T V is e quippe d with V -C hip te chnology which e na ble s T V P a re nta l G uide line s (for U nite d S ta te s a nd C a na da ) a nd M ovie (M P AA) G uide line controls. V -C hip te chnology a llows you to pro- gra m your T V to re ce ive , or not to re ce ive , progra m s ba se d on conte nt a ccording to the guide line s.
  • Page 27 V-Chip US V-Chip Ratings U.S. PARENTAL RATING SYSTEMS P rograms with the following ratings are appropriate for childre n . ❒ TV Y is Appropriate for All Children. P rogra m s a re cre a te d for ve ry young vie we rs a nd should be suita ble for a ll a ge s, including childre n a ge s 2 - 6 .
  • Page 28 V-Chip Setting US V-Chip Ratings P re ss the M button E N U To V -C H IP To ope ra te (Lock icon will a ppe a r) P re ss Z to a cce ss the V -C hip m e nu E R O V-CHIP ON OFF...
  • Page 29 V-Chip Setting ratings with the V-Chip button To a cce ss R a ting inform a tion a bout a ce rta in progra m , pre ss the V-C button while vie wing tha t H IP progra m . A displa y like this will a ppe a r: PROGRAM IS RATED : TV-PG - V If you de cide you wa nt to block this ca te gory of vie wing, pre ss "0 "...
  • Page 30 V-Chip Movie Ratings ❒ NR - Not Rated. This is a film which has no rating. In many cases these films were imported from countries which do not use the M PA A ratings system. O ther N R films may be from amateur producers who didn’t intend to have their film widely released.
  • Page 31 V-Chip Canadian V-Chip Ratings ❒ E - Exempt. Exempt programming includes: news, sports, documentaries and other information programming, talk shows, music videos, and variety programming. ❒ C – Programming Intended for Children. Viole nce G uide line s: T he re will be no re a listic sce ne s of viole nce . D e pictions of a ggre ssive be ha vior will be infre que nt a nd lim ite d to portra ya ls tha t a re cle a rly im a gina ry, com e dic or unre a listic in na ture .
  • Page 32 V-Chip Unrated Programs Notes About Unrated Programs: U nra te d progra m m ing re fe rs to a ny progra m m ing which doe s not conta in a ra ting signa l. P rogra m m ing on te le vision sta tions which do not broa dca st ra ting signa ls will be pla ce d in the “U nra te d P rogra m m ing"...
  • Page 33: Set Lock Code

    V-Chip Set Lock Code C ha nne l G ua rd a nd V -C hip se ttings a re prote cte d by a four-digit Lock C ode . Your T V com e s pre -se t with a Lock C ode of "0 0 0 0 ". You m a y cha nge the code to a ny four-digit num be r you wish. T o cha nge the Lock C ode , follow the ste ps be low.
  • Page 34: Picture Settings

    Picture Settings Tint Tint allows you to adjust the levels of red and green in your TV picture. P ress the M b u t t o n E N U T o T IN T To incre a se the le ve ls of gre e n To incre a se the le ve ls of re d To m ove to the ne xt se tting Color...
  • Page 35: Noise Muting

    Picture Settings Noise Muting T his fe a ture inse rts a bla nk blue scre e n ove r cha nne ls which a re not broa dca sting or a re too we a k to be re ce ive d cle a rly. P ress the M b u t t o n E N U...
  • Page 36: Sound Settings

    Sound Settings Bass You can increase or decrease the level of low-frequency sound in the T V ’s audio with the Bass adjustment. P ress the M b u t t o n E N U To BAS S To incre a se the ba ss To de cre a se the ba ss To m ove to the ne xt se tting Treble...
  • Page 37: General Items

    To sa ve se ttings On/Off Timer Note for PIP (AV-27260, AV-32260 and AV-36260 only). If the te le vision is on whe n a tim e d e ve nt is a bout to sta rt a Tim e r P re vie w window will a ppe a r. T he Tim e r P re vie w window will a ppe a r in the lowe r right corne r of the scre e n se ve n se conds be fore the tim e r is progra m m e d to be gin.
  • Page 38: Tv Speaker

    General Items TV Speaker If your TV is connected to a stereo system, you can turn off the T V speakers and listen to the audio through your stereo. P ress the M b u t t o n E N U T o T V S P E AKE R TV SPEAKER To turn the T V 's spe a ke rs O N or O F F...
  • Page 39: Closed Caption

    General Items Closed Caption M a ny broa dca sts now include a n onscre e n displa y of dia log ca lle d C lose d C a ptions. S om e broa d- ca sts m a y a lso include displa ys of additiona l inform a tion in te xt form . Your te le vision ca n a cce ss a nd displa y this inform a tion using the C lose d C a ption fe a ture .
  • Page 40: Button Functions

    Button Functions Menu T he M button allows you to access JVC ’s onscreen menu system. Press M to activate the E N U E N U onscreen menu system. • S e e individua l topics (like “S ound S e ttings”) for specific inform ation on using m e nus.
  • Page 41: Video Status

    Button Functions Video Status T he V button give s you a choice of thre e T V picture displa y se ttings, including a ID E O T AT U S displa y of your own pre fe re nce s. Standard - R e se ts the picture displa y to the fa ctory se ttings.
  • Page 42: Return

    Button Functions 100+ Button U se the 100+ button to directly access channels above C hannel 99. For example to move to channel 124, p r e s s100+, then 2 (two), the n 4 (four). Return+ T he R + button ha s two functions: E T U R N Return - R e turns to the cha nne l vie we d just be fore the cha nne l curre ntly onscre e n.
  • Page 43: Vcr Buttons

    Button Functions VCR Buttons You ca n use this re m ote control to ope ra te the ba sic functions of your V C R . T he se functions include : pla y, re cord, re wind, fa st-forwa rd, stop, pa use , cha nne l sca n, T V /V C R , powe r on, a nd powe r off.
  • Page 44: O N / M O V

    D e scriptions of e a ch button a ppe a r on this pa ge . The PIP feature is ava i l a ble on modes AV- 2 7 2 6 0 , AV-32260 and AV-36260 only.
  • Page 45: F Re E Z

    Button Functions - PIP Freeze U se the F button to lock a single , still im a ge onto the P IP window. R E E Z E • If P IP is off whe n F is pre sse d, a sna pshot of the m a in scre e n is ta ke n a nd pla ce d in the R E E Z E P IP w indow.
  • Page 46: Troubleshootin

  • Page 47: Warranty

    JVC Factory Service Center, the name and location which will be given to you by the toll free number.
  • Page 49: Authorized Service Centers

    In E a ste rn C a na da : In W estern C anada: E n F rançais (M ontréal): 1 (4 1 6 ) 2 9 3 -1 3 11 1 (604) 270-1311 1 (514) 871-1311 O r visit us on the we b a t
  • Page 50: Search Codes

    Search Codes Cable/Satellite Search Codes Function: 1 ) S lide the first 2 -W a y M ode S e le ctor switch to C AT V. 2 ) P re ss the T V P a nd R + buttons. H old for a t le a st thre e se conds a nd re le a se . O W E R E T U R N 3 ) P re ss T V P...
  • Page 51: S P E C I F I C A T I O N

    Specifications Specifications subject to change without notice.
  • Page 52 JVC COMPANY OF AMERICA JVC CANADA, INC. Division of JVC Americas Corp. 21 Finchdene Squar e 1700 Valley Road Scarborough, Ontario Wayne, New Jersey, 07470 C anada, M1X 1A7...

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