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GE AJCH Series Owner's Manual

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Air Conditioner
Owner's Manual
Chassis On/y
AJCH 08, 10
AJCH 10, 12
AJCS 08, 10,
AJCS 09, 10, 12 DC
AJES 09, 10, 12 DC
Heat PumP_L AJ HS 08, 10
ImportantSafety Information
Operating Instructions
Installation Instructions
fns_a_ffn_ a J-MoSe_ fn an fkL_#_ WMf Case
Helpful Information
Tba_Are _w_._
If SomethingGoes Wrong
GEAnswer Center®



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  Summary of Contents for GE AJCH Series

  • Page 1 Air Conditioner Owner's Manual Chassis On/y AJCH 08, 10 Coo/Only: AJCH 10, 12 AJCS 06 AJCS 08, 10, AJCS 09, 10, 12 DC Heat/Cool: AJES 09, 10, 12 DC AJEH 12 Heat PumP_L AJ HS 08, 10 ImportantSafety Information Operating Instructions Installation Instructions fns_a_ffn_ a J-MoSe_ fn an fkL_#_ WMf Case Helpful Information...
  • Page 2 A list of toll-flee Help customer sm_ice numbers is properly. included in the back of this book. help you Or call the GE Answer Center ® Save time and money. Check at 800.626.2000, 24 hours a day, section titled "If Something Goes 7 days a week.
  • Page 3 READ ALL SAFE TY INFORMATION BEFORE USING ®This air condiuoner must be • Turn the selector control to OFF properly installed in accordance and unplug your air conditioner with the Installation Instructions before making a W repairs. NOTE: We strongly recommend before it is used.
  • Page 4: Air Conditioner

    TEMP CONTROLS MODE CONTROLS HIGH • LOW • HEAT HIGH ii I HIGIt HEAT controls You_ model will look like orte oJ'lhese. yOttr _(_iiii(_ii i I conditioner Mode Control TempControl temp control is used to maintain HIGH COOL and LOW COOL provide cooling with room...
  • Page 5: Fan Switch

    Cooling/Heating Descriptions FOR NORMAL COOLING FOR MAXIMUM COOLING FOR MAXIMUM HEATING FOR QuiETER& HIGH COOLvfith NiGHTTiME COOLING se!ect HIGH HEATwlth select HIGH C00£ or HIGH thermOstat at maximum thermostat at maximum select LOW COOL or Low HEATwlth the the_OStat heat. HEAT_dth the thermoStat b)¢atu_ and @pearance m@' vaU.
  • Page 6: Care And Cleaning

    It is necessa D, to through your GE sma_ice outlet. remove the air conditioner from the wall case to inspect them. Dirt build-up occurs on the surf>me which is not visible from the out- side.
  • Page 7 Onsomemodels,carefully pull the Replacement filters are available tab foi_vard, up and out. fl'om your salesperson, GE dealer, Clogged filter--Great!y (educes cooling, heating GE Sin-vice and Parts Center and airflow. or authorized Customer Care ® setwicers. On other models,pull it down.
  • Page 8 Important E S f ty-R d C ( lly Installer: Leave these instructions with the appliance. Owner: Keep these instructions for future use. I::: o * It is important to have the wall oudet and circuit * The satisfactory operation of this air condition- er is dependent upon it being installed...
  • Page 9 Frequendy, d_eJ-model adapter kit will apply to GE Waft Case. ff you decide to keep the exist- anodmr brand model "series" or specific vin- ing wall case, you may need a kit to ensure tage.
  • Page 10 I Remove the locking plate on the front left side. 4 Reinstall the locking plate xdth the tab behind the wall case flange. Tighten tt_e screw. 5 Attach tt_e power cord to the base pan with the clamp. plate- _" Clamp 2 Remove the shipping pad inside the air 6 When...
  • Page 11: Things That Are Normal

    Things That Are Normal You may hear a pinging noise caused by water being picked up and thrown against the condenser on rainy days or when the pl NG! humidity is high. This design feature helps relnove lnoisUlre and improve efficiency. "...
  • Page 12 B@re You Call for Service Possible Causes What to Do Problem The air conditioner * Make sure the air conditioner plug is pushed coinpletely into the outlet. is unplugged * Check the house fuse/circuit 1)reaker The fuse is blown/circuit box and replace fuse or reset the breaker. breaker is tripped Power failure...
  • Page 13 Notes...
  • Page 14 Notes...
  • Page 15 Next, if you are still not pleased, Consumer Action Program 20 North Wacker Drive are three steps to follow write all the details-including for further help. your phone nuznber-to: Chicago, IL 60606 Consumer Relations GE Appliances Louisville, KY 40225...
  • Page 16 For service, call 800-GE-CARES. FULL ONE-YEAR WARRANTY FULL FIVE-YEAR WARRANTY For one year fiom date of original pur- For five years flom the date of original chase, we will provide, fiee of charge,...