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Nautilus Be strong NS 200X Assembly Manual

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Be Strong.
NS 200X

Assembly Manual

Model: NS 200X
P/N: 001-7004 Rev A (10/04/2006)



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  • Page 1: Assembly Manual

    Be Strong. ™ NS 200X Assembly Manual Model: NS 200X P/N: 001-7004 Rev A (10/04/2006)
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS Before You Assemble ....3 Product Specifications ....4 Product Features ......4 Parts List / Box Contents ..... 5 Exploded View ....... 6 Hardware and Tool List ....7 Assembly Guide ......8 Warranty Information ....18 Important Contact Numbers ..
  • Page 3: Basic Assembly Principles

    BEFOrE YOu ASSEmBLE BaSic aSSeMBly PriNciPleS Here are a few basic tips that will aid in the assembly of the Nautilus® NS200X. By using these principles, you can simplify each process and save yourself extra time and effort. 1. To make the assembly process go faster, gather the pieces you need for each step and thoroughly read the assembly instructions for that step prior to starting assembly for the step.
  • Page 4: Product Specifications

    PrOduCT SPECIFICATIONS NOTE: All instructions in the manual are given with the orientation of sitting on the machine ready to exercise. 300lbs / 136.1Kg user Weight Capacity: dimensions: 45”w x 61”l x 83”h / 114 cm x 155 cm x 211cm Shipping Weight: 342.6 lbs / 155.4 kg Net Weight:...
  • Page 5: Parts List / Box Contents

    Cable Clip ..........Guide Rod Holder ........Weight Selector Pin ....... Weight Stack Cushion ......Workout Chart ........Double Floating Pulley Bracket ... M Allen Wrench ........M Allen Wrench ........M6 Allen Wrench ........M8 Allen Wrench ........Nautilus NS00X...
  • Page 6: Exploded View

    ExPLOdEd VIEW A. Compare the Bill of Materials to the box contents to insure that all parts are present before installation begins. B. Unpackage parts and place them near the final asssembled location to avoid moving the gym when fully assembled.
  • Page 7: Hardware And Tool List

    Flat Washer Cap Head Step Spacer Flat Head Cable Clip Self Tapping Required Tools: 9/16” or 14mm Wrench or Socket (Two Required) 3/4” Wrench or Socket Adjustable Wrench 4, 5, 6 and 8mm Allen Wrenches (Included w/ Gym) Nautilus NS00X...
  • Page 8: Assembly Guide

    ASSEmBLY Recommended location for instructional work out diagram. NS200X Press Arm Before assembling this gym, please be aware that this piece of equipment can be assembled in two different configurations. The Weight Stack can be assembled on either side of the gym depending on what best fits your living space. This is accomplished simply by assembling the Rear Frame (2), Top Stack Support Frame (6), and Calf Raise / Low Pulley Frame (5) on the opposite side of the machine.
  • Page 9 Hex Bolt 3/8” x 3 1/4”L sure that the Leg Extension Assembly can rotate freely. Hex Bolt 3/8” x 3”L f. Attach Pop Pin (11) to Front Upright Assembly (3) as 3/8” Flat Washer shown. Tighten securely using adjustable wrench. 3/8” Lock Nut Nautilus NS00X...
  • Page 10 ASSEmBLY STEP 2 3 1/4”L 3”L 136.5” (3470mm) 3”L 3”L 2”L 2”L Procedure: Step 2 Components: a. Attach Top Stack Support Frame (6) to Top Frame using 3” Backing Component Plate (9) and the hardware shown. Tighten hardware firmly. Calf Raise / Low Pulley Frame B.
  • Page 11 E. Slide a Plastic Washer (22) followed by a Foam Roller (20) on to roller Button Head Allen Screw 3/4”L bar (15). Press the Roller End Cap (21) firmly into the Roller Bar (15). 3/8” Curved Washer Repeat for the opposite side Set Screw 5/16” x 1/4”L Nautilus NS00X...
  • Page 12 ASSEmBLY STEP 4 2 1/4”L BACK PAD ADJUSTMENT 41/2” L 3” L 1 3/4”L Step 4 Components: Procedure: a. Attach Seat Cross Tube (28) to Seat Adjuster (27) using hardware shown. Component Tighten hardware securely. Seat Adjuster B. Attach Seat Pad (31) to Seat Cross Tube (28) and Seat Adjuster (27) using Seat Cross Tube hardware shown.
  • Page 13 D. Slide Guide Rod Holder (38) on the top of the Guide Rods (33) and attach the Guide Rod Holder (38) to the Top Stack Support Frame using the hardware shown. Tighten hardware securely. e. Place Weight Selector Pin (74) in the bottom Weight Plate (37). Nautilus NS00X...
  • Page 14 ASSEmBLY STEP 6 2” L 216.25 ” (5490mm) 2 3/4”L 2” L NS200X Press Arm 3” L 2 3/4”L Step 6 Components: Procedure: A. Thread one end of Cable #2 (42) into the Selector Rod/Top Plate Assembly as shown in Detail A. Do Component not tighten locking nut.
  • Page 15 E. Draw Cable #3 (43) under a 3 ½” Pulley (14) and attach Pulley to the Front Upright Frame in the low slot using hardware shown. Tighten hardware securely. F. Attach Cable #3 (43) termination shown in Detail B to the Leg Extension Assembly using hardware shown. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. Nautilus NS00X...
  • Page 16 ASSEmBLY STEP 8 2”L 4”L NS200X Press Arm 136.5” (3470mm) Step 8 Components: Procedure: a. Loop Cable #1 (41) around a 4 ½” Pulley (13) and place in Double Floating Component Pulley Bracket (40) shown. Attach Pulley to bracket in the inner hole using 4 ½”...
  • Page 17 C. After the cables are set and stretched, the Cable System may need to be re-tensioned. Tension the cables as described in Step A. D. The cables may need to be tensioned periodically as they may stretch slightly over time. Nautilus NS00X...
  • Page 18: Warranty Information

    Nautilus Fitness Products warrants to the original purchaser Nautilus Fitness Products will repair any product that proves of this Nautilus Home Gym to be free from defects in to be a defect in materials or workmanship. In the event repair materials or workmanship, with the exceptions stated below.
  • Page 19: Important Contact Numbers

    ImPOrTANT CONTACT NumBErS If you need assistance, please have both the serial number of your machine and the date of purchase available when you contact the appropriate Nautilus office listed below. WOrLdWIdE CuSTOmEr SErVICE INTErNATIONAL CuSTOmEr SErVICE • NOrTH AmErICA OFFICE •...
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