Magstic Non-Marring Adhesive Strips - Craftsman 320.48291 Owner's Manual

Palm grip laser level with laser trac
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NEWI Magstic Non-Marring
Adhesive Strips. (see Fig. 2)
Magstic is an innovative technology that is washable and reusable.. To use,
remove the "RED" tab (Toot Side) and apply the Magstic adhesive strip to the
underside of the tool's base, Remove the "GREEN" tab (Wall Side) and press
the tool firmly against the surface in the desired location° After leveling, carefully
remove the tool and base from the surface. Replace the green plastic tab on the
wall side of the Magstic for storage. The Magstic adhesive strips should remain
on the base of the toot. Once
Magstic is removed from the
tools base, it will no longer be
To clean the wall side of the
Magstic adhesive, wipe a
damp cloth across each strip..
Once the wall side adhesive
has become non-usable,
replace with fresh adhesive
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Placing Magstic on the Base
of the Palm Grip Laser Level
(see Fig, 3)
For best adhesion, place the
tool side of the adhesive on
the bottom of the base of the
too! firsL Then position the
tool on the smooth wall or
surface in the desired loca-
tion. The tool can then be
leveled on the base for the
desired angle.
CAUTION Remove the
Magstic from the wall after
use, Place the "wall-side"
tab back on the
to help
keep it clean. If the Magstic
is soiled during
Fig, 3
it can be cleaned with a damp cloth, Magstic is not intended to be used
once it has been removed from the tool. Once removed from the tool, the
strips wilt not be usable, Replace with new Magstic strips,
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents