Safety Instructions - Craftsman 320.48291 Owner's Manual

Palm grip laser level with laser trac
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WARNING BE SURE to read and understand all instruction in this manual
before using this Laser Level. Failure to follow all instructions
may result in
hazardous radiation exposure, electric shock, and/or bodily injury.
CAUTION The use of optical instrument with this product wilt increase
eye hazard, Use of controls or adjustments or performance
of procedures
other than those specified herein, may result in hazardous laser radiation
IMPORTANT: The following labels are on your
unit. They indicate where the laser light is emit-
ted. ALWAYS BE AWARE of their location when
using the laser tool, ALWAYS MAKE SURE that
any bystanders in the vicinity of use are made
aware of the dangers of looking directly into the
Avoid Direct Eye Exposure. Do Not Stare into
Fan Beam.
1. DO NOT remove or deface any product tabetsr. Removing product labels
increases the risk of exposure to laser radiation
2, DO NOT stare directly at the laser fan beam or project the laser fan beam
directly into the eyes of others.. Serious eye injury could result.
3.. DO NOT place the tool in a position that may cause anyone to stare into the
laser fan beam intentionally or unintentionally. Serious eye injury could result,
4. DO NOT use any magnifying optical tools such as, but not limited to tele-
scopes or transits to view the laser fan beam. Serious eye injury could result,
5, DO NOT operate the tool around children or allow children to operate the
tool Serious eye Injury could resulL
6.. ALWAYS turn the tool off when not in use.. Leaving the tool on increases the
risk of someone inadvertently staring into the laser fan beam
7o DO NOT operate tool in combustible
areas such as in the presence of
flammable liquids, gases or dusL
8o When using any of the base plates, ALWAYS check to be sure that the tool
is securely mounted on the base. Damage to the tool and/or serious injury
to the user could result if the tool falls_
9. ALWAYS use only the accessories that are sold by Sears for use with this
product. Use of accessories that have been designed for use wlth other laser
tools could result in serious injury°
! 0. DO NOT use this tool for any purpose other than those outiined in this
manual° This could result in serious injury..
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents