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Operator's Manual
Model No. 486.24009
For Missing Parts or Assembly
Call 1-866-576-8388
Before using this product,
this manual and follow all Safety
Rules and Operating
,, Safety
,, Assembly
,, Operation
,, Maintenance
,, Parts
Sears Brands Management Corporation, Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.
FORM NO. 42523 (09/07/12)


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    Before using this product, read ,, Assembly this manual and follow all Safety ,, Operation Rules and Operating Instructions. ,, Maintenance ,, Parts Sears Brands Management Corporation, Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A. PRINTED IN U.S.A. FORM NO. 42523 (09/07/12)

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    For warranty coverage details to obtain free replacement, visit the web site: This warranty is void if this product is ever used while providing commercial services or if rented to another person.

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    PART NO DESCRIPTION PART NO DESCRIPTION Wheel Hopper Assembly 42493 Flow Control Rod Hitch Tube Assembly 41549 Flow Control Tube Assembly 40825 Hopper Cover PART NO DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION PART NO 48515 Drive Pin w/Bail 47189 Nylock Nut, 1/4" 43093 Cotter Pin, 1/8"x 1-1/2" 47810 Nylock Nut, 5/16"...

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    TOOLS REQUIRED FOR ASSEMBLY STEP 2: (SEE FIGURE 2) Assemble the OUTER hitch braces to the hitch tube using a 1/4"x 1-3/4" hex bolt and a 1/4" nylock hex Pliers nut. DO NOTTIGHTEN YET. Do not assemble the 7/16" Wrenches inner hitch braces at this time, 1/2"...

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    STEP 4: (SEE FIGURE 4) STEP 6: (SEE FIGURE 6) Assemble a spacer, a washer, a wheel (air valve Turn the spreader upright on its wheels. Hook the double bent end of the flow control rod facing out) and another washer onto the end of the axle that has both the large and small holes.

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    STEP 8: (SEE FIGURE 8) STEP 10: (SEE FIGURE 10) • Assemble the two INNER hitch braces to the flow Calibrate the flow setting. Follow the steps in order below. control mounting tube using a 1/4" x 1-3/4" hex bolt and a 1/4"...

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    KNOW YOUR SPREADER Read this owner's manual and safety rules before operating your spreader. Compare the illustration below with your spreader to familiarize yourself with the various controls and their locations. FLOW CONTROL ARM ADJUSTABLE STOP HITCH EXTENSION BRACKET FLOW CONTROL ARM - Opens and closes the closure CLOSURE PLATE (not shown) - Slides to open or close plate in the bottom of the hopper.

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    OPERATING TIPS When broadcasting weed control fertilizers, make sure the broadcast pattern does not hit evergreen trees, flowers, or shrubs. We do not recommend the use of any powdered lawn chemicals due to the difficult in obtaining a satisfactory or Heavy moisture conditions may require a cover over consistent broadcast pattern.

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    CHECK FORLOOSE FASTENERS LOCKED UP SPREADER • Before each use make a thorough visual check of • Turn the spreader over so that the wheels are off the the spreader for any bolts and nuts which may have ground. loosened. Retighten any loose bolts and nuts. •...

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    39 _ 60_..__ 58 5 6 57 40 7_46 21 22...

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    REF QTY PART NO DESCRIPTION REF QTY PART NO DESCRIPTION 44480 HitchBrace Hopper 23525 41157 Rivet, S tainless 23762 ShaftSupport P late 65129 HexBolt,1/4-20 x 1-3/4" GuideClosure Assembly 1509-69 44462 Frame Tube 42505 Plastic Grate 23753 SlideGateAngleBracket 1543-69 Nylon Washer 23758 SlideGateBracket 43088...

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    To order replacement parts, call Sears Parts Direct 1-800-252-1698 or go to

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