Before Testing - Electrolux E51LB60ESS Use & Care Manual

51" stainless steel gas grill
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Leak Testi
Although all gas connections on the grill are leak tested prior to shipment, a complete gas tightness
check must be performed at the installation site due to possible shifting during shipment, installation or
excessive pressure unknowingly being applied to the unit. Periodically check the whole system for
leaks and immediately check the system if the smell of gas is detected.
Do not smoke while leak testing. Extinguish all open flames. Never leak test with an open flame.
Mix a solution of equal parts mild detergent or liquid soap and water.
1. Turn
off the burner
2. Turn the top knob of the fuel supply cylinder counterclockwise
(right to left) two (2) rotations to open.
3. Apply the soap solution to connections of the fuel supply assembly. If no soap bubbles appear, there
is no gas leak. If bubbles form at the connections, a leak is detected. If a leak is detected, immediately
turn off the gas supply, tighten any leaking fittings, turn gas on, and repeat steps 1-3.
4. Turn off the knob on the fuel supply cylinder.
5. Turn on the burner control knobs for a moment to release the pressure in the hose, then turn the
control knobs back off.
6. Wash off soapy solution with cold water and towel dry.
Check all gas supply fittings before each use and each time the gas supply cylinder is connected to
the regulator. Have a qualified service technician leak test the grill any time a part of the gas system is
Also it is recommended to perform a leak test at least once a year whether or not the L.P. gas supply
cylinder has been disconnected.
NOTE: When leak testing this appliance, make sure to test and tighten all loose connections,
the side burner. A slight leak in the system can result in a low flame, or hazardous condition.
L.P. gas tanks now come equipped with a leak detector mechanism
internal to the tank, when gas
is allowed
to escape rapidly
it shuts off the gas supply. A leak may significantly
reduce the gas
flow making the grill difficult
to light or causing
low flames.
NOTE: If you cannot stop a gas leak turn off the gas supply
and call your local gas company
the dealer you purchased
the appliance
If necessary,
replace the faulty part with the
part. A slight leak could cause a fire.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents