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Craftsman 24919 Operator's Manual

42 in. two bin rear bagger for revolution zero-turn tractor.
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42 in. Two Bin Rear Bagger
for Revolution Zero-Turn Tractor
Model No. 24919
For answers
to your questions
this product,
call 1-800-659-5917.
read this
and follow
and operating
o ESPANOL, p. 18
Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman
IL 60179, U.S.A.
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FORM1/0. 769-04672A


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  • Page 1

    1-800-659-5917. o PARTS LIST o ESPANOL, p. 18 CAUTION: Before using this product, read this manual and follow safety rules and operating instructions. Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179, U.S.A. Visit our web site: FORM1/0. 769-04672A 04/27/2010...

  • Page 2

    PartsList..............16-17 Espa_ol ................ServiceNumbers ..........BackCover Craftsman Full Warranty If this Craftsmanproductfails due to a defectin materialor workmanship withinone yearfrom the dateof purchase,returnit to any Searsstoreor otherCraftsmanoutlet in the UnitedStatesfor free replacement. This warrantycoversONLYdefectsin materialand workmanship.Searswill NOT payfor: •...

  • Page 3

    This symbolpointsout importantsafetyinstructionswhich,if not This attachmentwas builtto be usedaccordingto the safeopera- followed,couldendangerthepersonalsafetyand/orpropertyof tion practicesin this manual.Carelessness or error on the part of yourselfand others. Readand followall instructionsin this manual the operatorcan resultin seriousinjury.Mowersare capableof beforeattemptingto operatethis machine.Failureto complywith amputatinghandsand feet and throwingobjects.Failureto observe these instructionsmay resultin personalinjury.Whenyou seethis the followingsafetyinstructionsas wellas the instructionsprovided symbol,HEEDITS WARNING!

  • Page 4

    SLOPE OPERATION DO NOT: Slopesare a majorfactor relatedto lossof control andtip-overaccidents Do not turn on slopes unlessnecessary;then, turn slowlyand gradually whichcan resultinsevere injury or death.Attachmentscan also affect the downhill, if possible. stabilityof the machine.All slopes requireextra caution. Do not mow near drop-offs,ditchesor embankments. T he mowercould suddenlyturn over if a wheel is overthe edgeof a cliff,ditch, or if an For yoursafety,use the slope guideincludedas partof this manualto edge caves in.

  • Page 5

    Use this pageas a guide to determineslopeswhereyoumay not operatesafely.Do not operate the lawnmoweron such slopes. This symbolpoints outimportantsafety instructionswhich,if not followed,could endangerthe personalsafetyand/or propertyof yourselfand others.Readand follow all instructionsin this manualbeforeattemptingto operatethis machine.Failureto complywith these instructionsmay result in personalinjury.Whenyou seethis symbol,HEEDITS WARNING!

  • Page 6

    Before beginning installation, remove all p arts f rom the carton tomake s ure everything ispresent. Carton contents are listed b elow and shown below. Two hardware packs are included inthis kitand are detailed onthe following page. • Hitch Bracket Kit (4 Pcs.

  • Page 7

    This grasscollectorkit is shippedwith theseloosehardwarepacksenclosed. Pleasecheckyour hardwarepacksagainstthe illustrations below. Thequantitiesfor eachitem is listed in parenthesiswhilethe part numberis listednear eachitem. Hardware Pack for 689-00081 Hardware Pack 689-00092B 723-04008 _(2) 711-05063 710-3008 710-0276 736-0204 712-04063 Hardware Pack for 689-00097 714-04040 E_(4) © 710-3008 711-0309A 911-04069...

  • Page 8

    Assemble Mounting Brackets Flipoverassemblyand mountthe hitch supportbracketto the mountingassemblyusingfour 710-3008 hex bolts and 712-04063 Toassemblethe baggermountingassembly,locatethe hitch bracket flangelock nuts from hardwarepack689-00097.See Fig.2 for kit and follow thesesteps: properorientation. Attachthe right-handand left-handrider hitchbracketto the universalrearattachmentbracketusingthe four carriagebolts NOTE: Whenattachingthehitch support,it is best to notfully tighten (710-0276) and flange lock nuts(712-04063)from hardware the bracketat this time.

  • Page 9

    Assembling The Bin Support Assembly Locatethe uprightsupport bracketand the bin supportassembly. Assembleit by followingthese steps: Laythe bin supportassemblytopsidedownwith the mounting bracketportionfacingupwards. Insertthe notchedend of the verticalsupportbracketintothe bin supportassembly,as in Fig. 4, and securewith a carriagebolt (710-0276) and flangelock nut (712-04063)packedin with the uprightsupportbracket.See Fig.5.

  • Page 10

    Installthe bin supportassemblyonto themountingassemblyon Assembling Remaining Bagger Components thetractorby hookingit overthe crossmountingbracketoutside Nowthat the mountingbracketsare assembledand are in placeon of the two tabs.See Fig.8. the tractor,follow these stepsto assemblethe remainingbagger components. Snap the upperchute supportin placebyfirst clippingthe side portiononto thebin supportrail with the edgeof the snapfeature alignedwith the red line (1),as shownin the insetof Fig.

  • Page 11

    Installthegrass catchercover screenintothe baggercoverby first insertingthe end closestto the sidewith thecutoutinto the mountinghole,as in Fig. 11.Makesureto feedthe screenunder the lip,as in Fig. 12. Figure Figure 11 Clipin the otherside byflexing thescreenand pushingit down intothe providedcutouthole.See Fig. 12. Figure 14 Make sure screen sits under the cover s lip Figure...

  • Page 12

    Opengrass catchercover by pushingin on the rear,right-sidetab 10. Install t hedeck mounting pin (711-05049) up intothechuteelbow with yourright-hand,as seenin 1 of Fig. 16,and lifting with your usingtheflatwasher(736-0176) fromhardware pack689-00092B left-handin the rear center,2. and secure witha flangelocknut(712-3027), as seenin Fig.18. Figure 18 Figure 16 Install t heshoulder b olt(738-0754) i ntothechuteelbowfromthetop...

  • Page 13

    13. Install r ubberstrap(723-04008A) ontothechutetubeextension using With the tractor'sdischargechute raisedup and heldopen, install clevispin (711-05063), flat washer (736-0204) a nd bow-tie cotterpin the chute elbowoverthe chute openingby placingthe deck (7104040) f romhardware pack689-00092B. Attachtheend with mountingpin in the hole provided,as seenin Fig.21,then secure theholeclosest t o theendofthe strap,asseenin Fig.20.Thiswill the elbowto the deck by hookingthe retainerstrap torsionspring makeit easierto grabontothestrapto pull,stretch and hookonto...

  • Page 14

    15. Installthechute tubeextensionontothe chuteelbow bylining up With the grass catchercover open, install the dischargechute thetabs and slidingthe adapteroverthe chute elbow,as in Fig. over the chute extensiontube, as seen in Fig. 25, and rest the 23. Securethe chuteadapterby stretching the chute strapand top end into the upper chute support installed on the right-hand hookingit onto the grass-catcher p in previouslyinstalled.

  • Page 15

    Bagger Operation Removethe grass binsby liftingthem up (1 in Fig. 28) and away from the bin supportassembly(2). NOTE:Whenbothgrass binsare full, placethetractoron a firm, level surface,disengagethe PTO(Blade Engage),turn the tractorengine off and set the parkingbrake. Flipthe seat up. Opengrass catchercover by pushingin on the rear,right-sidetab with yourright-hand,as seenin 1 of Fig.

  • Page 16

    24919 42 in. Two Bin Rear Bagger Parts List...

  • Page 17

    24919 42 in. Two Bin Rear Bagger Parts List Ref. I Part Number Description 931-04291 Upper Chute Assembly 931-04292 Double Bagger Cover Assembly 731-06497 Upper Chute Support 731-06504 Bagger Cover Screen 710-0276 Carriage Screw, 5/16-18 x 1.00" 710-3008 Hex Head Screw, 5/16-18 x .75" 711-0309A Clevis Pin, .62"...

  • Page 18

    Craftsman Total Garantia CraftsmanSi este productofalla debidoa un defectode materialo manode obra dentrode un aSoa partirde la fechade compra,el retornoa cualquierfiendaSearso cualquierotra Craftsmande salidaen los EstadosUnidospara la sustituci6ngratuita. EstagaranfiacubreQnicamente defectosde materialy manode obra. Searsno pagar&por: • Sustituci6nde las bolsas,que sonfungiblesque puedenIlevara cabo a partir de la utilizaci6nnormalen el periodode garanfia.

  • Page 19

    Esta rnAquina rue construidapara seroperadade acuerdocon La presenciade este sirnboloindicaque setrata de instrucciones las reglasde seguridadcontenidasen este manual.AI igualque irnportantesde seguridadque se deben respetarpara evitar concualquiertipo de equipo rnotorizado, u n descuidoo error por poner en peligrosu seguridadpersonaly/o materialy la de otras partedel operadorpuedeproducirlesionesgraves.Esta rnAquina personas.Lea y siga todaslas instruccionesde este manualantes es capazde arnputarrnanosy piesy de arrojarobjetoscon gran...

  • Page 20

    Siga las recomendaciones del fabricante sobre pesos y Servid0 general contrapesos de las ruedas, para mejorar la estabilidad. Antes de limpiar, reparar o inspeccionar la m_quina, Haga que todos los movimientos en las pendientes sean compruebe que las cuchillas y todas las piezas m6viles se lentos y graduales.

  • Page 21

    Utiliceesta p_.gina cornouna guia paradeterrninarzonasde laderadondeno puedeoperarde forrnasegura.Nooperar la cortadorade cesped en pendientestales. Este sirnbolose_alaa cabo lasinstruccionesde seguridadirnportantesque,si no se siguen,podriaponer en peligrola seguridadpersonaly / o la propiedad de si rnisrnoy losdern_.s. L ea y siga las instrucciones en este manualantesde intentaroperar esta rn_.quina. El incurnplirniento de estas instrucciones puede resultaren lesionespersonales.Cuandoveaeste sirnbolo,prestaratenci6na sus iADVERTENCIA!

  • Page 22

    Antes de comenzarla instalaci6n, q uitetodas las partesde la caja paraasegurarsede que todoest,. presente,Cart6ncontenidose enumerana continuaci6n,Dos paquetes de hardwarese incluyenen este paquetey se detallanen la p_.gina siguiente, • Tolva superior d eltubo • Kit de soporte Enganche(4 uds. Total) • Tolva superior d e apoyo •...

  • Page 23

    Estekitcolectorde hierbaseentregacondospaquetes sueltos de hardware cerrado. P orfavor,compruebe suhardware contralospaquetes pordebajo de lasilustraciones. Lascantidades paracadatemaapareceentrepar_ntesis, m ientras queel nOmero de piezaes queapareceencadatema. Hardware Pack for 689-00081 Hardware Pack 689-00092B 723-04008 _]_(2) 711-05063 __'_ 710-3008 710-0276 736-0204 712-04063 Hardware Pack for 689-00097 714-04040 [_(4) 710-3008...

  • Page 24

    Montar Soportes De IVlontaje Flipen el montajey montarel soportede enganchede apoyoa la asambleade montajeutilizandocuatrotornilloshexagonal 7 10- Paramontarel montajeasambba embolsadora,busqueel kit de 3008 y 712-04063 brida de bloqueode losfrutos secospaquete soportede enganchey sigaestospasos: de hardware689-00097.Vet Fig. 2 para la correctaorientaci6n. Adjuntarla manoderechay manoizquierdajinetetir6n soporte a la partetrasera universalabrazaderas utilizandoloscuatro NOTA: AIconectarel tir6nde apoyo,Iornejores no apretarel soporte pernosde transporte(710-0276) y la bridade bloqueode los...

  • Page 25

    Armado del montaje de soporte Ubique la m_nsula de soporte vertical y la unidad de soporte de la bolsa. Siga estos pasos para el armado: Apoye la parte superior de la unidad de soporte de la bolsa para abajo con la porcidn de la m_nsula de montaje hacia arriba.

  • Page 26

    Instalela unidadde suspensi6ndel recolectoren la unidadde Armadodei restode los componentes dei recolector montaje del tractor enganchfindolo sobre la placa de enganche Una vez que las m6nsulas de montaje est_in armadas y colocadas entrelas doslengOetas. Y eala Fig. 8. el tractor, siga estos pasos para armar el resto de los componentes de la embolsadora.

  • Page 27

    Instalela pantallade la embolsadora en la cubiertade la misma insertandoprimeroel extrernom_.spr6ximoen el lado conel recorteen el orificio de montaje,comoen la Fig. 11.AsegOrese de pasarla pantallapor debajodel reborde comoen la Fig. 12. Figura Figura Calceel otto ladoempujandolapantalladentrodel recorte provisto.Vea la Fig. 12. Figura 14 Aseg_3reseque la pantalla descansa ,.= bajo el reborde de |a cubierta...

  • Page 28

    10. Instalelacubiertade montaje pin(711-05049) hastala cascada en Abrael cap6empujando haciaadentrola lengietaposterior derecha conla rnanoderecha, c omoseve en 1 de la Fig. 16,y levantando la el codoutlizandola arandela plana(736-0176) a partirde paquete cubierta conla manoizquierda en el centrode la parteposterior d e la de hardware 689-00092BB y segura conuna bridade la tuercade cubierta de laembolsadora, 2.

  • Page 29

    13. Instalela correade caucho(723-04008A) en lacascadatubode extensi6n utilizando horquilla pin (711-05063), arandela plana(736- 0204)y arco-ernpate pasador d e chaveta(7104040) del paquete de hardware 689-00092B. C onecte el extremoconel agujero m_.s cercano al finalde la correa,comoseveen la Fig.20.Estohar_. que seam_.s f_.cil de agarraren la correaparatirar,estirar y ganchoen la hierba-pin receptor previamente i nstalado en la cascadacodoen el pasoanterior.

  • Page 30

    15, Instaleel tubo de extensi6ncascadaen la cascadacodo por el Con la hierba receptor de aperturade la cubierta, instalar la forrohasta laspestaSasy deslizarel adaptadorde m_.sde la tolva de descarga sobrela cascadade extensi6ndel tubo, cascadadel codo, comoen la Fig,23. Asegureel adaptadorde la como se ve en la Fig, 25, y el resto el extremosuperioren la tolva seextiendepor la cascadade engancharla correay queen parte superiorde la tolva de apoyoinstalado en el lado derecho...

  • Page 31

    Usode ia embolsadora Retire el c_sped mediante el levantamiento de estas bolsas de hasta (1 en la fig. 28) y moviendo las bolsas fuera de la bolsa el NOTA: Cuando las dos bolsas para c_sped est_n Ilenas, coloque apoyo de montaje (2).

  • Page 32

    Your Home For troubleshooting, product manuals and home solutions advice: ÷anag÷ For repair - in your home - of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! For the replacement parts, accessories owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself.

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