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Craftsman 247.240690 Operator's Manual
Craftsman 247.240690 Operator's Manual

Craftsman 247.240690 Operator's Manual

30 in. two bin rear bagger for the craftsman rear engine rider 1000


Available languages

Available languages

30 in. Two Bin Rear Bagger
for the Craftsman
Rear Engine
Rider 1000
Model No. 247.240690
• Espanol,
P. 14
Before using this equipment,
read this manual and follow
all safety
rules and operating
For answers
to your questions
this product,
Craftsman Tractor Help Line
7 am = 7 pm CT, Mort. =Sun.
Sears Brands
IL 60179, U.S.A.
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(December 1 7,2012)



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Summary of Contents for Craftsman 247.240690

  • Page 1 I:RnFrSMRN° 30 in. Two Bin Rear Bagger for the Craftsman Rear Engine Rider 1000 Model No. 247.240690 • Espanol, P. 14 For answers to your questions about this product, call: Before using this equipment, 1-800-659-5917 read this manual and follow...
  • Page 2 One Year Full Warranty FORONEYEARfrom the dateof purchase,this productis warrantedagainstanydefectsin materialor workmanship. A defectiveproductwill be replacedfreeof charge. Forwarrantycoveragedetailsto obtainfree replacement, v isit theweb Thiswarranty doesnotcovergrassbagassemblies, whichare expendable partsthatcanwearoutfromnormal u sewithinthewarranty period. This warrantyis void if this productis everusedwhile providingcommercialservicesor if rentedto anotherperson.
  • Page 3: General Operation

    This symbol points out i mportant s afety instructions w hich,if not Thismachinewasbuilt to beoperatedaccording t o the safeoperation followed, could endangerthe personalsafetyand/orproperty of practicesin this manual.Aswith anytype of powerequipment, yourself a ndothers. Read andfollow all instructions i n this manual carelessness o r error on the part of the operatorcanresultin seriousinjury.
  • Page 4: General Service

    Keep all m ovement on the slopes slow a nd g radual. Do not make sudden GENERAL SERVICE changes inspeed or direction. Rapid engagement or braking could cause Before cleaning, r epairing, or inspecting, makecertainthe blade(s) a ndall the front of t he machine toliftand r apidly flip over backwards which could...
  • Page 5 10° Slope 10° Slope (OK) (TOO STEEP) Figure 1 Figure2 10odashedline USETHiSSLOPE GAUGE TO DETERMINE iF A SLOPE iS TOOSTEEP FORSAFEOPERATION! Tocheckthe slope, proceedas follows: 1. Removethis pageandfold along the dashedline. 2. Locatea vertical object on or behindthe slope(e.g. a pole,building,fence, tree, etc.) 3.
  • Page 6 Beforebeginninginstallation,removeall parts fromthe carton to makesureeverythingis present.Cartoncontentsare listed belowand shown below.A hardwarepackis includedin this kit and is detailedon the followingpage. CounterWeight Two Grass Bag Assemblies Grass Catcher Hood Counter Weight Mounting Bracket Chute Tube One Hardware Pack (Detailedonthe nextpage) Bag Support Assembly Mounting Bracket...
  • Page 7 Thisgrasscollector k itis shipped witha hardware packenclosed.Please checkyourhardware p ackagainst t heillustration b elow. T hequantity foreachitem islisted in parenthesis whilethepartnumber i slistedbeloweachitem. Hardware Pack 683-05063 710-0572 720-04061 710-0378 736-0159 712-04150 712-04063 710-3296...
  • Page 8: Installing

    IMPORTAN_ M odel24069TwinBagger i sdesigned for usewith Craftsman RER Installthe grass-bag mountingassembly ontothe baggermountingbracket 1000(Model247.29000) 30-inchsingle-blade cuttingdecks only. byloweringit down(1)andfitting the assembly into the slotprovided inthe mountingbracket. S ee the Insetin Figure 3. Installing the Bagger Assembly Secure t hegrass-bag mounting assembly t othe bagger m ounting bracket using ToInstallthe baggermountingbracket, f ollowthesesteps: theattachment knob(720-04061) foundinthe hardware p ack (683-05063).
  • Page 9 Installthe bagsontothe mountingframeasshownin Figure 5.Simplyplace Mountthe bagger c hutetubeto thedeckofthe tractorbylowering the chute the leading edgeof the bagontothe front framerail, thenrockthe bag tubeoverthemountingboltsinthe mowingdeck,asshownin Figure 7. backwards a nddowninto place.Repeat f orthe second bag. Secure the rearmountingbolt with awing knob(1),thenthe front mounting bolt with anotherwingknob(2)asshowninFigure 7.
  • Page 10 Secure theweight barassembly t o the tractorusingtwo 710-0378 hex Assembliag and Installiag the Counter-Weight bolts,two 736-0159 flat washers andtwo 712-04063 flangelocknutsfrom Assemble, thenattachthecounter-weight t o the front steeringassembly usingthe hardware pack683-05063. hardware in pack 683-05063, a sshownin Figure 8andFigure 10. Note: Use the top holeson the tractorframe.
  • Page 11 Toreinstallthe grass bags,insert t he leading edgeontothe baggermount BaggerUsage assembly (1 inFigure 12),andpivotthe grassbagrearward anddownas NOTE: Whenbothgrass bagsarefull, place the tractoronafirm, levelsurface, shownin2of Figure12. disengage t he PTO, turn the tractorengineoff andsetthe parkingbrake. Openthe grass bagcoverbylifting the lowerrearofthe coverandpivotingit upwards. I t isnot necessary to remove the discharge chuteinorderto empty the grassbags.
  • Page 13 Description Ref, I Part Number 964-04167 Grass Bag 683-04771-0637 Front Hood Assembly Frame 683-04772-0637 Rear Hood Assembly Frame 683-04775-0637 Bagger Support Assembly 683-04781A-0637 Mounting Bracket 710-0378 Hex Lock Screw, 5/16-18, 2.50 710-0572 Carriage Bolt, 5/16-18, 2.50 710-3296 Hex Head Screw, 1/4-20, .750 712-04063 Flange Lock Nut, 5/16-18 712-04150...
  • Page 14 Un ASo De Garantia Duranteun aSodesdela fecha de compra,este productoest&garantizado contra cualquierdefectode materialeso manode obra. Unproducto defectuososer&reemplazado de forma gratuita. Paralos detallesde la coberturade garantiaparaobtenerun reemplazogratis,visite el sitioweb: Estagarantiano cubre lasasambleasdel recogedorde cesped,que sonpiezasfungiblesque se desgastendebidoal uso normal dentrodel periodode garantia.
  • Page 15 Esta rn&quina rue construidapara seroperadade acuerdocon La presenciade este sirnboloindicaque setrata de instrucciones las reglasde seguridadcontenidasen este manual.AI igualque irnportantesde seguridadque se deben respetarpara evitar concualquiertipo de equipo rnotorizado, u n descuidoo error por poner en peligrosu seguridadpersonaly/o materialy la de otras partedel operadorpuedeproducirlesionesgraves.Esta rn&quina personas.Lea y siga todaslas instruccionesde este manualantes es capazde arnputarrnanosy piesy de arrojarobjetoscon gran...
  • Page 16: Simbolosde Seguridad

    Siga las recomendaciones del fabricante sobre pesos y Servki0 general contrapesos de las ruedas, para mejorar la estabilidad. Antes de limpiar, reparar o inspeccionar la m_quina, Haga que todos los movimientos en las pendientes sean compruebe que las cuchillas y todas las piezas m6viles se lentos y graduales.
  • Page 17 10° Pendiente "" 10 ° Pendiente (ACEPTAR) (DEiVIASlADO ESCARPADO) Figura 1 Figura 2 0oI[nea - - " "" - _ .-...diSC°ntinua US0 DEESTE PENDIENTE D ECALIBRE PARA DETERiVIINAR SI UNAPENDiENTE E SDEIV1ASiADO ESCARPADO P ARAUNAOPERACi(_N SEGURA! Paracomprobarla pendiente, h agaIosiguiente: Borrarestap_.gina y doble a Io largo de la lineadiscontinua.
  • Page 18 Antes de comenzarla instalaci6n, q uitetodas las piezasde la caja paraasegurarsede que todoest,. presente.Contenidosde cart6n se enumerana continuaci6ny se muestraa continuaci6n.Unpaquetede hardwarese incluyeen este kit y se detallaen la p_.gina siguiente. Peso del contador Dos conjuntos de bolsa de hierba Campana de recogedor de hierba Soporte de montaje de peso de contador Tubo de conducto...
  • Page 19 Estekit de cespedse suministracon un paquetede hardwareincluido.Por favor revisesu paquetede hardwareen contrade la ilustraci6nde abajo. La cantidadde cadaarticulo se indicaentre par_ntesis, m ientrasque el nQmero aparecedebajode cadaarticulo. Hardware Pack 683-05063 710-0572 720-04061 710-0378 736-0159 712-04150 712-04063 710-3296...
  • Page 20 Coloque e lconjuntode montajede labolsarecolectora dec_sped sobrela Instalaci6ndei con junto de ia embolsadora m_nsula desoporte de laembolsadora b aj_ndola (1)y colocando elconjunto Afin deinstalar l am_nsula desoportedelaembolsadora, sigaestospasos: enlaranuraprovistaenlam_nsula soporte. V eael recuadro de laFigura 3. Extraiga y deseche loscuatropernos autorroscantes delbastidortraserodel Sujete e lconjunto demontaje delaboisa recolectora dec_sped a lam_nsula d e tractor,comoseindicaenlaFigura1.
  • Page 21 Coloque lasbolsas sobreelbastidorde montajecomoseindicaenla Figura Monteel tubodelcanal d elaembolsadora e n laplataforma deltractor 5.%1odebecolocar e l bordeentrantedelabolsasobrelaguiadelbastidor bajandoeltubodelcanal s obrelospemos de montajede laplataforma de frontal,luegobalancee labolsahadaatr,_s y hadaabajoparaquequedeen corte,comoseindicaenla Figura 7. posid6n.RepitaIomlsmoparalasegunda bolsa. Sujete elpemodemontajetraseroconunaperllladealeta(1),luegoel pemodemontajedelanteroconotra perilladealeta(2),comose[ndlca enla Figura 7. Figure5 Retireeltubodedescarga, o clavijadeabono.
  • Page 22 Sujete elconjuntode labarra de pesoaltractorcondospernos hexagonales Montaje e instalaci6n dei contrapeso 710-0378, dosarandelas planas736-0159 y dostuercas de seguridad con Elcontrapeso sedebemontaren elconjuntodeladirecddndelantero sujet_ndolo brida712-04063 del paquete de elementos deferreteria683-05063. conloselementos deferreteria del paquete 683-05063, comoseindicaenla Figura Nora: Use losorificiossuperiores e nel marco deltractor. 8y laFigura I0.
  • Page 23 Usode ia embolsadora Para volvera [nstalar l asbolsas recolectoras d ec_sped, [ nserte el borde entranteenelconjuntodemontajedelaembolsadora ( I delaFlgura12)y NOTA: Unavezqueest_nllenas ambas bolsarecolectoras d ec_sped, c oloque el girelabolsarecolectora de c_sped hadaatr_sy abajocomoselndlcaen2 de tractoren suelo firme y nivelado, d esactive laPTO, apague elmotordel tractory laFigura 12.
  • Page 24 This page intentionallyleft blank.