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Remote control (continued)
Notes concerning use:
Replace the battery if the operating distance is reduced or if the
operation becomes erratic. Purchase "CR 2025", coin lithium
Periodically clean the transmitter on the remote control and the
sensor on the unit with a soft cloth.
Exposing the sensor on the unit to strong light may interfere with
operation. Change the lighting or the direction of the unit if this
Keep the remote control away from moisture, heat, shock, and
Test of the remote control
Check the remote control after checking all the connections (see
pages 6 - 7).
Point the remote control directly at the remote sensor on the unit.
The remote control can be used within the range shown below:
Press the ON/STAND-BY button. Does the power turn on? Now, you
can enjoy the music.

General control

To turn the power on
Press the ON/STAND-BY button to turn the power on. The POWER
indicator turns blue to indicate power on.
After use:
Press the ON/STAND-BY button to enter the power stand-by mode.
STAND-BY indicator turns red, and the POWER indicator goes off.
Volume control
Main unit and remote control operation:
Press the VOL (+ or –) button to increase or decrease the volume.
POWER indicator will be blinking when the volume reaches
maximum or minimum level.
Illumination light control
When the power is turned on, POWER and E SOUND indicator light
Remote sensor
up. To dim on/off the light, press the DIMMER button on the remote
DIMMER button on remote control does not work when using
E SOUND control
Press the E SOUND button on the remote control. The E SOUND
indicator turns yellowish orange. You are now in the E SOUND mode,
where low bass and high frequency are automatically adjusted
according to the volume input.
To turn off E SOUND, press the E SOUND button again. The E SOUND
indicator will go off.


Table of Contents

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