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Introduction - X10 MT12A Owner's Manual

Mini timer
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The X10 Mini Timer controls up to 8 X10 Modules automatically or instantly. You can
have your outside lights as well as inside lights and appliances go on and off at preset
times to give your home a lived-in look while you are away.
You can program your Modules to go on and off at the same time every day or you can
set your radio to wake you up "Once" only, for an early morning flight. There is even a
"Security" Mode that automatically varies your programmed time each day so your
home doesn't look like it's controlled by a timer.
You can keep the Mini Timer by your bedside and it will wake you up on weekdays. It
has a snooze feature so you can sleep a while longer and you can turn the alarm off on
You can manually turn off your child's radio or night light from your bedside. You can
turn on ALL lights connected to Lamp Modules and Wall Switch Modules with the touch
of a button if you hear a suspicious noise at night. You can even turn off everything in
the system with one button.
Before you begin
Keep in mind that your X10 System will always turn lamps and appliances on or off the
instant you press the buttons. That's obvious - but there can be some unexpected
For example, an empty coffee pot can be remotely turned on. If that should happen,
your coffee pot may be damaged from overheating. If an electric heater is turned on by
remote control while clothing just happens to be draped over it, a fire could result.
Therefore, do not use with high power heating devices such as portable heaters.
Always be aware of what appliance you are turning on or off so that potentially
dangerous situations will not occur.
What it does
The Mini Timer plugs into any AC outlet in your home and you set it like a digital alarm
clock. Channel number 1 also activates an internal buzzer so you can us it as an alarm
clock too! You can program up to 8 X10 Modules from the Mini Timer and you also have
instant control of 8 Modules.
There is a handy snooze feature which lets you cancel the alarm buzzer by pressing
any key. This will stop the buzzer and will set the alarm off again in 10 minutes. You can
do this indefinitely.
Advancing to a particular time (in the Prog Set/Review mode) and then pressing a
number ON or OFF key will set an on or off time for that Module, every day. However, if
(within 4 seconds) you press "Once" you will change that program to occur only once, if
you press "security" you will change the program to occur at different times each day


Table of Contents

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