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Alarm Settings; Setting The Alarm Buzzer; To Cancel The Wake Up Alarm - X10 MT12A Owner's Manual

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Alarm settings

Setting the Alarm Buzzer

With the "Wake" switch in the "ON" position, any program you set for Module
number 1 will also set the internal alarm buzzer.
A bell icon will show in the display to indicate that a time for the Buzzer is set.
For example: If you connect your bedside lamp to a Lamp Module set to Unit Code 1
and then program Module number 1 for an On time of 7:00 AM - At 7:00 AM your
bedside lamp will turn on and the internal buzzer in the Mini Timer will sound. You can
turn the buzzer off (when you wake up) by sliding the Buzzer switch to the OFF position.
You can turn off your bedside lamp by pressing the OFF button for Module 1.
You can leave the Buzzer switch in the OFF position if you don't want to use the wake up
feature. This will not affect any programs you have entered for Module 1.
Alternatively, if the Buzzer switch is OFF and you place the Mode switch in the Clock Set
position, you will "suspend" both the buzzer AND any times you have set for Module 1.
This is useful to suspend the wake-up function on weekends. See next page.
The backlight and the buzzer do not operate when the unit is running on the backup
To Cancel/Snooze the wake-up alarm
When the alarm sounds at the time you have set, you can cancel it in one of two ways:
1. Slide the Buzzer switch to the OFF position. This will cancel the alarm permanently.
Slide the switch back to "ON" if you want the alarm to wake you up the next morning.
2. Press any key. This will give the "snooze" feature. Pressing any key while the buzzer
is sounding will turn the buzzer off and will automatically turn it back on in 10 minutes
time. You can do this indefinitely.
The buzzer will automatically turn off, and stay off, after 10 minutes if you ignore it.
Any Module(s) you have installed and set to Unit Code 1 will turn On when the buzzer
sounds and will stay On after you turn the Buzzer switch to OFF or cancel buzzer using
the snooze feature. You will need to press the OFF button for number 1 to turn the
Module(s) off. Alternatively, you could program it/them to turn off later.


Table of Contents

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