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Suspending The Wake Up Function; Changing The Housecode - X10 MT12A Owner's Manual

Mini timer
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Alarm settings

Suspending the wake up function

If you set channel 1 for an On time of 7:00 AM and number 1 is your bedside lamp, at
7:00 AM every day, your bedside lamp will turn on and the internal buzzer will sound. If
you turn the Buzzer switch off on Friday nights the buzzer will not wake you up the next
morning but your bedside lamp will still turn on.
To suspend the program for channel 1 turn the Buzzer switch to OFF, AND place the
Mode switch in the "Clock Set" position. The On program for BOTH the Alarm buzzer
AND the bedside lamp will then be suspended.
You can control Modules instantly with the Mode switch in the "Clock Set" position, just
as you can when it's in the RUN position, but remember to place the Mode switch back
to RUN and put the Buzzer switch back to the ON position on Sunday night to resume
the wake-up program for weekdays.
Note: Pressing the ON button for Module number 1 with the Mode switch in the RUN
position or Clock Set position does not activate the internal buzzer. This buzzer only
sounds at the times you set.

Changing the Housecode

When you first plug in the Mini Timer it controls X10 Modules set to Housecode A.. If
you want to change the Housecode:
1. Set the Mode switch to "Housecode Set."
2. Press the up or down "Time" rocker to select the desired
Housecode (as shown in the display).
3. Set the Mode switch back to RUN.



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