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Introduction; Quick Tour - X10 Mini Timer MT10A Owner's Manual

X10 mt10a home automation system: owners manual
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How it works
The Mini Timer plugs into any AC outlet in your home and transmits digitally encoded
signals over your house wiring instantly or at the times you set. These signals are
received by the X10 Modules.
You Plug a lamp up to 300 watts into a Lamp Module, an appliance such as a TV,
stereo or coffee pot into an Appliance Module and replace important indoor or outdoor
security lights up to 500 watts with the Wall Switch Module.

Quick Tour

Let's quickly review the functions of each part of the keyboard (you can go to page 7 for
a step by step tutorial if you prefer). Referring to the diagram below and the cutaway
sections that follow you will see that the keyboard on the Mini Timer consists of 7 basic
1. Mode
5. Set
6. Bright/Dim Rocker
1. Mode Switch. This is used to select whether you want to
enter a timed event, review your program of events, or set
the clock.
2. Time Adjust Rocker Key. This is used to set the time of the
clock and the time you want to set for each programmed
3. Housecode Dial. In the top right hand corner is the
Housecode dial which you set to the same letter as all of
your Modules and any other Controllers you may own.
4. ON/OFF Rocker Keys. In the bottom left hand corner there
are 6 rocker keys. The first 4 are used to turn Modules 1
through 4 (or 5 through 8) on and off instantly by pressing
either the top of the rocker for ON or bottom for OFF.
In the "Prog Set" mode these rockers are used to set on or
off times for the selected number (1 to 4 or 5 to 8).
5.Alarm. Rocker key 1 (or 5) also sets the time for the internal alarm buzzer.
6.Bright/Dim Rocker Key. The Bright and Dim rocker key brightens and dims lights
connected to Lamp Modules and Wall Switch Modules if pressed after first selecting
the Module by pressing the ON rocker corresponding to its Unit Code (1 to 4 or 5 - 8).
7.All Lights On/All Units Off Rocker Key. Instantly turns on ALL Lamp Modules and
Wall Switch Modules and instantly turns off ALL Modules including Appliance
2. Time Adjust Rockers
3. Housecode
7. All Lights On/All Units Off Rocker

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