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Using The Dvd Rewriteable Drive - Toshiba SD-R6372 User Manual

Dvd rewriteable mobile drive
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USING THE DVD Rewriteable Drive – SD-R6372
Drive Operation
Inserting Media
To insert media perform the following steps:
1. Open the drive's loading tray by pressing the Eject Button and pulling out the tray.
2. Place media disc into drive's loading tray, and lightly press down on the inner portion of the disc.
3. Gently close the disc tray.
Removing Media
To remove media disc from the drive, perform the following steps:
1. Open the loading tray by pressing the Eject Button, and pulling tray out.
2. Grasp disc by it's outer edge, and lift out of loading tray.
3. Gently close the loading tray.
Usage Guidelines
Keep the disc tray closed when not using the DVD Rewriteable drive
Do not press down on the disc tray when opening or closing it.
Do not place objects on the disc tray
Never use a damaged, broken, or deformed disc
Do not press the Eject button while the drive is accessing a disc
Emergency Ejection
CAUTION: The following procedure is intended only as a last resort when
pressing the eject button fails to open the Loading Tray.
Figure 1.Inserting Disc



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