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Using The Dvd Rewriteable Drive - Toshiba SD-R5272 User Manual

Dvd rewriteable drive
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Drive Operation
Inserting a Disc - Horizontally
To insert a disc into a drive that is mounted horizontally, perform the following steps:
Figure 1.Inserting Disc
1. Open the drive's Loading tray by pressing the Eject Button.
2. Place disc or into drive's Loading tray
3. Press Eject button again or gently push on the open disc tray. Tray will automatically close.
Inserting a Disc - Vertically
To insert a disc in a drive that is mounted vertically, perform the following steps:
1. Locate sliding disc holders (4 locations) on drive's Loading Tray.
2. The vertical position of the drive (eject button up or down) determines which of these four sliding
disc holders are used (see photo below). Position the disc behind 3 of the disc holders, two on
bottom, and one on upper rear, closest to drive). Using all four holders may cause the disc to not
set properly in tray.
3. Slide the disc holders towards the center of tray using your finger, opened paper clip or the end
of the emergency eject tool. The holder in the upper front side should be pulled away from the
center of tray.
4. Position the disc behind disc holders on upper and rear side of tray. Then put disc behind bottom
front holder
Check to see that all three disc holders are holding disc securely.
Close the drive by gently pushing in the tray or pressing the eject button.



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