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GE 169067 Manual page 9

Espresso/cappuccino machine
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oPerAtinG instruCtions
1. the first step in making cappuccino is to make espresso. therefore, pour in
sufficient water for the required quantity of espresso, plus enough water for
the production of steam. example: For 2 servings, fill water to the midpoint
between the 2 and 4 cup markings.
2. Follow steps 1-4 on "Brewing espresso".
3. Fill a small stainless steel or ceramic pitcher 1/3 full with cold milk or half and
half and set next to the machine. skim milk or 2% will be the easiest to froth.
4. rotate the selector control knob to the "cup" marking. the espresso will begin
to flow in about 5 minutes. As soon as the espresso reaches the steaming
position mark on the glass carafe, turn the steam selector control knob to the
oFF position. At that time the boiler has created enough pressure and steam to
start frothing the milk. Frothing the milk before finishing the espresso prevents
you from running out of the steam. this can happen if you froth towards the
end of the brewing process.
To Steam: hold the pitcher below the frothing tube. rotate the selector control
knob downward slowly to the "steam" position. Gently move the pitcher in a
circular motion around the steam nozzle.
To Froth: When the milk has doubled in volume, insert the steam nozzle down into
the milk to further heat the milk. to avoid splattering of hot milk, do not lift the
steam nozzle above the surface of the milk until the steam selector control knob is
closed. this is done by rotating the selector control knob back to the "o" oFF
position. After the milk is frothed, set the pitcher aside to allow the frothed milk to
settle. turn the steam selector control knob back to the "cup" position to finish
making espresso. When the espresso has stopped flowing into the carafe, turn the
control knob to the "o" oFF position. Pour the espresso into a cup which has the
capacity of at least 5 ounces. then add the steamed milk to the espresso and
spoon on the frothed milk.
the proportion between espresso and milk is to taste; normally 1 part espresso
and 2 parts milk plus the froth.
5. unplug the power cord and allow the machine to cool. do not remove the
boiler cap until the pressure in the machine has been released. See section
"CaUTion PreSSUre".
6. Continue to follow steps 7-8 on "brewing espresso".
(FiGure 4)



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