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GE 169067 Manual page 5

Espresso/cappuccino machine
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oPerAtinG instruCtions
Congratulations! You are the owner of a Ge espresso/cappuccino maker. this unique
appliance has been designed to provide you with delicious espresso/cappuccino
quickly and conveniently. espresso is a flavorful coffee beverage utilizing a unique
method of brewing. Popular in europe, it is a far richer and more full-bodied brew
than regular coffee. Because of its richness, espresso is usually served in 1-1/2 to
2 oz. portions, in demitasse cups.
Cappuccino is a drink made of about one third espresso, one third hot milk, and one
third foam.
Preparing espresso or cappuccino is very different from brewing regular drip
coffee in that this machine operates under steam pressure and requires special
attention. to ensure your safety and the long life of this appliance, please read all
instructions, cautions, notes, and attentions.
before Using Your espresso maker
Please refer to page 3 for diagram of parts.
1. Wash the stainless cup and filter holder in a mixture of mild detergent and water.
rinse each thoroughly.
2. to rinse the inside of the machine, follow steps for brewing espresso, using
water only.
The Coffee
the coffee should be a freshly ground, dark roasted variety. You may want to try a
French or italian roast. Pre-ground coffee will only retain its flavor for 7-8 days,
provided it is stored in an airtight container, in a cool, dark area. Do not store in a
refrigerator or freezer.
Whole beans are recommended, to be ground just before use. Coffee beans stored in
an airtight container will keep up to 4 weeks before they being to lose their flavor.



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