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How To Brew Espresso - GE 169067 Manual

Espresso/cappuccino machine
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oPerAtinG instruCtions
The Grind
this is a vital step in the espresso making process and takes practice. the coffee
must be ground fine, but not too fine
the correct grind should look gritty, like salt or sand.
if the grind is too fine, the water will not flow through the coffee even under
pressure. Grounds that are too fine look like powder and feel like flour when rubbed
between the fingers.
if the grind is too coarse, the water flows through the coffee too fast, preventing a
full flavored extraction.
Be sure to use a quality grinder or mill for uniform consistency of your
espresso grind.

How To brew espresso

Please refer to page 3 for diagram of parts. First unwind the electrical cord from the
bottom of your machine.
Filling the water tank...
1. turn the selector control knob to the center "o" or oFF position.
2. Fill the carafe with cold water to the desired number of servings. never use warm
or hot water to fill the water container. note: if you are making cappuccino, refer to
page 7 for the proper water measurements.
3. remove the water tank boiler cap and pour the water into the water tank. Do not
fill to the top of the tank or there will not be enough area to generate steam.
CaUTion: Do not pour water into the tank while the machine is on or hot. Check
to make sure power switch is off. Do not pour more than 5 ounces of water into
the tank.
4. screw the boiler cap back on top of the water tank. make sure it is on tight.
Preparing the Coffee...
1. remove the filter holder by grabbing the filter handle and sliding 1/4 to the left.
the filter holder will now release.
2. Place the filter basket in the filter holder. See figure 1.



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