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How To Make Cappuccino - GE 169067 Manual

Espresso/cappuccino machine
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oPerAtinG instruCtions
brewing espresso...
1. make sure the reservoir plate on the drip tray is in place. Place the cover
on the glass carafe so the lid opening faces the spout, and set it on the
reservoir plate.
2. make sure the steam selector control knob is in the "o", oFF position.
3. Plug the power cord into a 120v electrical outlet.
4. rotate the selector control knob to the "cup" position. the light will illuminate
to let you know the machine is on. See figure 3.
5. espresso will begin to flow into the espresso cup in about five minutes.
6. When the espresso has stopped flowing into the carafe, turn the power off by
moving the control knob back at the "o" position. unplug the power cord and
allow the machine to cool. do not remove boiler cap until the pressure in the
machine has been released. See section "CaUTion PreSSUre".
7. After the machine has cooled down and all pressure has been relieved, remove
the filter holder. using the filter retainer clip to secure the filter basket in the
filter holder, turn the filter holder upside down to empty. rinse the filter basket
and holder with water.
CaUTion: the metal parts of the filter holder might still be very hot. make sure
to use the filter retainer clip when discarding the grounds. Cool down these
parts by running under cold water.
8. see instructions for cleaning.

How to make Cappuccino

Cappuccino is espresso topped with steamed and frothed milk. Frothing milk for
cappuccino takes practice. Do not discouraged if it is not perfect the first time.
it may take a few times before you perfect this process.
For best results, we recommend frothing the milk in a separate pitcher and
pouring the milk into your coffee. the milk and pitcher should be cold. Do not
use a pitcher which has just been washed in warm water.
(FiGure 3)



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