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Problems And Causes - GE 169067 Manual

Espresso/cappuccino machine
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Coffee does not come out
Coffee comes out too quickly
Coffee comes out around the
edge of the filter holder
no steam is generated
Coffee is splattering out of spout • t he water tank is empty or low, not
milk is not foamy after frothing

ProBLems AnD CAuses

• no water in tank.
• Coffee grind is too fine.
• too much coffee in the filter.
• Boiler cap is not secure, steam is escaping.
• machine was not turned on, or plugged in.
• Coffee grind is too coarse.
• not enough coffee in filter basket.
• Filter holder is not inserted in the brew head
• t here are coffee grounds around the filter
basket rim.
• t here is too much coffee in the filter basket.
• Coffee has been packed too tightly.
• the water tank is empty.
• t here is too much water in the tank,
no room for steam.
• machine is not turned on.
enough pressure.
• ran out of steam.



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