Craftsman 486.241321 Owner's Manual

32" lawnsweeper


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Model No.
Read Rules for
Safe Operation
and Instructions
• Assembly
• Operation
• Customer Responsibilities
= Repair Parts
and Co., Hoffman
IL 60179


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  • Page 1 S__S OWNERS MANUAL Model No. 486.241321 CRI:IFTSMI:IN 32" LAWNSWEEPER CAUTION: Read Rules for Safe Operation and Instructions • Assembly Carefully • Operation • Customer Responsibilities = Repair Parts Se,Trs, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.
  • Page 2 RULES FOR SAFE OPERATION The following safety precautions are suggested, This Operate sweeper at reduced spaed.on rough lawn sweeper ls designed, engineered and tested to terrain, in ditches, and on hiltsides to prevent offer reasonably safe effective service, tipping and loss of control. Stay alert for holes or other hidden hazards, provided it is operated in strict accordance with these instructions.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS OF HARDWARE PACK: (Figure 1). Sweeper Housing Assembly Hitch .Pin • Spacers 1" Oia. x., 3/4" Long (lJ_ Hairpin Cotter Hex Bolts 3/8"-16 x 314"' Long Hex 8oits 3t8-16 x 1-1/2"' Long Hex Lock Nuts 5/!6-18 Thread Hex Lock Nuts 3/8-16 Thread Slot Head Bolt 5/16-18...
  • Page 4 ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS TOOLS REQUIRED Adjustable Wrench 318" Open Er_d or Box Wrench 7/16" Open Endor Box Wrench 1/2" Open End or Box Wrench 9/16" Open End or Box Wrench Standard Screwdriver Pair of Pliers Refer to carton contents figure on page 2 and figure 1 on page 3 for parts and hardware needed...
  • Page 5: F (3) Hex Lock Nuts 5/!6-18

    Tighten overtighten) bolts HEIGHT HEIGHT assembled in step 1, making sure the brace rod ADJUSTMENT ADJUSTMENT is pulled tight under the large flatwasher STRAP HANDLE against back bolt of hitch bracket. See figures 3, 4 and 5. Now tighten all other bolts assembl- 5/16"...
  • Page 6: Hopper Bag ,Assembly

    ASSEMBLY OF HOPPER BAG Refer to carton contents figure on page 2 and figure HITCH PIN 2 on page 3 for hardware needed to assemble hopper bag. See page 2 to identify both upper and lower hopper tubes, HI_TCFI" BRACKET Insert the left hand upper hopper tube through the hopper bag stitched...
  • Page 7: Hex Bolts

    Slide upper tubes together, Place assembled lower hopper tubes into shown in figure 12. Line up the center holes. bottom of hopper bag. See figure Assemble upper and lower hopper tube epds together with two 3/8" x 3/4" hex bolts , (inside) and 3/8"' hex lock nuts (outside).
  • Page 8 Secure the bag corners over lower hopper tube Locate h_fe along side of upper hopper tubes by snapping the flap to bag bottom on each sid_ and pierce a hole through the bag aiigned with See figure the hole in the tube, See figure UPPER HOPPER TUBE FLAP...
  • Page 9 Assemble the wind screen t_ upper hopper tui_ Pull the four comer loops and snap, See figures CLEV 26 end 27_ Double wrap back loops around tube for tight fit, BAG RETAINER UPPER HOPPER WIND /TUBE FIGURE 23 Secure rope center SNAP hopper...
  • Page 10 To remove the hopper bag frame from sweeper, simply flip the bag retainers upward and remove the bag, See figure 28. _" RETAINER HOPPER MOUNT FIGURE 28.
  • Page 11 ATTACH SWEEPER TO TRACTOR TH BRUSH HEIGHT 'MENT SETTINGS IOXIMATELY IMPORTANTI To assure the best performance from your new sweeper, read and follow the instructions on this page carefully. Place the tractor and the sweeper on a flat level surface such as a drive or a walk.
  • Page 12 OPERATION CAUTION: Keep sweeper away from & Your sweeper is a precision piece of equipment. fire, Excessive heat damage Engineering skill and experience have been combined brushesand hopper bag and could cause provide reasonable safety and efficiency. How- the bag and its contents to burn.
  • Page 13 BRUSH REPLACEMENT NOTE Remove the hopper bag from lawnsweeper. To remove the wheel just pop off hub Brush replacement should done cap with a screwdriver and remove brush at a time. retaining ("E") ring and fiat washer. Tip the sweeper back on housing for ease of See figure 32.
  • Page 14 REPAIR PARTS FOR MODEL 486.241321 32" LAWN SWEEPER...
  • Page 15 REPAIR PARTS LIST FOR MODEL 486.241321 32" LAWN SWEEPER PART NO, QTY. DESCRIPTION PART NO. _.TY. DESCRIPTION _ ..illll llll i,,,UUil n ,,,,llln • ill i 43903 Brush 23812 Bag Mount 43886 Pinion Gear - R,H. 23351 Bag FrameStrap 43885 Pinion Gear - L,H.
  • Page 16 Sears Repair Parts Distribu- tion Center for handling. LIMITED ONE YEAR WARRANTY ON CRAFTSMAN LAWNSWEEPER to Order For one year from date el purchase, when this Lawnsweeper is main _ Repair Parts...

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