Craftsman 486.242221 Owner's Manual
Craftsman 486.242221 Owner's Manual

Craftsman 486.242221 Owner's Manual

42" high performance lawnsweeper


Owner's Manual
Model No's. 486.242221, 486.242241
Before using this product, read this
manual and follow all Safety Rules
and Operating Instructions.
Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.
For Missing Parts or Assembly
Questions Call 1-866-576-8388
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• Assembly
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• Parts
FORM NO. 40734 Rev (06/11/09)


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  • Page 1: Safety Rules

    42" HIGH PERFORMANCE LAWNSWEEPER Model No's. 486.242221, 486.242241 CAUTION: Before using this product, read this manual and follow all Safety Rules and Operating Instructions. Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A. PRINTED IN U.S.A. ® DO NOT RETURN TO STORE For Missing Parts or Assembly Questions Call 1-866-576-8388 STOP • Safety...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Safety Rules ... 1 Warranty ... 2 Accessories and Attachments ... 3 Carton Contents ... 3 Full Size Hardware Chart ... 4 Sweeper Assembly Instructions ... 5 Hopper Assembly Instructions ... 7 Operation ... 12 CRAFTSMAN FULL WARRANTY When operated and maintained according to all supplied instructions, if this Craftsman product fails due to a defect in material or workmanship within one year from the date or purchase, return it to any Sears store or other Craftsman outlet in the United States for free replacement. This warranty applies for only 90 days from the date of purchase if this product is ever used for commercial or rental purposes. This warranty does not include items considered to expendable parts that can wear out from normal use within the warranty period. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. Sears, Roebuck and Co., D817WA, Hoffman Estates, IL 60179...
  • Page 3: Accessories And Attachments

    ACCESSORIES AND ATTACHMENTS These accessories were available when the unit was purchased. They are also available at most Sears retail outlets and service centers. Most Sears stores can order repair parts for you when you provide the model numbers of your tractor and sweeper grass and thatch from the lawn while sweeping.
  • Page 4: Full Size Hardware Chart

    HARDWARE PACKAGE CONTENTS DESCRIPTION Hex Bolt, 5/16-18 x 3" Lg. Hex Bolt, 5/16-18 x 2-1/4" Lg. Hex Bolt, 5/16-18 x 1-3/4" Lg. Hex Bolt, 1/4-20 x 1" Carriage Bolt, 5/16-18 x 1" Lg. Carriage Bolt, 5/16-18 x 3/4" Lg. Curved Head Bolt, 1/4-20 x 1" Nylock Nut, 1/4" Nylock Nut, 5/16" Washer, Tooth Lock 5/16" Flat Washer, 5/16" Standard Hitch Spacer, 3/4" SHOWN FULL SIZE NOT SHOWN FULL SIZE DESCRIPTION Spacer Bushing Clevis Pin, 3/8" x 1/2" Clevis Pin, 1/4" x 1-1/8" Clevis Pin, 1/4" x 1-3/4" Palnut, 3/8" Hairpin Cotter, 1/8" Hairpin Cotter, 3/32" Hopper Clamp Vinyl Cap Grip Plastic Knob...
  • Page 5: Sweeper Assembly Instructions

    TOOLS REqUIRED FOR ASSEMBLY (1) H ammer (2) 1 /2" Wrenches (2) 7/16" Wrenches STEP 1 - REMOVE PARTS FROM CARTON • To protect painted parts, lay them on cardboard or a mat. • Remove the sweeper housing, the loose parts and the hardware package from the carton. Lay out the parts and hardware as shown on pages 3 and 4. • Place the sheet of cardboard from inside the carton onto your work surface to prevent scratching the sweeper. STEP 2 - IDENTIFY BRUSH ASSEMBLIES • Each brush assembly has one brush retainer marked with either red or black ink. Lay out the brush assemblies as shown so that the brush retainers marked with ink are in the middle with the black one on your right and the red one on your left. See figure 1. BRUSH RETAINER MARKED BLACK BRUSH RETAINER...
  • Page 6 • Attach the brush assembly with the red brush retainer to the left end of the brush shaft using two hex bolts (D) and nylock nuts (H). The brush retainer marked with red ink must be placed to the middle of the sweeper. See figure 3. • Turn a wheel to rotate the brushes. (The wheels drive the brushes in one direction only.) The overlap bristles should be on the back side of the brush as it rotates. HEX BOLT (D) NYLOCK NUT (H) FIGURE 3 STEP 5 - ASSEMBLE LEFT HITCH TUBE • The hitch tubes are stamped with a "77L" for the left tube and a "76R" for the right tube. The sweeper housing is marked with an "L" on the left with side and an "R" on the right side. See figures 4 and 5. • Hold the left hitch tube against the left side of the sweeper so that the "77L" on the tube faces away from the sweeper. Attach the hitch tube using two hex bolts (C) and nylock nuts (I). Do not tighten yet. See figure 4.
  • Page 7: Hopper Assembly Instructions

    STEP 8 - ASSEMBLE KNOB • Place the height adjustment strap to the inside of the height adjustment handle. Place the star washer (J) between the height adjustment strap and the height adjustment handle. Insert the carriage bolt (E) through the strap, the star washer and the handle. Assemble the flat washer (K) and the plastic knob (W) onto the end of the bolt and tighten. See figure 7. HEIGHT ADJ. STRAP FLAT WASHER (K) KNOB (W) STAR WASHER (J) FIGURE 7 STEP 9 - FASTEN HITCH TUBES TOGETHER • Fasten the hitch tubes together using two hex bolts (A) and nylock nuts (I). See figure 8. Do not tighten yet. STEP 10 - ASSEMBLE GRIP • Assemble the grip (V) onto the end of the height adjustment handle as shown in figure 8.
  • Page 8 ASSEMBLY OF HOPPER BAG STEP 14 - ASSEMBLE TUBES • Fit the ends of the two upper hopper tubes into the ends of a rear hopper tube. Align the holes in the ends of the tubes and secure them in place using two curved head bolts (G) and nylock nuts (H). See figure 11. • Fit the ends of the two lower hopper tubes into the ends of a rear hopper tube. Align the holes in the ends of the tubes and secure them in place using two curved head bolts (G) and nylock nuts (H). See figure 11. • Insert a clevis pin (O) from the outside into each lower hopper tube and secure it with a hair cotter pin (S). See figure 11. NOTE: Either side of the rear hopper tube can face up. REAR HOPPER TUBE CURVED HEAD BOLT (G) NYLOCK UPPER NUT (H) HOPPER TUBE REAR HOPPER TUBE CURVED HEAD BOLT (G) HAIR COTTER PIN (S)
  • Page 9 • Insert the bag frame strap into the stitched sleeve at the front edge of the bag bottom. See figure 14. BAG FRAME STRAP STITCHED SLEEVE FIGURE 14 • Assemble the bag frame strap to the holes in the lower hopper tubes using two clevis pins (O) and hair cotter pins (S). See figure 15. BAG FRAME STRAP HAIR COTTER PIN (S) CLEVIS PIN (O) FIGURE 15 attach to the bag bottom using the snaps. See figure SNAP FIGURE 16 STEP 17 - ASSEMBLE HOPPER CLAMPS • Assemble two hopper mount clamps (T) over the hole in the middle of each upper hopper tube using two carriage bolts (F) and two nylock nuts (I). Tighten only finger tight. See figure 17.
  • Page 10 • Slide the end of the pivot rod through the upper hopper tube and the hopper mount clamps on one side of the hopper. Place a hopper support strap and then a bag arm tube onto the rod. Slide the rod through the stitched sleeve at the front edge of the wind screen, and then place another bag arm tube and a hopper support strap onto the rod. Slide the rod through the other upper hopper tube and hopper mount clamps. See figure 18. MOUNTING CLAMP MOUNTING CLAMP HOPPER BAG PIVOT ROD HOPPER SUPPORT STRAP BAG ARM TUBE FIGURE 18 • Attach the bottoms of the hopper support straps to the clevis pins (O) in the lower hopper tubes, securing the straps with the previously assembled hair cotter pins (S). See figure 19. • Tighten the nuts on the hopper mount clamps. See figure 19.
  • Page 11 • Place the tractor and sweeper on a flat level surface. • Set the sweeper height adjustment handle to about the middle of its adjustment range. • Attach the sweeper hitch to the tractor hitch, arranging the 3/4" spacers in one of six possible combinations as shown in GROUP A and GROUP B diagrams below. IMPORTANT: To obtain the best performance from your sweeper, arrange the spacers so that the sweeper bag is approximately level with the ground and approximately 5" to 7" off the ground as shown in figure 23. GROUP "A" - For vehicles with hitches having 8" to 10" ground clearance. HITCH BRACKET MOUNTED BELOW HITCH TUBES BLACK LINE IS TRACTOR HITCH BRUSH HEIGHT ADJUSTED APPROXIMATELY MID-WAY APPROXIMATELY LEVEL (5"...
  • Page 12: Operation

    KNOW YOUR SWEEPER HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT STRAP Hopper Bag Collects grass clippings, leaves and debris. Hopper Rope Permits dumping of hopper bag from driver's seat. Windscreen Helps prevent collected material from being blown out of hopper bag. Bag Arm Tubes Connects the hopper bag to the sweeper housing. Pivot Rod Allows hopper bag to tilt forward to dump material. Height Adjustment Handle Adjusts the operating height of the sweeper. Height Adjustment Strap Holds the height adjustment handle in position when locked. Hitch Bracket Connects the sweeper to the towing vehicle. Adjusts for various height tractor hitches. HOW TO USE YOUR SWEEPER BRUSH HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT • To adjust your sweeper brushes to the best operating height, loosen the adjustment knob and push down on the height adjustment handle to raise the brush, or push up on the handle to lower the brush. See figure 19. Best adjustment is when the brush setting is 1/2" down into the grass. Always mow the grass to an even height before sweeping. SWEEPING SPEED • Try a starting speed of approximately 3 m.p.h. (third gear on most tractors). Depending on the conditions, it may be necessary to adjust the sweeping speed in...
  • Page 13: Maintenance Schedule

    CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES • Read and follow the maintenance schedule and the procedures listed in the maintenance section. MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE Fill in dates as you complete regular service. Check for loose fasteners Check for worn or damaged parts Lubricate brush shaft bearings Lubricate wheel bearings Clean Sweeper Clean/Lubricate chain and sprockets SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE • Clean the sweeper after each use. • Inspect for worn or damaged parts, such as brushes and wheels. • Lubricate the brush shaft bearing twice a year with a few drops of light weight oil. See figure 24.
  • Page 14: Service And Adjustments

    BRUSH REPLACEMENT NOTE: Brush replacement should be done one brush at a time. • Remove the hopper bag from the sweeper. • Loosen the hex bolts and lock nuts on two single brush retainers which clamp one brush to the double brush retainers. Do Not loosen or remove the bolts which fasten the double brush retainers to the brush shaft. See figure 26. • Slide the brush out of the retainers, noting on which side of the brush the bristles overlap. See figure 26. • Install new brush, making sure the bristles overlap on the same side of the brush as before. See figure 26. BRUSH SHAFT DOUBLE BRUSH RETAINER OVERLAP BRISTLES BRUSH ROTATION FIGURE 26 Wheels skid when sweeping. SERVICE AND ADJUSTMENTS SPROCKET, CHAIN AND PAWL SERVICE IMPORTANT: time to avoid mixing of parts. (The R.H. and L.H. ratchet sprockets are not interchangeable.) Make notes on the...
  • Page 15: Repair Parts Illustration

  • Page 16: Repair Parts List

    REPAIR PARTS LIST FOR MODELS 486.242221, 486.242241 42" HIGH PERFORMANCE LAWNSWEEPER 38 23 25 26 37 21 PARTS...
  • Page 17 42" HIGH PERFORMANCE LAWNSWEEPER PART qTY DESCRIPTION 46776 Hitch Tube, R.H. 46777 Hitch Tube, L.H. 65885 Housing Assembly 49102 Screw, #12 x 1/2" Hex Head Pin, Cotter 1/8" x 3/4" Lg. 68202 Height Adjustment Tube Ass'y. 43070 Washer, 3/8" Flat C-9M5732 Rivet, Pop 43086 Lock Washer, 5/16" 43080 Bolt, Carriage 5/16-18 x 3/4" 62489 Brush Bushing Ass'y. 44232 Ball Bearing 1629-56 Retainer, Dust Cover 25847 Brush Shaft 46780 Brush, 42" 43012 Bolt, Hex 1/4-20 x 3/4" Lg. 47189 Nut, Nylock 1/4-20 Thread 23580...
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