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Craftsman 315.113860 Operator's Manual

3/8 in., 18 volt cordless drill-driver variable speed / reversible
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Variable Speed / Reversible
Model No.
WARNmNG: To reduce the risk of injury,
the user must read and understand the
operator's manual before using this
Help Line: 1-800-932-3188
Sears, Roebuck
and Co., 3333 Bevedy Rd., Hoffman
IL 60179 USA
Visit the Craftsman
web page: www.sears.comicraftsman
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  Summary of Contents for Craftsman 315.113860

  • Page 1 Customer Help Line: 1-800-932-3188 Sears, Roebuck and Co., 3333 Bevedy Rd., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 USA Visit the Craftsman web page: www.sears.comicraftsman 983000-456 9-04 Save this manual for future reference...
  • Page 2: One Year Full Warranty

    NEAREST SEARS STORE OR SEARS PARTS & REPAIR OENTER IN THE UNITED STATES, and Sears wil! replace it, free of charge. Hfthis Craftsman tool is used for commercial or rental purposes, this warranty applies for only 90 days from the date of purchase.
  • Page 3: Work Area

    WARNING!READ ANDUNDERSTAND ALLIN= [] Do not overreach. Keep proper footing and balance STRUCT[ONS. Failure t o followai! instructions listed at all times. Proper footing and balance enable better control of the tool in unexpected situations. below, may result in electric shock, fire and/or seri- ous personal injury.
  • Page 4 SERVICE [] When servicing a tool, use only identical replace- ment parts. Follow instructions in the Maintenance [] Tool service must be performed only by qualified section of this manual. Use of unauthorized parts or repair personnel. Service or maintenance performed failure to follow Maintenance hstructions may create a by unqualified personnel may result in a risk of injury.
  • Page 5 [] An extension cord should not be used unless ab- WARNmNG! READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL IN- STRUCTIONS. Failure to follow al! instructions listed solutely necessary. Use of improper extension cord could result in a risk of fire and electdc shock. If exten- below, may result in electdc shock, fire and/or serious personal injury.
  • Page 6 Someof the followingsymbolsmaybe usedon this tool. Please studythemand learntheirmeaning. P roper interpretation o f thesesymbolswillallowyouto operate the too!betterandsafer. SYMBOL NAME DESIG NATION/EXPLANATmON Volts Voltage Amperes Current Hertz Frequency ( cyclespersecond) Watt Power Minutes Time Alternating Current Typeofcurrent Direct Current Type or a characteristic of current No Load Speed Rotational speed, at no load...
  • Page 7 Thefollowing signal w ordsandmeanings a reintended to explain the levels of riskassociated withthisproduct. SYMBOL SIGNAL MEANING DANGER: Hndicates an imminently hazardous situation, which, if not avoided, wil! result in death or serious injury. WARNING: Hndicates a potentially hazardous situation, which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury.
  • Page 8: Product Specifications

    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Chuck ................................3/8 in. Keyless Motor ..................................18 Volt DC Switch ................................Vadable Speed Gear Train ................................Single Speed No Load Speed ..............................0=650/rain. Clutch .................................. 24 Pos}tions Charger input ............................120 M 60 Hz, AC only Charge Rate ................................3=6 Hour Torque ..............................
  • Page 9 KNOW YOUR DRmLL-DRmVER DmRECTmON OF ROTATmON SELECTOR See Figure 1. Your drill-driver has a forward/reverse selector located Before attempting to use this product, familiarize yourself above the switch trigger. with all operating Features and Safety Rules. WRmST STRAP KEYLESS CHUCK A wrist strap is provided to reduce the chances of drop- Your drill-driver has a keyless chuck that allows you to ping your drill-driver.
  • Page 10 UNPACKmNG WARNING." Hfany parts are missing do not operate this too! unti! the missing parts are replaced. Failure This product has been shipped completely assembled. to do so could result in possible serious personal [] Carefully remove the tool and any accessories from the injury.
  • Page 11: Charging The Battery Pack

    CHARGING THE BATTERY PACK [] The battery pack wl(I become sllght(y warm to the touch whi(e charging. This is normal and does not The battery pack for this tool has been sh(pped (n a (ow lnd(cate a prob(em. charge condition to prevent poss(b)e prob(ems. Therefore, [] Do not p(ace charger in an area of extreme heat or you shou(d charge ovem(ght prior to use.
  • Page 12: To Remove Battery Pack

    SWmTCH See Figure 3. To turn your ddl! ON, depress the switch trigger. To turn it OFF, release the switch trigger. FORWARD/ REVERSE SELECTOR BATTERY PACK VARmABLE SPEED See Figure 3. This tool has a variable speed switch that delivers higher DEPRESS LATCHES TO speed and torque with increased trigger pressure.
  • Page 13: Drill Bit

    INSTALUNG BraTS See Figure 5. See Figures 5 o 7. This too! has the feature of being reversible. The direction Lock the switch trigger by placing the direction of rota- of rotation is controlled by a selector located above the tion selector in center position.
  • Page 14 REMOVmNG BraTS ADJUSTABLE TORQUE CLUTCH See Figures 5 and 8. Your drill is equipped with an adjustable torque clutch for driving different types of screws into different materials. m Lock the switch trigger by placing the direction of rota- The proper setting depends on the type of matedal and tion selector in center position.
  • Page 15 BiT STORAGE DRILLING See Figure 10. See Figure 12. When not in use, bits provided with your drill can be placed in the storage area located on the bottom of your ddll. $CBEWDRIVEBBiT Fig. 10 WARNING: Always wear safety goggles or safety glasses with side shields when operating tools.
  • Page 16: Chuck Removal

    WARNmNG: Whenservicing, useonlyidentical Craftsman r eplacement parts.Useofanyotherpart maycreatea hazard or cause productdamage. WARNmNG: Always wearsafetygoggles or safety glasses withsideshields whenusing compressed a ir to cleantools.Iftheoperation is dusty, a lsoweara dustmask. WARNUNG: Toavoidserious personal injury, a lways remove the battery packfromthetoolwhencleaning or performing a nymaintenance.
  • Page 17 TO RETmGHTEN A LOOSE CHUCK m hsert hex key into chuck and tighten chuck jaws se= cutely. Tap hex key sharply with a mallet in a clockwise The chuck may become loose on spindle and develop a direction. This will tighten chuck on the spindle. wobble.
  • Page 18 CRAFTSMAN 3/8 in., 18 VOLT CORDLESS DRmLL-DRmVER - MODEL NO. 315.113860 [ The mode! number will be found On a plate at{ached to the mOtOr hOusing. AlwaYs mention the mode! number in al! correspondence regarding your DRILL-DRIVER or when ordering repair parts.