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Maintenance; Filter Cleaning; Filter Removal And Replacement - Craftsman 113.176120 Owner's Manual

4 gallon portable wet/dry vac
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_, WARNING: To reduce the risk of
injury from accidental starting, unplug
power cord before changing or
cleaning filter.
NOTE: This filter is made of high quality
paper designed to stop very small
particles of dust. The filter can be used
for wet or dry pick up. Handle the filter
carefully when removing to clean or
installing it. Creases in the filter pleats
may occur from installation but creases
will not affect the performance of the
Filter Cleaning
Your filter should be cleaned often to
maintain peak Vac performance.
Be sure to dry the filter before storing or
picking up dry debris.
After cleaning, check the
filter for tears or small holes. Do not use
a filter with holes or tears in it. Even a
small hole can cause a lot of dust to
come out of your Vac. Replace it
4. Gently push on the filter plate to seat
the rubber ring of the filter inside the
circular channel of the filter plate.
5. Place the filter nut onto the threaded
screws and tighten it down. Finger
tighten only.
NOTE: Lever of filter nut should be away
from plate as shown.
Do not over tighten as this
may deform or crack the filter cage or
filter plate.
NOTE: Your filter has a purple stripe that
matches an in-store disptayer. When you
visit your local Sears store, just
remember the color of your stripe for the
correct size filter.
Fitter Nut
Filter P,ate
Latch (2)
Filter Removal
and Replacement
IMPORTANT: To reduce the risk of
damage to the blower wheel and motor,
always reinstall the filter before using the
Vac for dry material pickup.
Filter Removal:
1. To remove the filter for cleaning or
unscrew the filter nut
from the filter cage, remove filter plate
and lift off filter.
2. To replace the filter, carefully slide the
filter over the filter cage, sliding it over
the center ring covering the three slots
until the filter stops against the power
3. Place the hole in the filter plate over
the threaded screw of the filter cage.

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Table of Contents

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