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Cleaning A Dry Filter; Cleaning A Wet Filter - Craftsman 113.176120 Owner's Manual

4 gallon portable wet/dry vac
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NOTE: If filter cage needs to be
removed, or replaced, use a flat blade
screwdriver and insert the blade near one
of the tabs between the filter cage and
the center ring of the power head. Pry the
tab out of the slot. Tilt the cage and lift
away from the power head. Replace in
the following manner:
1. Place the float over the opening in the
center of the power head as shown,
laying face down over the hole.
2. Line up filter cage tabs with slots in the
center ring of the power head.
3. Push on the filter cage until the tabs
snap into slots for a secure fit.
Slots (3)
A Dry Filter
Some removal of dry debris can be
without removing the filter
from the Vac. Slap your hand on top of
the power head while the Vac is turned
For best cleaning results due to
dust, clean the filter in an
open area. Cleaning SHOULD be done
outdoors and not in the living quarters.
After filter removal from Vac, remove the
dry debris by gently tapping the filter
against the inside wall of your dust drum.
The debris will loosen and fall.
For thorough cleaning of dry filter with
fine dust (no debris), run water through it
as described under "Cleaning A Wet
A Wet Filter
After filter is removed, run water through
the filter from a hose or spigot. Take care
that water pressure from the hose is not
strong enough to damage filter.
Slots (3)
Filter Tab (3)
Solid End

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Table of Contents

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