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Tool Caddy Assembly; Wheels/Caster Assembly - Craftsman 113.176120 Owner's Manual

4 gallon portable wet/dry vac
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Table of Contents
Tool Caddy Assembly
Locate the tool caddy and the bag
assembly in the carton. The tool caddy is
designed to fit on the back of the
4-Gallon drum and MUST BE assembled
to the Vac BEFORE fastening the wheels.
1. Remove the power head from the drum
and set aside.
2. Turn the drum upside down on a flat
3. Turn the tool caddy upside down and
align to the back of the drum.
4. Install the four screws in the allotted
holes using a Phillips screwdriver.
Tighten screws until snug. Do not over
tighten as this may tend to deform the
The tool caddy MUST BE assembled to
the Vac BEFORE fastening the wheels.
Locate the two wheels and the caster in
the carton. The caster is designed to fit
towards the front of the drum and the
wheels for the back.
1. Insert the caster into the bottom of the
drum as shown
2. Push the caster until the flange on the
caster stem is inserted all the way into
the socket. You will hear the flange
snap into the socket. The caster wilt
swivel easily when positioning is
3. Position the axle side of one of the
wheels into the drum as illustrated.
Push wheel into the toot caddy hub.
You will hear the wheel snap into the
tool caddy.
Repeat for the second
Screw (4)
Tool Cadd_
Caster (1)
Caster Flange

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Table of Contents

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