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W As Hing Methods - Haier SBM600T User Manual

Automatic drum washing machine
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W as hing Metho ds
1. L au ndry loa ding
E ve nly loa d the la undry in the wa s hing
mac hine a nd the n tightly c los e the door
of the was hing mac hine
fa bric c lothes
N ote: 1) W hen first using the was hing ma-
chine , let it run unloa de d for one program
to pre ve nt the laundry from being ta inte d
by oil or dirty wate r from the was hing ma-
chine. 2) Do not overloa d the was hing ma-
c hine .
2. U s e o f deter g e nt
P ull out the dete rge nt dra we r, put require d dete rge nt, s ofte ning
a ge nt a nd ble ac hing a ge nt into the c orres ponding boxes . P us h
bac k the dra we r gently.
C aution: 1) D o not add liquid dete rge nt into box 1 a nd 2
2) F or pre -was hing program, dete rge nt s hould
be added to both box 1 a nd 2; for other
programs , do not add dete rge nt to box 1
3) D o not ove ruse s ofte ning a ge nt a s this may
damage a rtific ia l fabrics .
3. W as hing pro g r am s ettin g
S et the was h program c orrec tly in ac c orda nc e with the laundry loa d. the methods for s et-
ting was h programs a re indicate d on the handle of the dis tributor on the was hing machine .
turn the program knob c lockwis e to the des ired program.
C aution: T urn off the power before s etting the was h program.
R eference loa ding
O ve ralls
J ea ns (800g)
( c otto n 950g)
P aja mas (200g)
B le nded
S hirts (300g)
U nderwe ar
s hirt
( blende d fabrics 70g)
( c otto n
S oc ks
( blende d fa brics 50g)
S i n gle bed s he e ts
J ac ke ts
( c otto n 800g)
( c otto n 800g)
Woole n
bla nkets (3000g)



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