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Haier SBM600T User Manual page 4

Automatic drum washing machine
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Matter s N e e ding A tten tion
8. T he was hing mac hine mus t not be use d in
the ope n or in a re a of high mois ture a s wate r
droplets may form on e le ctrica l c ompone nts ,
A ir dry the applia nce if the was hing mac hine
c ompone nts bec ome wet.
10. Ke e p a wa y from hea t s ourc es a nd direc t
s unlight to pre ve nt pla stic a nd rubber c om-
ponents from a ging.
U se
1. Make s ure tha t the was hing mac hine is s e-
c urely c onnec te d to the wate r s upply,ta ke the
nec es s ory pre ca utions or c on-ta c t the loc al
s ervice center if the con-nection is poor or there
is a wate r lea ka ge .
9. T he was hing mac hine s hould be pla ce in
a well ventila te d a re a mainta ing a s pa ce
betwe e n walls or furniture .
11. D uring ins tallation, e ns ure tha t the e l e c-
tric cable is not trapped by the was hing ma-
c hine a nd a void da ma ge to the e le ctric
c able .
2. A fte r turning the power off, turn the program
knob c lockwis e to s et was hing program.



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