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Haier HW80-B14979 User Manual

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User manual
Washing machine



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  • Page 1 User manual Washing machine HW80-B14979 HW80-B14979S HW100-B14979 HW100-B14979S HW120-B14979 HW120-B14979S...
  • Page 2 Thank you Thank you for purchasing a Haier Product. Please read these instructions carefully before using this appliance. The instructions con- tain important information which will help you get the best out of the appliance and ensure safe and proper installation, use and maintenance.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Content 1-Safety information ......................... 4 2-Product description ........................7 3-Control panel ..........................8 4-Programmes ..........................11 5-Consumption ..........................12 6-Daily use ............................13 7-Eco-friendly washing ........................18 8-Care and cleaning ........................19 9-Troubleshooting ...........................22 10-Installation ...........................25 11-Technical data ..........................29 12-Customer service ........................31...
  • Page 4: 1-Safety Information

    1-Safety information Before switching on the appliance for the fi rst time read the follow- ing safety hints!: WARNING! Before fi rst use Make sure there is no transport damage. Make sure all transport bolts are removed. Remove all packaging and keep out of children´s reach. Handle the appliance always with at least two persons because it is heavy.
  • Page 5 1-Safety information WARNING! Daily use Do not remove or insert the plug in the presence of flammable gas Do not hot wash foam rubber or sponge-like materials. Do not wash any laundry which is polluted with fl our. Do not open detergent drawer during any wash cycle. Do not touch the door during the washing process, it gets hot.
  • Page 6 1-Safety information WARNING! Installation Install or use the appliance only where the temperature is above 5 °C. Do not place the appliance directly on a carpet, or close to a wall or furniture. Do not install the appliance in direct sunlight or in the near of heat sources(e.g.
  • Page 7: 2-Product Description

    2-Product description Note: Due to technical changes and diff erent models, the illustrations in the following chap- ters may diff er from your model. 2.1 Picture of appliance Front (Fig. 2-1): Rear side (Fig. 2-2): 3-Control panel Séchage Fin différée Dry Level Delay Temp.
  • Page 8: 3-Control Panel

    3-Control panel T emp. S tain removal S team Extra Rins e S peed 525 DRUM REFRESH 5 Function buttons 1 “Power“ button 3 Display 6 “Start/Pause“ button 2 Programme selector 4 Detergent /Softener drawer Note : Acoustic signal In following cases an acoustic signal sounds: when pressing a button at the end of programme when turning the programme selector...
  • Page 9 Note: Factory settings To get best results in each programme Haier has well defi ned specifi c default settings. If there is no special requirement default settings are recommended.
  • Page 10 3-Control panel 3-10 3.5.4 Function button“Speed“ 3-10 Touch this button (Fig. 3-10) to change or deselect the spin of the programme. If no value is illuminated the display (“”) laundry will not spin. Essorage 3.5.5 “Extra Rinse“ button Fin différée Delay 3-11 Touch this button (Fig.
  • Page 11: 4-Programmes

    Optional, Sanitizer º Max. load Temperature Function Preset spin speed in kg in °C in rpm HW80-B14979 selectable HW100-B14979 Programme range 1 2 3 Fabrics type HW120-B14979 • º º • • • • • 8/10/12 * to 90 Cotton...
  • Page 12: 5-Consumption

    5-Consumption The indicated consumption values may accordingly diff er to local conditions. Temper- Max. load Energy Water Washing time Spin ature in h:min drying Programme in °C in kg in kWh in L perfor- mance in % HW120 / 100 / 80 40°C 6/5/4 0.65/0.55/0.50...
  • Page 13: 6-Daily Use

    6-Daily use 6.1 Power supply Connect the washing machine to a power supply (220V to 240V~/50Hz; Fig. 6-1). Please refer also to section INSTALLATION. 6.2 Water connection Before connecting check the cleanliness and clar- ity of the water inlet. Tun on the tap (Fig.6-2). Note: Tightness Before use check for leakage in the joints between the tap and the inlet hose by turning on the tap.
  • Page 14 6-Daily use Care chart Washing Washable up to 95°C Washable up to 60°C Washable up to 60°C normal process normal process mild process Washable up to 40°C Washable up to 40°C Washable up to 40°C normal process mild process very mild process Washable up to 30°C Washable up to 30°C Washable up to 30°C...
  • Page 15 6-Daily use 6.5 Selecting detergent Washing effi ciency and performance is determined by used detergent quality. Use only machine wash approved detergent. If needed use specifi c detergents, e.g. for synthetic and woolen fabric. Mind always detergent manufacturer recommendations. Do not use dry cleaning agents such as trichloroethylene and similar products. Choose the best detergent Kind of detergent Universal...
  • Page 16 6-Daily use 6.6 Adding detergent 1. Slide out the detergent drawer. 2. Put the required chemicals into corresponding compartments (Fig. 6-4) 3. Push back the drawer gently. Note: Remove detergent residues before next wash cycle from the detergent drawer. Do not overuse detergent or softener. Please follow the instruction on the detergent package.
  • Page 17 6-Daily use 3-14 6.10 Start wash programme Touch “Start/Pause“ button (Fig. 6-8) to start. The LED of the “Start/Pause“ button stops fl ashing and lights up continuously Appliance operates according to present settings. Changes are only possible by cancelling the programme. 6.11 Interrupt / cancel wash programme To interrupt a running programme press gently “Start/Pause“.
  • Page 18: 7-Eco-Friendly Washing

    7-Eco-friendly washing Environmentally responsible use To achieve best use of energy, water, detergent and time you should use the recom- mended maximum load size. Do not overload (hand width clearance above laundry). For slightly soiled laundry select the Quick Wash programme. Apply exact dosages of each washing agent.
  • Page 19: 8-Care And Cleaning

    8-Care and cleaning 8.1 Cleaning the detergent drawer Take always care there are no detergent residues. Clean the drawer regularly (Fig. 8-1): 1. Pull out the drawer until it stops. 2. Press the release button and remove the drawer. 3. Flush the drawer with water until it is clean and insert the drawer back in the appliance.
  • Page 20 8-Care and cleaning 8.5 Long periods of disuse If the appliance is left idle for a longer period: 1. Pull out the electrical plug (Fig. 8-6). 2. Turn off water supply (Fig. 8-7). 3. Open the door to prevent formation of moisture and odours.
  • Page 21 8-Care and cleaning 9. Clean carefully pump fi lter, e.g. using running water 8-14 8-15 (Fig. 8-14). 10. Refi x it thoroughly (Fig. 8-15). 11. Close service fl ap. CAUTION! Pump fi lter sealing has to be clean and unhurt. If the lid is not full tightened, water can escape.
  • Page 22: 9-Troubleshooting

    9-Troubleshooting Many occuring problems could be solved by yourself without specifi c expertise. In case of a problem please check all shown possibilities and follow below instructions before you contact an after sales service. See CUSTOMER SERVICE. WARNING! Before maintenance, deactivate the appliance and disconnect the mains plug from the mains socket.
  • Page 23 9-Troubleshooting Problem Cause Solution  • Heating error. • Contact the After sales service.  • Motor error. • Contact the After sales service.  • Water level sensor error. • Contact the After sales service.  or  • Abnormal communication error. •...
  • Page 24 9-Troubleshooting Problem Cause Solution Excessive foam fl oats • Detergent is not a appropriate. • Check detergent recommen- drum and/or deter- dations. gent drawer. • Excessive use of detergent. • Reduce amount of detergent. Automatic adjust- • Washing programme duration will •...
  • Page 25: 10-Installation

    10-Installation 10.1 Preparation Take the appliance out of the packaging. Remove all packaging material including polystyrene base, keep them out of childrens reach. While opening the package, water drops may be seen on plastic bag and porthole. This normal phenomenon results from water tests in the factory. Note: Packaging disposal Keep all packaging materials out of children´s reach and dispose them in an environ- mentally friendly manner.
  • Page 26 S2) from the machine.*HW100/120-B14979 R5-R10 Remove the 4 screws (R1 - R4) from lower back reinforcement. take out reinforcements (S2) from the machine.*HW80-B14979 (Fig. 10-4). R1-R4 Pull out the 2 iron bars I1 and I2 (Fig. 10-5) 10-5 4. Fill the 6 left holes with blanking plugs (Fig. 10-6).
  • Page 27 10-Installation 10.6 Drain Water Connection Fix the water drain hose properly to the piping. The hose has to reach at one point a height between 80 and 100 cm above the appliance bottom line! If possible keep always drain hose fi xed to the clip at the appliance back. WARNING! Use only the supplied hose set for the connection.
  • Page 28 10-Installation 10.7 Fresh Water Connection 10-11 10-12 Make sure that the gaskets are inserted. 1. Connect the water inlet hose with the angled end to the appliance (Fig. 10-11. Tighten the screw joint by hand. 2. The other end connect to a water tap with a 3/4“...
  • Page 29: 11-Technical Data

    11-Technical data 11.1 Product fi che according to regulation EU No. 1061/2010 Suppliers name or trade mark Haier HW80-B14979/ Supplier´s model identifi er HW100-B14979/ HW120-B14979 Rated capacity (kg) 8/10/12 Energy effi ciency class A+++ Energy consumption per year (AE in kWh/year) 119 / 129 / 165 Energy consumption of standard cotton programme 60°C, full load...
  • Page 30 11-Technical data 11.2 Additional technical data HW80-B14979 / HW100-B14979 / HW120-B14979 Dimension (HxWxD in mm) 850x460x595 / 850x530x595 / 850x600x595 Voltage in V 220-240 V~/50Hz Current in A Max power in W 2000 Water pressure in MPa 0.03≤P ≤1 Netto weight in kg 72 / 77 / 80 11.3 Standards and Directives...
  • Page 31: 12-Customer Service

    If you cannot fi nd a solution there, please contact your local dealer or the Service & Support area at where you can fi nd telephone numbers and FAQs and where you can activate the service claim. To contact our Service, ensure that you have the following data available.