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Matte Rs N E E D Ing Atte Ntion - Haier SBM600T User Manual

Automatic drum washing machine
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Matter s N e e ding A tten tion
S afety
1. A s eparate e arthed s ocke t is require d for the
power s upply. A fte r ins talla tion of the was hing
mac hine ,the power plug s hould be ac c es s i b le
during the norma l was h.
3. F us es in the power c ircuit s hould be rate d
for 15A. R efer to a was hing mac hine te chni-
c ia n or a H aier des igna te d s ervice point for
power c able repla ce me nt.
5. Do not use flammable detergent or dry clean-
ing a ge nt; do not use flammable s pray in cl o se
vicinity to the was hing machine ; do not remove
or ins ert the plug in the pre se nce of flammable
gas .
7. D o not allow c hildren pla y with the pac king mate ria ls a fte r unpac king.
2. H old the plug a nd not the e le ctric cable whe n
unplugging the was hing mac hine .
4. F or your s afety, dry hands before touching
the wa s hing mac hine a nd wea r appropria te
footwea r .
6 . T he door of the wa s hing mac hine will be-
c ome hot during the wa te r hea ting proces s .
Avoid c onta ct with the door during the hea ting
proces s . F or s afety, ke e p c hildren a wa y from
the was hing mac hine .



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