Craftsman Nextec 320.17562 Operator's Manual

Craftsman Nextec 320.17562 Operator's Manual

12.0-volt lithium-ion cordless right-angle impact driver


flEX E
Model No. 320.17562
Powered by an
qualified battery
charger for a
better environment
To reduce
the risk of
injury, the user must read and understand
the Operator's
manual before using
this product.
• Warranty
• Safety
• Assembly
• Operation
• Maintenance
• Espa_ol
before first use
Sears Brands Management
Corporation, Hoffman Estates,
IL 60179 U.S.A.


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Summary of Contents for Craftsman Nextec 320.17562

  • Page 1 Operator's Manual ICRA MAN°I flEX E 12.0-VOLT LITHIUM-ION CORDLESS RIGHT-ANGLE IMPACT DRIVER Model No. 320.17562 c_ius LISTED • Warranty Powered by an • Safety ENERGYSTAR _ • Assembly qualified battery charger for a • Operation better environment • Maintenance _k WARNING: To reduce the risk of •...
  • Page 2 Indicates DANGER, WARNING, OR CAUTION. Sears Repair Parts Phone Number Back Cover May be used in conjunction with other symbols or pictographs. CRAFTSMAN ONE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY DANGER: Indicates an imminently hazardous situation, which, if not avoided, will result in death or serious injury.
  • Page 3: Electrical Safety

    SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS Some of these following symbols may be used on this tool. Please study them GENERAL POWER TOOL SAFETY WARNINGS and learn their meaning. Proper interpretation of these symbols will allow you to operate the tool better and safer. WARNING: Read all safety warnings and instructions.
  • Page 4: Personal Safety

    Store idle power tools out of the reach of children and do not allow • Use the battery only with the charger listed: persons unfamiliar with the power tool or these instructions to operate BATTERY PACK CHARGER the power tool. Power tools are dangerous in the hands of untrained users. 320.11221 320.10006 Maintain power tools.
  • Page 5 SPECIFIC SAFETY RULES FOR CORDLESS RIGHT ANGLE IMPACT DRIVER _]__o_j Hold power tools by insulated gripping surfaces when performing KNOW YOUR RIGHT-ANGLE IMPACT DRIVER (Fig.l) operation where the tool may contact hidden wiring or its own cord. Fig. 1 Contact with a "live"...
  • Page 6: Variable Speed

    • If any parts are damaged or missing, please refer to the numbers listed on ABt,WARNING: The safe use of this product requires an understanding of the the back page of operator's manual. information on the tool and in this operator's manual, as well as knowledge the project you are attempting.
  • Page 7: Operation

    BATTERY PROTECTION Charge the Lithium-Ion I Fig. 2 battery pack with the The battery circuitry protects the battery pack from extreme temperature, correct charger. over-discharge, and over-charge. To protect the battery from damage and Connect the charger to a prolong its life, the battery pack circuitry will turn off the battery pack if it becomes...
  • Page 8: Defective Battery

    CHARGING A HOT BATTERY PACK direction of rotation (forward/center IocW reverse) selector in the center position. If the battery pack is above normal temperature range, the red LED will illuminate and the green LED will be off. When the battery pack cools down to Align the raised rib on the battery pack with the grooves in the Right-Angle Impact...
  • Page 9 DIRECTION-OF-ROTATION SELECTOR (FORWARD/CENTER LOCK/ LED WORKLIGHT (Fig. 7) Fig. 7 REVERSE) (Fig. 5) The LED worklight, located on The direction of bit rotation is reversible and is controlled by a selector located the front of the 12V Right-Angle above the trigger switch. With the Right-Angle Impact Driver held in normal Impact Driver, will illuminate...
  • Page 10: General Maintenance

    2. Apply just enough pressure WARNING: When servicing, use only identical Craftsman replacement parts. to keep the bit engaged on Use of any other parts may create a hazard or cause product damage. the screw or nut.
  • Page 11 BATTERIES: The battery pack is equipped with Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries. duration of use from each charge will depend on the type of work performed. PROBLEM CAUSE SOLUTION The tool does not work The batteries in this tool have been designed to provide maximum trouble- Battery...
  • Page 12 12.0-VOLT LITHIUM-ION CORDLESS RIGHT-ANGLE IMPACT DRIVER MODEL NO. 320. 17562 2730137000 DC Motor The Model Number will be found on the Nameplate attached to the handle of the 3123113000 LED Cover Right-Angle Impact Driver. Always mention the Model Number when ordering parts for this tool.
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  • Page 15 Your Home For troubleshooting, product manuals and expert advice: managemylife For repair- in your home - of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! For the replacement parts, accessories and owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself.

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