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Craftsman 580.325610 Operator's Manual

Ac generator 5600 watt


Operator's Manual
HOURS: Man. =Fri. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CT)
Before using this product, read this
manual and foiiow ali Safety Rules
and Operating instructions.
Antes de utiiizar et producto, iea este
manual y siga todas las Reglas de
Seguridad e Instrucciones de Uso.
Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, JL 68179 U.S.A.
Visit our Craftsman website: www.craftsman.cem
Part No. 198451GS Draft F (04/09/2007)
® Safety
,, Assembly
,, Operation
,, Maintenance
® Parts
® Espa_oi, p. 36


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  • Page 1 Safety Rules manual y siga todas las Reglas de ® Espa_oi, p. 36 and Operating instructions. Seguridad e Instrucciones de Uso. Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, JL 68179 U.S.A. Visit our Craftsman website: www.craftsman.cem Part No. 198451GS Draft F (04/09/2007)
  • Page 2 If this generator fails due to a defect in materiai or workmanship within one year from the date of purchase, return it to any Sears store, other Craftsman outlet, or Sears Parts & Repair Center in the United States for free repair (or replacement if repair proves impossible).
  • Page 3 This is the safety alert symbol, tt is used to alert you to potential personalinjuryhazards. Obey all safety messages that fallow this symbam to avoid passible injury or death. ii_!-j_j Read this manual carefui(y and become familiar DANGFR with your generator. }(now its applications, its (imitations, and any hazards involved.
  • Page 4 WARNING WARNING voltage. 3enerator produces hazardous Starter cord kickback (rapid retraction) can result in bodiiy injury. Kickback wiii puff hand and arm Faiiure to isoiate generator from power utiiity can _< toward engine faster than you can bt go. result in death or injury to etectric utiiity workers due to backfeed of electrical energy.
  • Page 5 NOTICE WARNING Exceeding generators wattage/amperage capacity can damage generator and/or eiectricai devices connected to it. DO NOT exceedthe generator's wattage/amperage capacity, See Unintentionai sparking can result in fire or Don't OverloadGenerator in the Operationsection. electric shock. Stat generator and let engine stabilize before connecting ebctrical loads, WHEN ADJUSTING OR[VIAKINO R EPAIRS TOYOURGENERATOR Connect ebctrical loads in OFFposition, then turn ON for...
  • Page 6 KNOWYOURGENERATOR _Read the operator's manaamand safety rules before operatingyour generator, Compare the illustrations with your generator to familiarize yourself with the locations of various controls and adjustments. Savethis manual for future reference. H =Fuel Tank -- Capacity of five (5) U.S. gallons (18.9 L). A =120 Volt AC,20 Amp, DuplexReceptacles -- May be used to supply electricaI power for the operation of J - Fael VaNe -- Used to turn fuel supply on and off to...
  • Page 7 Your C raftsman generator requires some assembly and is ready f oruse only after i t hasbeen p roperly servbed w iththe recommended oiland fuel. tf youhave anyprobbms w iththeassemMy ofyour generator, please call the generater heb]ine at 1-80e-222-3136. Unpacking the Generater 1.
  • Page 8 BEFORESTARTINGTHE GENERATOR WARNING Add Engine Oil Fueland its vapors are extremely flammable and 1. Place generator on a level surface. explosive. 2. Cleanarea around oii fiii and remove yellow oii fiii cap. Fireor explosion can cause severe burns or NOTE:See the section Oi/to review oii recommendations. death.
  • Page 9 3. Removetab to expose membrane. CAUTISN! Alcohol-blended fuels (called gasohoI, ethanol or methanol) can attract moisture, which ieads to separation and formation of acids during storage, Acidic gas can damagethe fuei system of an engine whiie in storage, To avoid engine problems, the fuel system should be treated with a fuel preserver or emptied beforestorage of 30 days or longer, if adding a fuel preserver, fiii the fuel tank with fresh fuel.
  • Page 10 HOWTO USEYOUR GENERATOR Generater Lecatien If you haveany problems operating your generator after Generater Clearance reading the manual, please call the generator helpiine at 1o800o222o3136. WARNING System Ground _,_5 Exhaustheat/gases can ignite combustibles, The generator has a system ground that connects the structures or damage fuel tank causing a fire.
  • Page 11 Engine To Start The WARNING DisconnectatI ebctricai loads from the generator. NEVER start or stop engine with electricai devices piugged in and Contact with muffler area can result in serious turned ON. Foilow start instruction steps in numerical order: burns. 1.
  • Page 12 CSBDSETSAND RECEPTACLES 128 Volt AC, 28 Amp, #uplex Receptacles Eachduplex receptacle is protected against overload by a Use onty high quality, welPinsulated, grounded extension double pole rocker switch circuit breaker. cords with the generator's 120 Volt electrical receptacles. Inspect extension cords before each use. Checkthe ratings of aii extension cords before you use them.
  • Page 13 DON'TOVERLOAD GENERATOR 4. Hug in and turn on the next ioad. 5. Again, permit the generator to stabiiize. Capacity 6. Repeatsteps 4 and 5 for each additional load. You must make sure your generator can supply enough rated NEVERadd more loads than the generator capacity. Take (running) and surge (starting) watts for the items you will speciai care to consider surge loads in generator capacity, as power at the same time.
  • Page 14 PRODUCT S PECiFiCATiONS ENGINETECHNICALiNFORMATiON This is a single cylinder, overhead valve(OH\/), air cooled Generator $pe¢ificatiens engine, it is a iow emissions engine. Starting Wattage ....8600 Watts (8.6 kW) In the State of Caiifornia, Model 200000 engines are certified Wattage ......5600 Watts (5.6 kW) by the California Air Resources Board to meet emissions standards for 250 hours.
  • Page 15 MAINTENANCESCHEDULE Foiiow the hourly or calendar intervals, whichever occurs first= More frequent service is required when operating in adverse conditions noted beiow. MAINTENANCESgNEDULE FILL IN DATESAS YOU COMPLETE SERVICEDATES REGULARSERVICE SERVICEDATES Before j Every 25 Hours Every 50 Hours Every 100 Hours MAINTENANCETASK Each Use J or Yearly...
  • Page 16 ENGINEMAINTENANCE The StatStation displays the nominai ioad on generator WARNING based on output frequency. It also has a built in maintenance reminder. Wattage Monitor Operatian Unintentionai sparking can result in fire or electric shock. The dispiay is two seven-segment LEDs that provide an easy- to-read indication of the amount of power being suppiied by the generator.
  • Page 17 Checking Oil Level 4. Remove oil drain plug and drain oil completely into a suitabie container. Oii level should be checked prior to each use or at least every 5 hours of operation=Keep oii ievet maintained. 5. Reinstail oil drain plug and tighten securely. Removeoil fill cap.
  • Page 18 CJean_epJace Spark PJu9 2. Removefour screws that attachspark arrestor screen (C). Changethe spark piug every 100 hours of operation or once each year, whichever comes first. This wifl help your engine to start easier and run better. 1. Cleanarea around spark piug. 2.
  • Page 19 Change eil While engine is still warm, drain oil from crankcase. Refill The generator should be started at least once every seven with recommended grade. days and aliowed to run at ieast 30 minutes, if this cannot be done and you must store the unit for more than 30 days, use elmCyminder Bere the following information as a guide to prepare it for storage.
  • Page 20 Probmem Cause Cerreetien 1. Resetcircuit breaker. 1. One of the circuit breakers is open. 2. Fault in generator. 2. Contact Sears or other qualified service dealer. Engine is running, but no AC output is Poor connection or defective cord 3. Checkand repair. available.
  • Page 23 CRAFTSMAN5600 Watt AC Generator 580_S25610 v/ARNING! c_J ' [Js 1I_r__...
  • Page 24 CRAFTSMAN5600 Watt AC Generator 580,325610 Main Unit _ ExpJodedView...
  • Page 25 CRAFTSMAN5600 Watt AC Generater 580,325610 Main Unit _ Parts List item Part # Description 201874GS ASSY, Cradle 194150GS KiT, Vibration, Mount, 45 ° 67989GS NUT, M8 FiangeSerrated 190220GS HOUSING,Engine Adapter ASSY,Alternator (see page 27) NUT, Hex M8 =I=25 195398GS TPHMS, M8 =1=25x 35 96796GS WASHER,M8 Fiat WASHER,Lock 5/16 - M8...
  • Page 26 CRAFTSMAN 5600 Watt AC Generator 580.325610 ControlPanel -- ExplodedView and Parts List Part # item Description 197471GS PANEL,Control 197472GS COVER,Outlet Flip 188890GS COVER,Back Panel 197731GS OUTLET,120V, 15/2BA Dplx 189165GS NUT,5/32 Pal 197729GS MODULE,Led 197958GS SCREW,3 x 6, Tapping 202030GS BREAKER, C ircuit, 20A...
  • Page 27 CRAFTSMAN5600 Watt AC Generator 580.325610 Alternator -- Exploded View & Parts List Descripfien 186059GS ADAPTER,Mounting, Alternator 191043GS ASSY, Rotor (Includes Item 12) 191042AGS STATOR 186060GS RBC,with O-Ring (p/n 189197GS) 86308CGS HHCS, M6-1.0x 130 SEMS 91825GS ASSY, Hotder, Rectifier/Brush 66849GS TAPTITE,M5 =0=8x 16 22694GS RECEPTACLE, 6 pin 81917GS...
  • Page 28 CRAFTSMAN5600 Watt AC Generator 580,325610 WheeJ [it _ ExpJodedView and Parts List item Part # Description 196517GS WHEEL B1764GS SUPPORT,Wheel Kit 191267HGS AXLE WASHER,5/8" 191265GS EoRING 67989GS NUT, M8 o FlangeSerrated HHCS,M8o 1.25 x 16 * o items without part numbers are common fasteners and are available at local hardware stores.
  • Page 29 ENGINE, Briggs and $tratten, 204412 - Exploded View 718A $52 _ 15 _ 742 _,,_ 615 @ 307 _ 24 _ 358 ENGINE GASKET SET...
  • Page 30 ENIINE, lri!£s and $tratton, 204412 - Expletet View 1171 1100C_ 633 0 633 0 127 O _J 51A_D> lo58 L s1_3_' 1127_ 121_ 592¢_...
  • Page 31 ENGINE, Brig[is and Straiten, 204412 - Exploded View 188 _ 1404 @ 1230 222_ 883__ 425_ 728 _ _ 564_ 1275 725A I°7°_ 1005 332(_ 977 CARBURETOR GASKET SET 163 % 3os % 633 @ 121 CARBURE©R OVERHAUL KIT 1095 VALVE GASKET 51A, <...
  • Page 32 ENGJHE,Briggs and $tratten, 284412 - Parts List mtem Part # Descriptian item Part # Bescriptien 305A 691125 Screw (Blower Housing) 695464 Cylinder Assembly 697204 Shield-Cylinder 698340 Kit-Bushing/Seal (Magneto Side) 691660 Screw (Cylinder Shield) 391086 £ SeaFOfl(Magneto Side) 694685 Nut (Flywheel) 697233 Head-Cylinder 495859...
  • Page 34 The California Air Resources Board (CARB), U.S. EPA and Sears are Carburetor and internalparts pleased to explain the Ernissions Centre[ System Warranty on your Fuel Pump srnaI[ offroad engine (SORE).In California, new small offroad Fuel line, fuel line fittings, clamps engines rnodel year 2006 and later must be designed, built and Fun[tank, cap and tether equipped to meet the State's stringent anti-smog standards.
  • Page 35 EmJ_ion information Certain engines wiii be certified to meet the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)Phase 2 emission Enginesthat are certified to meet the California Air Resources standards. For phase 2 certified engines, the Emissions Board (CARB) Tier 2 Emission Standards must display Compiiance Period referred to on the Emissions Compliance information regarding the Emissions Durabiiity Period and Air label indicates the number of operating hours for which the...
  • Page 36 Si el generador fa!la debido a defectos de materiales o mano de obra en el plazo de un a_o a partir de la fecha de cornpra, devuav@ a cualquier ahnac@ Sears, punto de venta de Craftsman o centro de reparaci@ y repuestos de Seas de los Estados Unidos para su reparaci6n gratuita o, en caso de que 6sta no sea posible, para su sustituci6n.
  • Page 37 Este es em simboRode amertade segufidad, Esusado para indicafle situaciones con peHgrospotenciames d e mesion para e_ personal Siga mas instrucciones de todos rues mensajes de segufidad que aparecen despues de este simbemepara evitar pesibmes mssi0ns$ 0 mfferte, ..• Lea eats maeuamde maeera cuidadssay famiHadceee can PELIGRO __ su gsesradsr, Csnezcasue uses, sue Hmitecieese y cuelqsier peligrs relecisnede csnel raisins,...
  • Page 38 ADVEBTENCIA ADVEBTENCIA AI motor funcionar, se produce mon6xido de La combustible y sus vapores son sarbono, un gas inodoro y venenoso. extremadamente infiamables y expiosivos. Respirar mon6xido de carbono puede provocar dolor de cabeza,fatiga, mareos, vOmitos, sonfusiOn, ataques, n_iuseas,desmayos o inciuso quemaduras severas e inclusive la muerte.
  • Page 39 ADVERTENCIA PRECAUCION Las velocidades de operaci6n en exceso, aumentan ios producir quemaduras graves. riesgos de heridas y da_os ai generador. El contacto con la zona deI silenciador puede Los gases y el cator de escape pueden inflamar Las veiocidades bajan en exceso, imponen una carga muy )esada.
  • Page 40 CONOZCA SU GENERADOR _Lea este mafluamdel operario y las regJasde seguridad antes de operar su generador..Compare Ias ilustraciones con su generador para familiarizarse con la ubicaciCnde Ios diferentes controJesy ajustes. Conserveeste manuat para referenciasfuturas. A = Toma¢orriente DobJes de 120 VoRtios AC, 20 Amp -- Pueden H = TanquedeJ Combustible -- E[talsquet[ene una capacidad de ser LdiIizadospara suministrar aIirnentaciCn eI_ctrica para e[ 18.9 L (5 galones arnericanos) de gasolina sin contenido de...
  • Page 41 Su generadorrequierede ciertos procedimientosde montajey solo estasdlisto para ser utilizadodespuOs de habedesuministradoservicio con el combustibley aceiterecornendados. Si usted tiene psoMemasconemmontaje de su genesades, pos favor Hamo a RaIJnoa do ayuda para gonoradoros am 1=800=222=3136. Desembalaje del Generader 1. Coloquela cajade cartonen unasuperficierigiday plana. 2.
  • Page 42 ANTES DE DARLE ARRANQUEAL ADVEBTENCIA GENEBADOB La combustible y sus vapores son Agregar Aceite al Metor extremadamente infiamabIes y expiosivos. 1. Coloque la generador en una superficie plana y nivelada. Etfuego o una expiosi6n pueden causar 2. Limpie la zona de alrededor del orificio de Ilenado de aceitey quemaduras severas e inclusive la muerte.
  • Page 43 Tap6n de Combustiblepara Mejorar el Arranque 3. Retire la lengLietapara dejar la membrana al descubierto. El usode conservante de cornbustible rna!]tieoe el combustible er_ boenestado y limpialoscarburadoresIo quefacJlita el arranque en todaslasestaciones del ario,El nuevotapOn de combustible gotea autom_ticarnente c onserva!]te concentrado en el depOsito de combustible.
  • Page 44 COMO USAR SU GENERADOR Ubicad6ndemGenerador SI TIENEPROBLEMASoperando su generador despu_s de leer el Es_ado LibreAIrededordd Geeemdor manual por favor !lame a la linea de ayuda para generadores al 1=888=222=3136. ADVERTENCIA Los gases y et cator de e_ape pueden inflamar Tierra dei Sistema El generador dispone de una conexiOn a tierra dd sistema que ios materiates combustibies y ias estructuras o dafiar e! dep6sito de combustible y provocar un...
  • Page 45 Encienda eJ Motor ADVERTENCIA Descoeectetodas las cargas eI_ctricas del generador NUNCA Ei contacto con la zone deI silenciador puede arraeque o pare el motor cuaedo hayaaparatos ei_ctricos producir quemaduras graves, conectados y ee funcionarniento. Siga las [estrucciones de puesta en marcha ee orden nurnSrico. Los gases y ei calor de escape pueden infiamar ios materiabs combustibles y ias estructuras o 1.
  • Page 46 3. Mueva el interruptordel motor a la posiciOn "Off" (Apagado). Este receptAculole provee poder a cargas de 120/240 Voltios AC de 60 Hz, fase sencilla, que requieren hasta 2,800 Voltios de energia a ADVERTENCIA 23.3 Amperios, para 120 Voltios; 5,600 Voltios de energia (5.6 kW) a 23.3 Arnperios para 240 Voltios.
  • Page 47 NO SOBRECARGUEGENERADOR 4. 6onecte y encienda la prOximacarga. 5. De nuevo, permita que el geeerador se estabilice. Capacidad 6. Repita los pasos 4 y 5 para cada carga adicioeal que usted Usted debe asegurarse que su geeerador puede proveer el tenga.
  • Page 48 JNFORMACJ6N TF:CNJCA SOBREEL ESPECIHCACIONES[}EL PRODUCTO MOTOR Especificaciones de_ Generader El motor es de m_ocilindros, de v_lvulas en cabeza (OHV), Vataje que empieza ....8,600 Vatios (8.6 kW) refrigerado por aire y de baja emisiOn. Vataie ....... 5,600 vatios (5.6 kW) En el Estado de California, los motores de la 200000 han obtenido la Voltaje Nominal AC ......
  • Page 49 PROGRAMADE MANTENJMIENTO Siga los intervalos horarios o de caIendario, !o que ocurra primero. Se requiere de servicio con mayor frecuencia cuando opere la unidad en las condiciones adversas descfitas a continuaci6n. CALENDARIO DE i'dANTENUMIENTO ANOTE LAS FECHAS CONFORMECUMPLA INTERVALO DE OPERACUON POR HORA CON EL SERVICIO NORMAL FECNA$ DE SERVICiO Antes de Cada Cada 25 Horas o...
  • Page 50 ANTENI IENTO DEL OTOR El StatStation rnuestra la carga nominal del generador en funci6n ADVERTENCIA de la frecuencia de salida. Tambi_n incluye una funci6n de aviso de mantenimiento integrada. [v1onitorde potencia Chispear involuntario puede tener como La pantalla consta de dos LEDde siete segmentos que indican de forrna f_.cil de leer la cantidad de energfa que suministra el resultado eI fuego o eI gotpe et_ctrico.
  • Page 51 Comprobaci6n del Nivel de Aceite 4. Quite el tapOn de Ilenadode aceite y vacie todo el aceite en un recipiente adecuado. Compruebe el nivel de aceiteantes de cada usa o cada 5 horas de fancionarniento, coma minima. Rellenesi es necesario. 5.
  • Page 52 LJmpJe/ReempJace la Buj[a Cambie [a buiiacada100 horasde funcionarniento o unavezal a_o, Io quesucedaantes.Estoayudar_ a su motora arrancarm_s f_ciknente y funcionarrnejor. 1. Limpiela zonade alrededor de la bujia. 2. Retiree inspeccione la buiia. 3. Revisela separaci6n del eIectrodocon un calibradorde alarnbre y ajusteB separaciOn a 0.030pulgadas (0.76mm)si es necesario.
  • Page 53 GENERALIDADE$ Camhie de Aeeite Con el rnotor todavia caliente, drene el aceite de la caia de] cigOefiah E! generador deber_ set encendido al menos una vez cada siete alas y deber_ deiar!o funcionar al rnenos durante 30 minutes. Si no Vuelva a Ilenarla con el grade de aceite recomendado.
  • Page 54 Problema Soluci6n Cause 1 Uno de los cotacircuitos est_ abierto. 1. Reajuste el certacircuite. 2. P6ngase en contactecenla Plantade 2. Fallaen el generador. Serviciode Sears. El meierest_funcienandeporene existe 3. Revise y repare. Mala conexiOne juego de cordenes saHdade ACdispeniNe. defectueso, E!dispesitive conectade est_ en real 4.
  • Page 58 California Air Resources Board (CARB) U.S. EPAy Sears le explican a continuaci6n Carburador y partes internas la garantia del sistema de control de emisiones de su pequ@o motor para mdquinas Bomba de combustible de servicio (SORE, Small Offroad Engine). En California, los modelos de peque_os Tube de combustible, acoplamientos del tube de combustible,...
  • Page 59 [nfermac[6n sehre emisiones Algunos rnotores cuentan con la certificaciOn de curnplimiento de la fase 2 de las normas sobre emisioees de la United States Los motores con certificacl6n de cumplhnieeto de la normativa Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA Ageecia estadourfideese sobre emisioees de nivel 2 del California Air Resources Board de protecciOndel medioambiente ).
  • Page 60 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! Voor Home ::::::::::: For repair-in your home all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! ....For the replacement parts, accessories owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself....

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