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Canon VIXIA HF R20 Instruction Manual

Hd camcorder
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  Summary of Contents for Canon VIXIA HF R20

  • Page 2: Gallery And Scene Operations

    Gallery and Scene Operations ManagingStories The gallery initially contains two groups, [Unsorted] for your regular scenes and ]Video Snapshot] for your video snapshot scenes. In addi- tion, you can create new groups, or "stories", which contain scenes of your choosing, arranged in an order to your liking. For example, you can create a story that is a collection of scenes from a particular event or trip.
  • Page 3 To delete individual scenes 1 From the gallery screen, select the story that contains the scene to delete. 2 Deletethe scene. The scene is deleted and the gallery screen appears, To delete scenes by rating You can delete all the scenes in a story with a particular rating. 1 From the gallery screen, select the story that contains the scenes to delete.
  • Page 4 To delete a story You can delete new stories that you have created. 1 From the gallery screen, select the story to delete. Drag your finger right/left to bring the desired story to the front. 2 Delete the story. [St0ry Deta !s] @[Ed t si0ry] _} [De!ere Si0rY] _} [Yes]i @ [OK]...
  • Page 5 4 Touch [Move] or[Copy]. Thumbnails ofeach s tory ( except for[Unsorted] and [Video Snapshot] will a ppear, 5 Touch the thumbnail ofthe story w here y ou want tomove o rcopy the scenes. Ifyou are moving orcopying scenes toanempty story, skip tostep 7 . 6 Drag y our finger upand down t oselect the desired position and then touch [Set].
  • Page 6: Capturingvideo Snapshotscenes And Photos From A Movie

    4 Move t he scenes. The s cenes are moved and the gallery screen ofthe source story appears. @ IMPORTN/T You c annot move orcopy s cenes to[Unsorted] or[Video Snapshot]. CapturingVideo SnapshotScenes and Photos from a Movie You can capture video snapshot scenes or photos from a previously recorded scene.
  • Page 7 The c aptured video s napshot scene issaved tothe same memory that contains the source scene. Inthe gallery screen, acaptured video s napshot scene issaved in _/ideo Snapshot] as the last scene. Video snapshot scenes cannot be captured from any o fthe following types ofscenes.
  • Page 8: Dividing Scenes

    (_ NOTES The d ata c ode o fthe photos will r eflect the date a nd t ime o frecording the original scene. Photos captured from ascene with alotoffast m ovement may b e blurred. Photos will b erecorded onthe memory selected forrecording photos.
  • Page 9 (_) NOTES When advancing/reversing frames while dividing the scenes, the interval between frames isabout 0.5 seconds. Ifthe scene cannot bedivided atthe point where you paused the play- back, advance/reverse aframe and then divide the scene. During the playback ofascene that w as d ivided, you may n otice some anomalies inthe picture/sound atthe point where the scene was c ut.
  • Page 10 You c an open t he decoration screen when t he LCD panel isstowed with the LCD screen facing away from the camcorder. Insuch c ase, make sure _ _ [Autostart Decoration] isset t o[_ On]. Canvas: This i sthe area o nwhich you will d raw and see your decorations inaction.
  • Page 11 2 Use atool f rom the toolbar. See below f or a nexplanation ofeach t ool. 3 Press [ Si_ARi:i_6_i torecord. The o nscreen decorations will b eincluded inthe recording. Touse# ([Pens and Stamps]] 1 Touch [#]. The [Pens and Stamps] screen will appear. 2 Select the desired pen or stamp from [Tools].
  • Page 12 To load a [Pens and Stamps] decoration 1 While the canvas is displayed, touch [#]. 2 Touch [Load] _ [Yes]. The [Pens and Stamps] decorations saved to the memory are loaded and appear on the canvas, To use _;_ ([Animated Stamps]] 1 Touch [_;_].
  • Page 13 Mixing Your Own images with Live Video You can use tmages you maKe on your computer for the tmage mtx (Chroma Key) function. Make sure that the image you want to use has a utue or green area. which wttt De replaced by the ve video using Chroma Key mtxtng.
  • Page 14 (fPeeze screen) 1 Touch [||]. The control button will change to [_||_] and the picture will be frozen= 2 Decorate the screen using the other tools in the palette. 3 Touch [_||_]. The screen will return to normal. NOTES If the memory that contains the canvas is initialized, the canvas will be deleted.
  • Page 15: Basic Playback

    Photos Refer to this chapter for details on taking and viewing photos. For details about basic photo shooting, refer to SmartAUTO Mode ([__..] 4 3). Basic Playback Viewing Photos Operating modes: 1 Press I'_:_. 2 Open the [Photos] index screen. 3 Look for the photo you want to play back.
  • Page 16 Memory being r ead. index screen currently displayed. 3_ Drag your finger left f or t he next index page. Drag your finger right for t he previous index page. Select adifferent index screen toread d ifferent content or from adifferent memory ([_]54).
  • Page 17: Deleting Photos

    IMPORTANT Observe the following precautions while the ACCESS indicator is on or flashing. Failing to do so may result in permanent data loss. - Do not open the double memory card slot cover. - Do not disconnect the )ower source or turn off the camcorder. - Do not change the camcorder's operating mode.
  • Page 18: Deleting Photos From The Index Screen

    Deleting Photos from the index Screen From the index s creen, you can delete selected photos orall p hotos. 1 Open t he [Photos] index s creen. 2 Select the photos todelete. Ifyou selected [Select], touch t he photos todelete and then t ouch [OK].
  • Page 19: Additional Functions

    Additional Functions Taking Photosin Flexible Recording Mode Operating modes: 1 Turn on the camcorder. 81_1_/_ By default, photos are recorded in the built-in memory. You can set the memory card as the recording media for photos (C]_ 39). Please read the IMPORTANT section (C]_] 108) before using an Eye-Fi card.
  • Page 20 IMPORTANT Observe the following precautions while t he ACCESS indicator isonor flashing. Failing todoso may r esult inpermanent data loss. - Do not o pen t he double memory card s lot c over. - Do not d isconnect the power source orturn off t he camcorder. - Do not c hange the camcorder's operating mode.
  • Page 21 (_ NOTES The a ctual number ofphotos that c an berecorded will vary d epending onthe subject and shooting conditions. The c amcorder retains the last setting used e ven ifyou set t he cam- corder to_ mode. When printing photos, use the following guidelines as areference selecting...
  • Page 22 To change the slideshow's transition effects (f_ [MENU] @ [Slideshow Transition] Off], [_ Dissolve] or [Cm Slide Image] _} [Xl You can also use the foflowing functions... The following functions and features of the camcorder car be used either for shooung \ deo or for taking photos. The way to set and use them was already explained n detail, so we refer you to the relevan_ page in the "Video"...
  • Page 23: External Connections

    External Connections This chapter explains how to connect your camcorder to an external device such as a TV, VCR, or computer. Terminals on the Camcorder (_ USB Terminal Access: Open the LCD panel. usB,-_* _2_HDMI OUT Terminal* Access: Open the LCD panel. The HDMI OUTterminal offers a high-quality HDMtOUT digital connection that combines audio and...
  • Page 24: Connection Diagrams

    ConnectionDiagrams In the following connection diagrams, the left side shows the terminals on the camcorder and the right side shows (for reference only) an example of terminals on a connected device. HDMI HTC-IOO/S HDMI C able HDMImin connector, (SUDDIle(] stanaard HDM connec[or About HDMI...
  • Page 25 Component Video Red __ Green CTC-IO0Component C able Blue (optional) "_ White AVOUT STV-250N Stereo Video Cable (supplied) Composite Video _.-. Yellow _ Z___ White _ Q(_) STV-250N Stereo Video Cable A.._--Red (supplied) Exte hal Connect ons *...
  • Page 26: Playback On A Tv Screen

    (supplied) NOTES Power the camcorder using the compact power adapter and only then connect it to the computer using the supplied USB cable in the follow- ing cases. - To write back scenes recorded with this camcorder that were previously saved on a computer. - To transfer music files from the supplied Camcorder Supplemental Disc in order to use them as background music.
  • Page 27 NOTES To correctly play back movies recorded with x.v.Color (_ 140) on an HDTV compatible with this standard, additional settings may be required on the connected HDT_. Refer to the TV's instruction manual, We recommend powering the camcorder using the compact power adapter, Connection _: When you play back your 16:9 movies on standard TV...
  • Page 28: Saving And Sharing Your Recordings

    Saving and Sharing Your Recordings You can copy your recordings to a memory card but only to memory card _]_. For _/lll'_, the recordings to be copied must be in the built-in memory or on memory card _. For I_'_-'_, the recordings must be on memory card _.
  • Page 29 If you selected [Select], touch the scenes to copy and then touch [OK]. A checkmark ./will appear on selected scenes, Touch a selected scene again to remove the checkmark, You can also touch [Remove All] to remove all checkmarks, 3 Touch [Yes] _ [OK].
  • Page 30 Copying Photos from the index Screen From the index screen, you can copy selected photos or all photos. Operating modes: ..1 Open the photo index screen. After pressing [£F1_]5], s elect the [B tab to copy photos from the built- in memory (8_}/1]H_8 only) or the [_ tab to copy photos from memory card [].
  • Page 31: Saving Recordingson A Computer

    NOTES • In the following cases, you will not be able to copy recordings to the memory card: - If the double memory card slot cover is open. - If the LOCK switch on memory card _J is set to prevent writing. - If there is no memory card in memory card slot _.
  • Page 32 Connecting the Can}corder to a Con}puter 1 Power the camcorder using the compact power adapter. If the camcorder is connected to the computer while it is powered only by the battery pack, previously saved video files cannot be transferred back to the camcorder and music files cannot be transferred from the supplied Camcorder Supplemental Disc to a memory card in the camcorder.
  • Page 33 1 Install the supplied Photo Application software following instructions in the software's instruction manual. IPHOi_O_ Refer to Installing Photo Application. 2 Start the software and follow the onscreen instructions. [pl_otO} Refer to Starting CameraWindow. Using the software 1 Power the camcorder using the compact power adapter.
  • Page 34 If you wish to use the image files on your computer, make copies of them first. Use the copied files, retaining the originals. NOTES Refer also to the computer's instruction manual. ,, Usersof Windows7, WindowsVista, WindowsXP and Mac OSX: Your cam- corder is equipped with the standard Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) allowing you to transfer photos (JPEG only) simply by connecting the camcorder to a computer using the supplied USB cable, without having...
  • Page 35: Copyingrecordingsto An External Video Recorder

    Using the software See 'PIXELA's VideoBrowser Software Guide' (PDF file). Operating modes: CopyingRecordingsto an External Video Recorder Operating modes: In High Definition Connect the camcorder to Blu-ray Disc recorders and other AVCHD- compatible digital video recorders using the supplied USB cable to make perfect copies of your movies in high definition.
  • Page 36: Instandard Definition

    inStandard Definition You can copy your movies by connecting the camcorder to a VCR or a digital video recorder with analog audio/video inputs. Video output will be in standard definition, although the original scenes are in high defi- nition. Connecting Connect the camcorder to the VCR using Connection _.
  • Page 37: Index Screen

    Upl0adingMoviesto VideoSharing Web Sites You can convert your high-definition video recordings into standard definition in order to upload them to your favorite video sharing Web site. You can complete the conversion to standard definition in the camcorder and then use the supplied PIXELA's software to upload your videos to the Web.
  • Page 38 To convert all the scenes recorded on a specific date, select the index page that contains scenes from that date. From this index page, you can proceed to step 4 or press [WEB / and skip to step 6. 4 Touch [Edit] and then [Convert HD_SD].
  • Page 39 To select the bit rate Using a higher bit rate will result in better video quality for the con- verted scenes, while a Jower bit rate will result in smaller file sizes and faster uploads. To automatically divide the scene If you are converting a long scene, you can have the camcorder divide...
  • Page 40 Convert the scenes. Alternatively, you can press I_EBI. If a copyright notice appears, read it carefully and touch [OK] if you agree. 9 Follow the procedure starting from step 6 from Converting Scenes into Standard Definition from the Date Index Screen (_ 126).
  • Page 41 I]i]l_l/_ Converting Only Part of a Scene or Story 1 Power the camcorder using the compact power adapter. 2 Make sure there is a memory card in slot _]_ with sufficient available space. 3 Play back the scene or story that you want to partially convert. Check that you have selected a scene recorded in the built-in memory or on memory card _.
  • Page 42 _MPORTANT While the camcorder is connected to the computer, do not open the double memory card slot cover and do not remove the memory cards. Observe the following precautions while the ACCESS indicator is on or flashing. Failing to do so may result in permanent data loss. - Do not open the double memory card slot cover.
  • Page 43 IMPORTANT Using an Eye-Fi Card • This product is not guaranteed to support Eye-Fi card functions (includ- ing wireless transfer), In case of an issue with an Eye-Fi card, please check with the card manufacturer. Also note that an approval is required to use Eye-Fi cards in many countries or regions.
  • Page 44: Appendix: Menu Options Lists

    Additi0nal Information This chapter contains troubleshooting advice, screen mes- sages, handling and maintenance tips, and other information. Appendix: Menu Options Lists Menu items not available appear grayed out. For details about how to select an item, refer to Using the Menus 32).
  • Page 45 [F_ Exposure] [M] (manual e xposure): T oggleon orof._ff, : • TouchAEframe [ZOOM] Zoomcontrols,[STARTJ/[STOP] control, • • Tele-macro: T oggleonor off [{ Mic. Level]* [A Automatic],[M Manual] • [AudioLevelIndicator]: T oggleon or off [ImageStabilizer]* [m[]_ Dynamic],[_ Standard], • off] DigitalEffects] Formovies: •...
  • Page 46 Edit Panel - Mode ::<date>,[Select], [AllScenes] [Copy(@ ,_1_])]* [Copy(0_[] '_ _)]* ilaDml_ <date>,[Select], : [Convert H D,_SD [AllScenes] (_ • _)]* i[Delete] <date>,[Select], [ThisScene], [ThisScene] [AllScenes] [AllScenes] _ EDividei ..........: ............: ........;....* Not availablefor recordingson memory card B ([_Jtab). * Addtona Irfformatior_...
  • Page 47 in the gallery: <by scene rating> t t 6 [Copy (I_ ,_I_q)]1 [Copy (_ ,_ I_q)]1 I_'_'l/SF_;_ <by scene rating> [Convert HD_ SD _)]1 [Convert HD,_ SD (O_* _)]1 [Delete] or [_] <by scene rating> [This Scene] [This Scene] [Delete Story] 2 •...
  • Page 48: Setup Menus

    Setup Menus Camera Setup : [ZoomType] [Optical],[Advanced], [ Digital]* [ZoomSpeed] [_Z_} Variable], [ _ Speed3], :......SPeed1] ..[Focus Assistance]* On], [_ Off] [FaceDetection & On_,_], [_ Off] Tracking] [AutoBacklight [l'_f_ On], [_ Off] Correction]* AutoSlowShutter]* [_ On], [[_ Off] [FlickerReduction]* [_ Off], [_ 50 Hz],[_...
  • Page 49 [Aute SinewShu_er]: The camcorder automatically uses slow shutter speeds to obtain brighter recordings in places with insufficient lighting. Minimum shutter speed used: 1/30; 1/12 when the frame rate is set to [1_1 PF24]; 1/15 when it is set to [_ PF30].
  • Page 50 Playback Setup [SelectMusic] Oft], [_ • • When[_fti On]- list of musictracksand [MusicBalance]bar External A udioInput] [_ Oft], [[_TJ On_ • • When[_ On]- [External P layerLink]: [DataCode] Off], [_ Date],[C) Time], DateandTime],[tGa Camera Data] [Slideshow Transition] [_ Off], [_ Dissolve], [ [11 SlideImage] •...
  • Page 51 Recording & Connections Setup [Vide0 Snapsh0i ....... secil ........... • ....... • ..... Length]* 8 sec] RateScenes [ELI3 On], [_ Off] • (Recording)]* [RecMediafor • Movies]* [@] (built-in memory), [_] (memory card D), [_]] (memory card 0) [RelayRecording]: [ _] (off), [@* %], [_ •...
  • Page 52 [xvCoor]* [E_I On_], Oft] • [PhotoNumbering] [!"_'_ Reset],[_ Continuous] • • • • Not availablefor photos. [Meme_'y _n_e]_ Displays a screen where you can verify how much of the built-in memory (_/81_0 only) or the memory card is currently in use total recording time and [] total number of photos) and how much space remains available for recording.
  • Page 53 Continuous] setting. The photo number indicates the name and location of the file on the memory card. For example, the file name of a photo numbered 101 - 0107 is "IMG 0107.JPG", stored under the folder "DCIM\101 CANON". Addtona Informat...
  • Page 54 System Setup In this table, _ and _ refer to movies and photos in mode, respectively. [OutputOnscreen [l'_f_ On], [_ Off] • • • Displays] [(_esky], [ Dansk],[Deutsch], [ EAqvIKd], • • • [English],[Espa_ol], [ Frangais], [Italiano],[Magyar],[Melayu], [Nederlands], [ Norsk],[Polski], [Portugues], [ Rom_n_], [ Suomi], [Svenska], [ TiJrkge], [ PycoK_4_], [YKpai'HCb_m],...
  • Page 55 [initialize] [%Mem: Card A], [_]Mem. Card B] [Complete Initialization]: Toggle on or off [I]_] Mem. Card A], [1_] Mem. Card B] [initialize] [Complete Initialization]: Toggle on or off Time Zone/DST] [lq](home time z one) or [:t_,] (travel • • • 35: time zone): [New York], list of w orld time zones...
  • Page 56 [@Ut#Ut @nscreeH #isp_ays]_ When set to [_ On], the camcorder's onscreen displays will appear also on the screen of a TV or monitor con- nected to the camcorder. [L#D Bright_ness]: Adjusts the brightness of the LCD screen. Changing the brightness of the LCD screen does not affect the bright- ness of your recordings or the brightness of the playback image on a [LCD Screen Dimmer]_ When set to [_ On], the LCD screen is dimmed.
  • Page 57 You can set Quick Start to [_ Oft], for example, if the camcorder is set on a fixed position and you want to keep recording video with the LCD panel closed in order to conserve the battery's power. [ia_e_'y Infe]_ Displays a screen where you can verify the battery charge (as a percentage) and the remaining recording time ( mode) or play- back time (...
  • Page 58 [#eme r_ede]," The demonstration mode displays the camcorder's main features, It starts automatically when the camcorder is powered with the compact power adapter if you leave it turned on without a memory card for more than 5 minutes. To cancel the demo mode once it has started, press any button or turn off the camcorder, [Hrmware]_ You can verify the current version of the camcorder's firm- ware, This menu option is usually unavailable,...
  • Page 59: Appendix: Onscreen Icons And Displays

    Appendix: Onscreen Icons and Displays Recording Movies (in Smart AUTO mode) ® Remaining battery time (l_[] 151) Control button: Open the FUNC. panel (C[_ 32) (9_ Zoom (_ (23 Smart AUTO mode (_ Recording mode (_ (37 Onscreen zoom controls (C[_ 48) _) Headphone output @ Operating mode (_...
  • Page 60 ® Toprow of iconsduringrecordpausemode @ PF24 progressive frame rate (_ @ Recording program (C]]} 61, 63) @ Remaining recording time @ Manual exposure (_ [7], I_] On memory card _ or Q Autofocus, In the built-in memory* MF Manual focus (_ [_3_*, _ Relay recording @ Face detection...
  • Page 61 Recording Photos (in Flexible Recording mode) ®® 3@ Displays the aperture (f-stop) and @ Self timer (_ shutter speed used. @ Number of available photos 3@ Focus and exposure lock [_ On memory card [] or O 43, 107) [_ In the built-in memory Playing Movies (during playback) ®...
  • Page 62 Viewing Photos @ Photo jump (_ 104) @ Control button: Open the setup menus (C[_ 136) @ Slideshow 109) @ Current photo / Total number of 6_ Switch to [Photos] index screen 103) photos @ Photo number (_ 141) 150 * Addtona Mormatior_...
  • Page 63 @ Memory operation • Record. O| | Record p ause, _ Playback, || Playback pause, _ Fast p layback, Fast r everse p layback, J," Slowplayback, _l Stow reverse p layback, ||1!_Frame advance* , _|| Frame r everse*. Availableonly when dividing scenes. (Z_Remaining battery time , Theiconshowsa roughestimateof theremainingchargeasa...
  • Page 64: Troubleshooting

    - This can occurwhen attaching and attempting to charge a battery packthat is not recom- mended by Canon. - When using a battery pack recommended by Canon,there may be a problem with the battery pack or camcorder. Consult a CanonService Center.
  • Page 65 A noise can be heard from the compact power adapter. - A faint sound can be heard while the compact power adapter is connected to a power outlet. This is not a malfunction. The battery pack is exhausted extremely quickly even at normal temperatures. - The battery may have reachedthe end of its battery life.
  • Page 66 Playback Cannot create a story. - A memorycan contain a maximum of 98 stories (not including [Unsorted]and [Video Snap- shot]]. Delete some stories (_ 90) or select a different memory that contains less than 98 stories. Cannot add scenes to a story. - In most cases, a story cancontain a maximum of 999 scenes.If a story includes scenes recorded in MXPor FXPmode,the maximum number of scenes may beless than 999 (the maximum number of scenes].
  • Page 67 Cannot divide scenes -You cannot divide scenes recorded or e dited using another device. -The memory is full. Delete some recordings (_ 56, 105) to free some space. Cannot copy scenes/photos -You may not be able to copy scenes/photos recorded or e dited using another...
  • Page 68 appears on the s creen -The LOCK switch on the E ye-Fi card is set to prevent accidental erasure. Change the p osition of t he L OCK switch. e rror occurred when trying to accesscontrol data on the Eye-Ficard. Turn the camcorder off then on again.
  • Page 69 Memory Card and Accessories Cannot insert the memory card. - The memorycard was not facing the correct direction. Turn the memory card over and insert Cannot record on the memory card. - The memorycard is full. Delete some recordings(C[_ 56, 105) to free some space or replace the memory card.
  • Page 70 Connectionswith External Devices Videonoise appears on the TVscreen. - When using the camcorder in a roomwhere a TVis located, keep a distance betweenthe compact power adapter and the power or antennacables of the TV. Playback looks fine on the camcerder but there is no image on the IV screen. - The video input on the TV is not set to the video terminal to which you connectedthe cam- corder.
  • Page 71: List Of Messages(Inalphabetical Order)

    List of Messages(inalphabetical order) Accessing the memory card. Donot remove the memory card. - Youopenedthe double memory card slot coverwhile the camcorder was accessing the mem- ory card or the camcorder started accessingthe memory card as you opened the double memory card slot cover.
  • Page 72 Cannot copy -The total size of t he s cenes you selected to copy exceeds the a vailable space in the m emory. Delete some recordings on the m emory card (C[3 56, 105) or r educe the n umber of s cenes copy.
  • Page 73 Cannot play the movies on this memory card - Movies cannot be played back from a 64 MB or smaller memory card. Usea recommended memory card (_ 36). Cannot play the movies on this memory card Initialize only using the camcorder - The memory card in the camcorder was initialized using a computer.Initialize the memory card with this camcorder (_ 41).
  • Page 74 - Youinserted a MultiMedia Card(MMC) into the camcorder. Usea recommended memorycard (1_[_36). - If after the messagedisappears, _ / _ appears in red, perform the following: Turn off the camcorder and removeand reinsert the memory card. If _ / _ turns backto green youcan resume recording/playback.
  • Page 75 Memory card is full - The memorycard is full. Delete some recordings(_ 56, 105) to free some space or replace the memory card. Memory card is write-protected - The LOCK switch on the memory card is set to prevent accidental erasure. Changethe posi- tion of the LOCKswitch.
  • Page 76 Somescenes could not be converted - Among the scenes selected for conversionto SD there are scenes recordedwith another device. Whenconverting scenes to SD, leave out scenes recorded using another device. - Scenes recordedwith another device cannot be converted. Thosescenes were not converted but the other scenes selected for conversionwere converted.
  • Page 77 -Ifadialog box appeared on the c omputer screen, close it. D isconnect the U SB cable, restore the c onnection after ashort while. Total play time is too l ong -The story cannot be converted when its t otal playback time exceeds 2hours and 30 minutes...
  • Page 78: Handling Precautions

    (1_] 1 16) and save them on a regular basis. This will protect your impor- tant recordings in case of damage and create more free space on the memory. Canon shall not be liable for any data loss. Do not carry the camcorder by the LCD panel. Be careful when closing the LCD panel.
  • Page 79 • Do not insert the supplied stylus pen into the mouth, If swallowed, seek medical assistance immediately, Handle the supplied stylus pen with extreme care and keep it out of the reach of children. If mishandled, the stylus pen can present a risk of severe eye injury and even blindness.
  • Page 80 We recommend backing up the recordings on the memory card onto your computer. Data may be corrupted or lost due to memory card defects or exposure to static electricity. Canon shall not be liable for lost or corrupted data. Do not touch or expose the terminals to dust or dirt.
  • Page 81 • Check the direction before inserting the memory card. Forcing a mem- ory card into the slot if it is not correctly oriented may damage the mem- ory card or the camcorder. • Do not attach any labels or stickers on the memory card. •...
  • Page 82: Maintenance/Others

    Maintenance/Others Cleaning Camcorder Body Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the camcorder body. Never use chemically treated cloths or volatile solvents such as paint thinner. Lens If the lens surface is dirty, autofocus may not work properly. Remove any dust or dirt particles using a non-aerosol type blower brush.
  • Page 83: Using The Camcorder Abroad

    You can use the compact power adapter to operate the camcorder and to charge battery packs in any country with power supply between 100 and 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz. Consult a Canon Service Center for information on plug adapters for overseas use.
  • Page 84 Accessories (Availability differsfrom area to area) AVCHD discs/ Photo D VDs ....Computer TV/HDTV ........Card reader/writer ..Digital video recorder Computer Optional accessories not listed below are described in more detail in the following pages. @ HTC-IO0HDMICable d} SS-600/SS-650ShoulderStrap HTC-IO0/SHDMICable* _b WS-20Wrist Strap @ DTC-IO0D TerminalCable...
  • Page 85: Optional Accessories

    This product is designed to achieve excellent performance when used with genuine Canon accessories. Canon shall not be liable for any dam- age to this product and/or accidents such as fire, etc., caused by the malfunction of non-genuine Canon accessories (e.g., a leakage and/or explosion of a battery pack).
  • Page 86 Recording and playback times given i nthe following tables are approxi- mate a nd vary a ccording torecording mode and charging, recording playback conditions. The e ffective usage time o fthe battery pack m ay decrease when r ecording incold surroundings, when u sing the brighter screen settings, etc,...
  • Page 87 The microphone is conveniently equipped with a clothing clip and the receiver can be attached to the camcorder's grip belt, This mark identifies genuine Canon video accessories. When you use Canon video equipment, recommend Canon-brand accessories or products bearing the same mark.
  • Page 88: Product Codes

    Product Codes Provided Accessories 5072B002AA CA-110 Compact Power Adapter 5071B002AA BP-110 Battery Pack STV-250N Stereo Video Cable 3067A002AA(D82-0590-002) Optional Accessories 5073B002AA CG-110 Battery Charger TL-H34 II Tele-converter 5069B001AA WD-H34 II Wide-converter 5070B001AA 5068B002AA WM-VI Wireless Microphone HTC-100 HDMI Cable 2384B001AA 1719B001AA CTC-100 Component Cable...
  • Page 89: Specifications

    Specifications VIXIAHFR21/ VIXIAHF R20/ VIXIAHF R200 -- Values given are approximate figures. System ®Recording System Movies: AVCHD Videocompression: M PEG-4 AVC/H.264; Audiocompression: D olbyDigital2ch Photos: DCF (Design rule for Camera Filesystem),compatiblewith Exif*Ver.2.2 Imagecompression: J PEG * This camcorder supports Exif2.2 (also called"Exif P rint"). E xifPrint i s a standard f or enhancing t he communication between camcorders a ndprinters.
  • Page 90 ®LCDTouch Screen: 3.0 in., wide,TFTcolor,230,000dots_, touchoperation ®Microphone: Stereoelectretcondenser m icrophone ®Lens f=3.0 - 60 ram, F/1.8- 3.6, 20x opticalzoom 35 mmequivalent'_: M ovies: 49 - 980 mm (optical z oom, [Dynamic] I Smode) 41.2- 824 mm (opticalzoom, [Standard] I Smode) 49 - 1176 mm (advanced zoom,[Dynamic]ISmode) 41.2- 1154 mm(advanced zoom, [Standard] I Smode) 16:9photos:41.2 - 824mm...
  • Page 91 Terminals ®AV OUTI_ Terminal ® 3.5 mm minijack;outputonly(dual purpose terminal alsofor headphones stereooutput) Video: I Vp-p/75 _ unbalanced Audio: -I0 dBV(47kg2load)I 3 k_) or less ®OSBTerminal: mini-B,USB 2.0 (Hi-SpeedUSB) ®COMPONENT OUTTerminal (proprietary mini-D terminal) Luminance (Y):I Vp-p/ 75__; Chrominance (PBIPn ( CB/CR)): _+350 mV/ 75 __ I080i (D3)compatible;outputonly ®NDMI OUTTerminal BDMImini connector;outputonly;compatiblewith BDMI-CEC andx.v.Color...
  • Page 92 CA-lt 0Compact Power Adapter ®Power supply: 100- 240 VAC,50/60 Hz ®Rated output / consumption: 5.3 V DC,1.5 A / 17VA(1 O0V)- 29 VA(240 V) ®Operating temperatureS: 0 - 40 °C (92- 104 °F) ®Dimensions'_: 49x 27x 79 mm(1.9 x 1.1 x 9.1 in.) ®Weight_: 110 g (3.9 oz.) BP-lt 0 Battery Pack ®...
  • Page 93 4:2:2, 4:2:0 The music data (WAV) and image files (JPG) are saved in the mem- ory under the following folder structure. In the built-in memory: _i.j CANON _[_l ] MY_MUSIC MUSIC_01 .WAV to MUSIC_99.WAV MY PlOT _[_ MIX0] .JPG to MI×_99.JPG On the memory card: -._.j CANON...
  • Page 94 Index Deleting 3D Flip View ....Movies ....56, 90 Photos ....Digital effects ....Abroad, using the camcorder ..Dividing scenes ....Aspect ratio of a connected Drag (touch operation) ..(TV type) ....Audio balance ..... 79, 82 Audio recording level ...
  • Page 95 Recording time ....Relay recording ....Language ....Reviewing recordings ..LCD screen dimmer ... LCD touch screen ..27, 29 Low light (recording program) ..Saving recordings .... Creating discs ... Transferring to a computer . . 119 Maintenance ....
  • Page 96 Video snapshot ....Volume ....52, 77 White balance ....Wide angle ....Wind screen ....Zoom ...... 184 * Addtona Irfformatior_...
  • Page 97 B) If the Equipment is defective as a result of leaking batteries, sand, dirt or water damage; C) If defects or damages are caused by the use of unauthorized parts or by service other than by Canon USA'sfactory service centers or authorized service facilities;...
  • Page 99 Ship your Equipment in its original carton, box or equivalent, properly packed, fully insured with shipping charges prepaid, together with a copy of your bill of sale or other proof of purchase and a description of the problem to any of the Canon Service Facilities in Canada.
  • Page 100 CANADA CANON CANADA 6_90 Dixie Road, MIsslssauga, ON L5T 1P7 If/ca have an> questions, call the Canon Canada laton natron Center toll free/tn Canada only) at 1-800 OK-CANON !1-800-652 2666_ Si vous avez des questions, veL,Ilez telephoner 1 800 OK CANON...

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