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Electrolux air-o-convect Touchline Electric Convection Oven 6GN 1/1 Manual page 3

Air-o-convect touchline electric convection oven 6gn 1/1


Optional Accessories
Exhaust hood without fan for air-o-system
6&10 1/1GN
Exhaust hood with fan for air-o-system 6&10
Odourless hood for air-o-steam/air-o-convect
6GN1/1 and 10GN1/1, electric
Automatic water softener for ovens
Resin sanitizer for water softener
Castor kit for base for 6&10x1/1 and 2/1 GN
Trolley for 6&10x1/1GN ovens and bcf
Tray rack with wheels for 6x1/1GN ovens and
bcf, 65mm pitch (std)
Tray rack with wheels for 5x1/1GN ovens and
bcf, 80mm pitch
Kit 4 adjustable feet for 6&10 GN
Pair of 1/1 GN AISI 304 grids
Tray support for air-o-steam 6&10x1/1GN open
Couple of grids for whole chicken 1/1GN (8 per
Pastry tray rack with wheels, for 6x1/1GN,
80mm pitch (5 runners). Suitable for
400x600mm pastry trays
Slide-in rack and handle for 6&10x1/1GN
Grid for whole chicken 1/2GN (4 per grid -
1,2kg each)
Base support for air-o-system 6 GN 1/1 with
Non-stick universal pan 1/1GN H=20mm
Non-stick universal pan 1/1GN H=40mm
Non-stick universal pan 1/1GN H=60mm
External connection kit for detergent and rinse
Side external spray unit
Fat filter for 6x1/1GN
Water filter for ovens
Baking tray with 5 rows (baguette), perforated
aluminium with silicon coating (400x600x38)
Baking tray with 4 edges, perforated aluminium
Baking tray with 4 edges, aluminium
Standard open base with tray support for
Basket for detergent tank - wall mounted
Holder for detergent tank, to mount on open
Frying griddle GN 1/1
Cupboard base and tray support for
6&10x1/1GN ovens
Hot cupboard base with humidifier for
6&10x1/1GN ovens, with support for 1/1GN
and 600x400mm trays
2 frying baskets for ovens
Heat shield for stacked ovens 6x1/1GN on
Heat shield for stacked ovens 6x1/1GN on
Control panel filter for 6&10xGN1/1 ovens
Heat shield for 6x1/1GN
Electric Convection Oven 6GN
Double-click closing catch for door
Grid for whole chicken 1/1GN (8 per grid - 1,2kg
PNC 640791
Kit integrated HACCP for ovens
PNC 640792
Bakery rack kit for 6 GN1/1 ovens
Drain kit (diam. 50 mm) for 6 & 10 GN 1/1 and 10
PNC 640796
GN 2/1 ovens
Frying griddle GN 2/3 for ovens
PNC 921305
Non-stick universal pan GN 2/3 H=20mm
PNC 921306
Pastry runners (400x600 mm) for 6 &10 GN1/1
PNC 922003
oven bases
Grease collection kit including tray and trolley
PNC 922004
Baking tray for baguette 1/1GN
PNC 922005
Aluminium oven grill GN 1/1
Egg fryer for 8 eggs 1/1GN
PNC 922008
Flat baking tray with 2 edges, GN 1/1
PNC 922012
Potato baker GN 1/1 for 28 potatoes
PNC 922017
Non stick universal pan GN 2/3, H=40mm
PNC 922021
Non stick universal pan GN 2/3, H=60mm
Aluminium oven grill GN 2/3
PNC 922036
Non-stick universal pan GN 1/2, H=20mm
Non-stick universal pan GN 1/2, H=40mm
PNC 922065
Non-stick universal pan GN 1/2, H=60mm
Frying griddle GN 1/2 for ovens
Alluminium oven grill GN 1/2
PNC 922074
External reverse osmosis filter for ovens
PNC 922086
PNC 922087
PNC 922090
PNC 922091
PNC 922092
PNC 922169
PNC 922171
PNC 922177
PNC 922186
PNC 922189
PNC 922190
PNC 922191
PNC 922195
PNC 922209
PNC 922212
PNC 922215
PNC 922223
PNC 922227
PNC 922239
PNC 922244
PNC 922245
PNC 922246
PNC 922250
The company reserves the right to make modifications to the products
air-o-convect Touchline
Electric Convection Oven 6GN 1/1
without prior notice. All information correct at time of printing.
PNC 922265
PNC 922266
PNC 922275
PNC 922282
PNC 922283
PNC 922284
PNC 922285
PNC 922286
PNC 922287
PNC 922288
PNC 922289
PNC 922290
PNC 922299
PNC 922300
PNC 922302
PNC 922304
PNC 922306
PNC 922308
PNC 922309
PNC 922310
PNC 922311
PNC 922312
PNC 922316
air-o-convect Touchline



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