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Panasonic HVX200A - Camcorder - 1080p Manual Book page 9

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Interlace Freeze Frame image
The picture on the left is an interlace
freeze frame, and because it's interlace it
doesn't have a lot of detail that is
recognizable about the ball.
Close-Up Interlace Freeze Frame
Please note fine engraving next to
Jackson's head Compare to new style US
$20 bill. But how does that relate to High
Definition. These next few slides offer
additional insight to the differences
between interlace and interpolated
information. This is a freeze frame from a
1080i camera, and notice that it has the
same confusing areas of moire like what
happens in Standard Definition.
Progressive Freeze Frame Image
The progressive capture does an excellent
job of conveying information about the
design and make up of the ball.
Close-Up Progressive Freeze Frame
Please note direction of the fine engraving
next to Jackson's head Compare with new
style US $20 bill. Engraving pattern is
However, the reality is the lines curve under
as shown on this 720P image. So a
progressive capture is more representative
of the subject matter.


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