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This HD format is supported by DVCPRO HD, HDCAM, and HDV. This is a popular
broadcast HD format.
1080/24p (over 60i)
The 1080/24p format is commonly used for HD video masters of material shot on 35mm
film. It is supported by HD-D5 and other high-end equipment. It is possible to record in this
format, but it does not allow the use of speed effects because of its fixed frame rate. It also
requires the use of high-end editing equipment.
720p (over 60p)
This format, which is used in the DVCPRO HD VariCam, is another popular HD
broadcast format. The progressive shooting capability also offers smooth compatibility with
computer graphics. After editing, it can be converted to 1080/60i, 1080/24p, or 480/60i if
necessary. Besides the usual over 60p mode, AG-HVX200 has the recording capability in
720/24p and 720/30p native mode. It offers the advantages of a variable frame rate. See
the details in Chapter 4 [What's a Variable Frame Rate?].
Also called 525i, this is the Standard Definition (SD) format used in today's TV
broadcasting. It is supported by almost all video equipment, including DVCPRO 50,
DVCPRO, and DV equipment. It also supports 30p and 24p progressive shooting, but its
output video signals are all 60i (through the pulldown).
Resolution and Frames per Second
720/24 p
(over 60p)
are 720 scanning lines per frame. The larger the
number, the higher the resolution as a still image.
24 frames or fields are displayed per second. The
larger the number, the more detailed the motion
in moving images.
stands for interlaced. See the next page for
format. when it differs from the shooting rate of
the CCD (
The initial numbers "720" indicate that there
The number "24" after the slash indicates that
The final "p" stands for progressive, or an "i"
Stands for the frame rate of the recording
), it should be indicated.


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